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These Factors Will Change Your Approach to getting Car Insurance in Dubai

Written by Ahmed Shabbir

Possessing a car in Dubai is one of the most awaited moments in everyone’s lives. Whether you buy an ordinary car, sports car, luxury car, taxi, or truck, it is one of the most sensational experiences one can ever forget.

Once you have bought your favorite car in Dubai, now you look for its safety and protection and keep it neat and clean. You cannot forget your car insurance, where car registration, driving license, safety, and cleanliness are essential.

According to the Dubai RTA rules, car insurance is mandatory to drive your car on Dubai roads. So, we have to look for the best car insurance dubai to protect our vehicle from various damages. But for this purpose, we need to have in-depth knowledge and well-researched car insurance coverage in Dubai so that you can select one of the most effective car insurance to provide you coverage.

Things to consider for Best car insurance Dubai

When buying the car insurance Dubai online policy, we have to consider certain things. Following are the points that need to be considered when purchasing a car insurance policy:

  • Insurance comparison is a must thing to consider whether you’re buying comprehensive insurance or Third-party insurance.
  • Arrange all required documents for insurance which includes passport, residence visa, driving license, car registration card
  • Awareness of how insurance premium is calculated
  • Keep in mind that insurance companies also offer Insurance bonuses to their buyers.
  • Make sure your car insurance policy includes agency repairs.
  • Make sure that your car insurance policy covers emergency services or not?
  • Ensure that your insurance premium coverage also includes compulsory excess as it reduces the premium value.
  • Consult car insurance consultants like buy any insurance to get experience to advise and good after-sale claim services

Best car insurance Dubai companies

Following is the list of the top 5 best car insurance Dubai companies:

Union Insurance 


Union Insurance gives an inclusive series of insurance policy products to customers in the UAE and the Middle East. Led by a few of the most skilled and highly regarded experts in the market, Union Insurance policy provides innovative, superior-value insurance policy coverage.

Dubai Insurance 


Taking tremendous pride in partnering with prominent international reinsurers, Dubai Insurance policy uses its clients the solutions needed for all their standard and non-traditional risk administration demands.

Dar al Takaful


Takaful is an Islamic principle of insurance and is a Sharia-compliant mutual risk-sharing setup, including individuals and takaful drivers instead of the conventional terms guaranteed and the insurance company. Typically, Takaful, i.e., Islamic Insurance coverage, is based on specific rules and processes according to the Sharia principles.

Aman Insurance 


AMAN Insurance aims to go beyond customer expectations by committing to the highest requirements of professionalism and trust, efficiency, flexibility, and fairness. Moreover, items are tailor-made to match each customer’s demands.

Watania Insurance 


Watania Insurance coverage aims to develop a leading takaful operation in the UAE that fulfills the marketplace’s demand for Sharia-compliant takaful items.

Why should you choose BuyAnyInsurance for car insurance in Dubai?


To select the most effective car insurance, you need to access and compare various insurance providers, which the insurance companies and banks can not provide. So, we have created a portal for you to buy any insurance where you can compare various car insurance policies and choose which one suits you the best. 

To select the most effective car insurance, you need to access and compare various insurance providers, which the insurance companies and banks can not provide. So, we have created a portal for you to buy any insurance where you can compare various car insurance policies and choose which one suits you the best. 


Car insurance is a must in Dubai, so you should be well aware of the car insurance policies and the factors that affect the price of the car insurance policy. BuyAnyInsurance recommends you check the car insurance comparison by putting your car specified features and other details. We have recommended you the top 5 best car insurance in Dubai. You can find out the best possible policy for your car and feel free to contact us if you need any information.


Following are the most frequently asked questions which we have received from our existing clients:

How much is car insurance in Dubai?

Car insurance in Dubai costs depends upon many factors, including age, driving license, car model, no claim benefit, and payment plan etc. However, it starts from AED350, and it increases depending upon the factors, which vary from person to person.

How does car insurance work in Dubai?

Usually, car insurance remains valid for 13months, and if you get any damage, then all those damages shall be paid by the insurance company. But, we need to understand a few terms to bring more awareness of how car insurance works in Dubai. It includes premium, insured value, excess, agency repairs, priority repairs, certificate of car insurance, no claim certificate. All these terms are included in the insurance contract, and it determines whether the car damage is payable by the insurance company or not.

How to renew car insurance in Dubai?

You need no claim certificate from the previous insurance company and identity documents like passport, residence visa, driving license, and car registration card to renew car insurance in Dubai

How to claim car insurance in Dubai?

In case, unfortunately, you get damage to your car, call the police, take pictures, prepare a copy of the insurance policy, call the insurance company, and get an assessment from the insurance company, and save all receipts from claiming from the insurance company.

How to get online car insurance in UAE?

You have to visit an online insurance comparison portal like BuyAnyInsurance to get online insurance. Compare the features and car insurance Dubai price and choose one insurance policy that fulfills your need.

Which is the cheapest car insurance in UAE?

The car insurance price depends upon many factors like no claim, age, driving license, car model, etc. Further, many factors are considered while giving the cost of car insurance. But still, Union insurance and Adamjee insurance are comparatively cheap compared to others.

Is car insurance transferable in Dubai?

Yes! The Dubai Government allows you to transfer car insurance completely to another owner.

How to renew car insurance in Dubai?

To renew your car insurance in Dubai, you need to reach out to the insurer of your preferred company. Additionally, you need to submit details of your car, copy of the UAE visa and UAE driving license. 

How does insurance decide how much a totaled car is worth?

The value of the repair, losses due to an accident, rental reimbursement costs are added up to determine the total loss value. 

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