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Auto Insurance switching is Good

Written by Huma

Auto Insurance switching is Good

Auto insurance company is a place to get suitable coverage plans for your car and it safeguards you from unfortunate events.

There are many car protection policies provided by different providers that do benefit you in the starting period but at the end year a twist comes into this story.

Staying with an auto insurance provider after a year can turn out to be expensive.

Trading auto insurance companies, benefit you in the longer run as you can save a significant amount of money on your premium and get affordable coverage plans.

You can just switch at the time of your exiting or renewal policy.

It’s very crucial you must have car insurnace not only you are obligated by law but it covers you at the time of uncertainty like accidental damages, theft, and fraud.

Our expert’s views and our general client’s experience highlighted how costly your car premium can turn out to be if you don’t switch your insurance provider after one year.

I’m sure your head is spinning right now what exactly are the reasons behind switching insurance after 6 months.

Ok, I will give you the good, the bad and the ugly reality of this so let’s see the details;


1.     Missing out Good deals and Packages:

Normally this cross your mind, should I stay or should I go? Many of us have been in this dilemma before.

For your ease and busy life schedule, you might be tempted to stick to your old one.

And rightly so, it’s not a bad thing but you might be missing out on other bigger deals that could still save your money.

Sometimes, an auto insurance company will offer substantially discounted rates to attract new customers. In other cases, your current insurance company might raise rates after a single collision.

2.     Overcharged Premium:

Many of the insurance company never shows you the bigger picture.

Initially, they will portray you are paying a lower market premium as compared to others.

  • But these businesses are looking out for opportunities to earn a lot of money by raising the prices in the span of the next 6 months with or without informing you.

  • Most of these companies are not even fulfilling your needs and just presenting the rigid policies that you have already signed.

Hence, why waste more money when you can save a lot.

Just do a survey in the market and find good insurance with a reasonable premium that truly fulfills your needs and expectations.

3.Car insurance quotes:

Do you remember the formula of comparing apple to apple?

A pro-tip before buying any insurance just takes a few minutes to spend on car insurance quotes on the internet or from authorized agencies.

Similarly, you can find out insurance quotes on our website. That is very easy to have ann understand and you can save a lot of money.

Car insurance quotes will aid you to compare and identify the real premium rate in the market.

All you have to do is follow the simple steps:

  1. Enter Your Postal Code
  2. Driver, car and previous insurance details.
  3. Compare your quotes with other significant insurance companies in the market
  4. Last, decide and pick your policy that suits your car needs.

4.     Auto Insurance Claim Services:

Insurance representative can be very persuasive in time of selling for some claims that
seem too good for real.

Many clients face this issue that, some insurance companies can drop claim within the 90 days of coverage without any remorse.

God forbid if your car is involved in an accident and you ask for claim under 90 days.

Then there is a possibility, they might drop you as a client as you become their short term client, which is not good for them to earn more money from you.

Therefore, ask questions as much you can and clear your doubts and seek those companies that facilitate you under 6-month time.

5.Save Discount:

You know another reason to switch your insurance?

There are some companies who give special discounts for switching to them.

You can be the real player and money saver genius, as you can avail of the discount and after the 6-month time period, you can switch to another insurance provider who gives you a better discount.

6. Getting Two Auto Insurnace:

In case of purchasing a house then you will need homeowner’s insurance too.

Be smart and look for a provider that can facilitate your auto and housing insurance in beneficial packages and discounts.

Right insurance companies for you are those that will combine the two (auto and housing) at a rate much cheaper than if you bought them separately at two different auto insurance companies.

7.Auto Insurance Customer Services:

Customer service is the centerpiece of any firm that has a competitive edge in the market.

A time comes when you have an issue with your current auto insurance and you avail the insurance provider customer service.

But the representative is not entertaining your concern regarding raise in premium/charges or are have a rude tone or simply unavailable.

Then its high time to switch to another provider whose employees have an active response and show they are glad to have you as their client and don’t want to lose it.


How much is the car insurance in Abu Dhabi?

An average premium quote in Abu Dhabi is 2.35% of the car’s value.

What are three factors that affect your auto insurance?

These are the three factors that may affect your auto insurance premiums:

  • your car & your driving habits
  • demographic factors and the coverages
  • limits and deductibles you choose 

These factors may include things such as your age, anti-theft features in your vehicle  and your driving record.

Final Thoughts

There are many other reasons to switch, but in the end, it’s your choice and evaluation that let you decide what’s best for your car needs and, of course, for your pocket.

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