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All the information you need is provided within seconds. Just visit our website and get all the details about motor insurance in a few clicks.

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We take our privacy policy and customer satisfaction very seriously. None of the information you provide on the website is ever shared or posted anywhere else.

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Our insurance experts with 15+ years of experience are always available to assist you.

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BuyAnyInsurance is completely free to use. There are no hidden costs, no overt charges; you can compare as many insurance policies as you like. It is unconditionally free.

What is motor insurance?

If your vehicle is insured, the motor insurance policy will come to your help in the case of accidental damage to your vehicle. The insurance company whose auto-insurance policy you have availed will step up to pay for the damages to your vehicle, including repair costs.

Types of motor insurance

There are two types of motor insurance policies:

Third-Party Motor Insurance Policy

It insures against damages and injuries caused to a third party in an accident that was your fault. It does not cover any damages that you or your vehicle sustained.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy

As the name suggests Comprehensive Motor Insurance provides for damages to third parties as well as you in case of a claim. It covers most aspects of Motor Insurance than third-party. You may also opt for additional features for more robust coverage. Of course, this will increase your premium but will provide better protection.

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Documents you need to buy or renew motor insurance

Getting motor insurance with BuyAnyInsurance is a matter of a few clicks or a free phone call. The documents required are:

  • Driving license of the motor owner.
  • Mulkiya or vehicle registration certificate.
  • Emirates ID.
  • Passport & residence visa copy for expats.

Some insurance companies might require more documents, but in most cases, these are the basic documents you need.

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Motor insurance renewal

Motor insurance Policies in Dubai are valid for 13 months instead of the traditional 12. This is because Dubai laws require motor insurance providers to give customers a grace period of one month after the policy has expired to renew. So, the grace period is included in the policy term to make it 13 months.

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How to get affordable motor insurance in the UAE?

Below are some techniques that may help you get affordable Motor Insurance in the UAE:

Shop on BuyAnyInsurance

No need to waste time shopping around by talking to many brokers or insurance companies. Just enter your motor details on our website to compare motor insurance quotations from different companies. If you’re not a tech-savvy person, just speak to our experts who have everything handled for you, end to end.

Get the right coverage

Third-party Insurance is cheaper than comprehensive insurance. However, if you’re opting for comprehensive coverage, you can choose fewer add-ons. By limiting your add-ons, you can get comparatively cheaper motor insurance.

Ask for discount

From time to time, Motor Insurance companies offer discounts and deals on certain policies. Look out for these offers or ask your insurance expert about the latest available discounts.

Higher Deductible

Insurance deductibles are the amount you decide to pay out of your own pocket in case of a claim. By opting for a higher deductible, you can lower the premium. However, this affords you little protection in case of a claim, and you end up paying more in an emergency.

No-claims discount

An unconventional way to get a lower premium is by being a good driver with little to no claim history on your policy. Policyholders with little or no claim history are awarded a No-Claims discount which lowers their policy premium significantly.

Bundle Insurance

A smart way to get a discounted rate on your insurance is by buying more than one policy. You can club health, home, and motor insurance together from the same provider to get an overall discount on the premium.

How to file a claim in case of an accident?

Filing a claim is a two-part process. Both the policyholder and the insurance provider must do their part. When you buy with BuyAnyInsurance, all you need to do is contact our motor insurance experts at 800 765 429, who shall assist you in processing your claim.

However, finding most of the evidence for the claim is the policyholder’s responsibility. Follow these easy steps -

File a police report

The first thing you should do after an accident is to immediately call the police. You need to have a police report attached to your claim, so it's best to get the authorities involved as early as possible. The police report gives a clear and unbiased account of the collision and can go heavily in your favor during the claims process.

Take photographs

If you aren't heavily injured and have taken care of your co-passengers, you should take photographs that prove to be evidence of the damage to your motor. It would help if you also took photographs of your surroundings to map out the collision's situation.

Inform your insurer or call BuyAnyInsurance

Having your insurance provider in the loop is also imperative because they can help you collect information about the claim. They can advise which documents and evidence they need so you can arrange them accordingly.

Don't accept any settlements

Do not, under any circumstances, accept an offer from any party or sign any waivers without consulting your lawyer or your insurance provider. There are chances you might be given a lower settlement than you deserve.

Save all receipts and documents

When you submit your claim with the insurance provider, ensure you have all the receipts, from towing to repair to medical expenses. All the receipts and documents are crucial to determine the amount of money you paid and what needs to be compensated, so keep them safe.


How can I get the cheapest motor insurance quote in Dubai?

You can get the cheapest motor insurance quotation in the UAE for third-party insurance. Deductibles and no claim benefit can ...
You can get the cheapest motor insurance quotation in the UAE for third-party insurance. Deductibles and no claim benefit can reduce your motor insurance cost to give you the cheapest motor insurance quotation.

What is the cost of motor insurance in Dubai?

For cars that cost more than 300,000 AED, the average insurance rate in Dubai is around 3%. If your car value is less than ...
For cars that cost more than 300,000 AED, the average insurance rate in Dubai is around 3%. If your car value is less than 100,000, the rate would be 2.5%. For cars that have a value more than 100,000 and less than 300,000, then the initial rate would be 2.35%.

How can I get the best motor insurance online?

You can get the best motor insurance online by making an online insurance premium comparison through BuyAnyInsurance and get ...
You can get the best motor insurance online by making an online insurance premium comparison through BuyAnyInsurance and get the best estimated cost through a car insurance calculator.
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