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Travel insurance is the last thing you think of when you think of traveling. However, some would argue it is the most important part of your planning. When you travel to new places or unexplored destinations you are going off into the unknown. Travel insurance provides a parachute to save you from any pitfalls or unexpected events.

Whether you’re traveling to or from the UAE, it’s best to buy travel insurance so you can find quick recovery in a land that is not your home. Language barriers can be broken if you have a worldwide travel insurance policy. Medical assistance is always available when you are insured during your travels. Missed a flight? You’re covered! There are many insurance providers to choose from but they all have one thing in common - they all want to make your next destination an unforgettable experience.


BuyAnyInsurance is a one-stop-shop for every insurance you might need or think of. This is why our family of satisfied customers keeps growing. Be it cheap travel insurance options, annual travel insurance, or canceling your policy, our insurance experts guide you towards the best insurance solutions.

We understand that insurance can feel complicated. This is why we bring you more than an online platform to compare and purchase travel insurance policies. The BuyAnyInsurance experience is a human experience. You can talk to our customer service representatives online as you shop in our automated chat-box, or call us at 800 765 429 for a friendly voice to guide you through the process.


Travel insurance is essential whenever you travel. So many things can go wrong when you travel. You can miss your flight, have flights canceled due to bad weather, or fall victim to an accident on your travels.x What if you find yourself sick and in need of medical assistance in a strange land where you don’t speak the language? Travel insurance makes sure you are not left bereft and without a friend in your time of need.

Types of Travel Insurance

Not all travel plans are the same and different plans require different coverage. These are the travel insurance plans you can easily find in the market.

Solo Trip Travel Insurance

This insurance policy is tailor-made for individual travelers who like to go on solo trips. Its inclusions, and exclusions, and features are designed to cater to a single person’s needs on their travel abroad. A lot of the inclusions will depend on the destination and the activities the buyer plans on as well.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Many people aren’t on the frequent flyer list. Does that mean they shouldn’t opt for travel insurance? Of course not. Single trip travel insurance is for the individual or family that is taking that special trip once a year, or even once every few years.

Annual Multiple-Trip Travel Insurance

Those who travel a lot for business or pleasure throughout the year can rely on the annual multi-trip travel insurance policy. This way you don’t have to re-insure yourself before every trip. You are covered for the entire year of traveling.

Corporate Travel Insurance

Many businesses and corporations have global businesses and offices which their employees have to go between for projects. Corporate travel needs are very different from those who travel for pleasure. Corporate travel insurance is designed for these specific needs.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Senior citizens usually require certain levels of care in their daily life which can be disrupted when they travel. Senior citizen travel insurance is for senior travelers who wish to use their retirement to enjoy travel and leisure at their own pace.

Student Travel Insurance

International education is highly sought after with many students dedicating years of study and applying for scholarships to achieve their goals. Student travel insurance is designed to protect their needs when they are in a foreign country getting an education.

Schengen Travel Insurance

Those traveling to Schengen countries they should opt for Schengen travel insurance policies. Different health insurance and security laws apply in Schengen countries than other international destinations so travel insurance that is specific to Schengen countries is highly recommended.

Worldwide Travel Insurance Without the USA/Canada

For wider international travel worldwide travel insurance is recommended especially if you are planning on traveling multiple times throughout the year. It gives you a broad range of coverage wherever you go. This does not include the USA or Canada, though.

Worldwide Travel Insurance With the USA/Canada

Slightly more expensive this version of the worldwide travel insurance includes the USA and Canada. So if your travels take you to North America often this is the best travel insurance option for you.

GCC Travel Insurance

For traveling within the GCC you can buy the GCC travel insurance and travel in relative safety. You can expect medical coverage just like at home while traveling within the GCC countries.