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Car Insurance Renewal Procedure In the UAE

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Getting reminder for Car Insurance Renewal?Car Insurance companies have defined and locked a limit for renewal that is usually after full-year, but some police providers have modified this renewal rule from annually or semi-annually.

Many drivers are tempted to stick to their old auto protection policy in order to save time and money. But doing so they lost various new perks and incentives that UAE insurance laws have formulated for the car owners.

Some frequently asked questions were discussed below,

Q) When is the right time to renew?

Auto insurance policies in the UAE grant cover for a 13-month period. The additional month is a mandatory requirement as per UAE traffic laws.1. When you are close to the 12th month of your current policy, this is when your existing insurance company will reach out to you with a notice to refresh the policy with them. 2. It’s now that you will be making a decision of whether to renew the same policy or look out for other options.

Car Insurance Extensive Renewal Procedure In the UAE

Most of the auto insurance renewal clients aren’t well aware of the reality that staying with their current insurance provider after a year can turn out to be more expensive. 

 Now with the help of digitalized car registration or insurance renewal policy and government movement towards ‘Smart city Initiatives’ services have made the procedure a piece of cake.

BuyAnyInsurance always being proactive in their informative content presents you all the known to unknown facts of car insurance renewal laws, that can clear your clouds of puzzlement.

Documents Checklist:

Whenever it is time for car insurance renewal, always prepare a checklist with yourself where you have jotted down all the right and relevant documents to avoid unnecessary delay or hassle.

The documents that an individual must have during insurance renewal are

  1. Passport or visa copy
  2. Emirates identification card (ID card)
  3. UAE driving license
  4. Vehicle registration details

Pay your Traffic Fines:

During traffic violations, the number of fines under your account, if any, should be paid on time before the insurance renewal.

Not only it will clear your name from outstanding fines, but it will also accelerate your

insurance renewal process.

You can now easily pay your dues online through the RTA website or the Dubai RTA app on your phone for your convenience.

Get Your No-Claim Discounts:

Having No-Claim discounts in your auto protective coverage can cut down the significant amount in drivers’ monthly car premiums.

You can avail of this during your insurance renewal or make this part of your new policy. If you have not been involved in any traffic violation or accident in the past

a couple of years, then its high time to get your reward for being a good driver and not making any claims under your existing policy.

Test Your Car:

The new automobiles in the UAE less than three years old do not have to undergo an in-car testing process.

If these cars are older than the limit, they have to visit the RTA site and test it. A passed certification is given to those cars that have cleared the test and are considered roadworthy.

The criteria of the passed certificate are based on the treatment of

  1. The tyres
  2. Steering
  3. Brakes
  4. Chassis attachments

whole process takes good 30 to 40 minutes depending upon the car you possessed.

If you bounded anywhere else then you call the RTA testing center to inquire about your premium services.

Method for Car Insurance Renewal Policy:

In the UAE we got two alternatives to get our car-renew

  1. Online Process:

For car, registration visit the Dubai RTA website. Submit all the necessary documents online and confirm the registration procedures.

You will receive the notification to get your new policy from
the office or couriers.

The application for registration is processed within five
working days after the payment has been made.

  • In-Person Process:

 In this method, you have to get in the line and wait to get your car insurance renewal in UAE at the registration center and then pay the renewal fees.

You get the renewed registration card with expiration date is
mentioned in the sticker.

Place this sticker on the rear number plate of your car on
the old plate.

The Factors to calculate your Car premium:

The car insurance renewal premium may be the same or differ based on some factors.

It is recommended to learn and observe how your car
premium is calculated.

Several variables are involved while calculating the
premium rates of any car. Mostly the insurance companies include;

  • Car type/specification
  • Features like a car model.

For instance, car-like SUV or any sport, cars have more premium coverage as compare to others. However, there can be another reason but none the less, all these elements are taken into account when adding or subtracting from the auto premium policies.

Decision to Change Cover or Not:

The car insurance renewal process gives you an edge to decide which policy cover suit your car need the best.

to your exiting/old policy seems like less effort and hassle but your close focus
on new reasonable add-ons or insurance coverage plans can let you decide easily.

Evaluate comprehensive and third-party insurance to seek the best deals and packages.

  1. If your car is new, then the comprehensive cover is best for you.
  2. For old or repaired car basic third-party insurance is good enough to pursue.

Trading auto insurance companies, benefit you in the long run as you can save a significant amount of money on your premium and get affordable coverage plans.

Renew your Car Before the Grace period:

After your car registration expires by the law you get 30 days grace time period to get your car-renew again.

If you failed to do this under this time period you will have to face severe penalties.


Can I get renewal of car insurance after due date?

You have to get the car insurance renewal within 15-30 days. Although you can get the renewal after 30 days, you would have to pay some fine. 

Can I renew my car insurance before it expires?

The good news is yes! You can get a insurance renewal on your car before it expires, the bad news is that it would not be applicable before the old one expires.

When do you get your car insurance renewal letter?

You can expect to receive your car insurance renewal letter 21 to 30 days before expiration of your old insurance. 

Does car insurance automatically renew?

Unless you tell your car insurance provider otherwise, it’s likely your policy will automatically renew. It happens when you come to the end of your car insurance deal, usually around 12 months after you take out the policy. Furthermore, a one month grace period is also given if the insurance premium has not been paid.

How much is the renewal of Mulkiya?

The fees for the renewal of the car license is AED 350. After you pay the fee you have to submit the relevant documents, provide your address, contact number and other details for shipment of your document.

When should I get my insurance renewal?

Typically, your insurer should send you an insurance renewal notice between 21 and 30 days before your policy expires. This gives you ample time to shop around and get a better deal. If you’re not sure when your renewal date is, you can either ring your insurer or check your insurance documentation


The UAE government makes the car insurance renewal process very convenient for the users to promote insured cars and roadworthy driving.

Car owners in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can take a relive breath as now the insurance authorities have made the car registration renewal process comparatively easier and flawless.

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