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How and Where to Register Your Car in Dubai

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You cannot drive a car in the UAE without a valid registration. It is compulsory to register your car with the Road and Transport Authority (RTA). This can be done during a single visit to the RTA center – and in some cases, it can even be done online. If you don’t understand the process, however, it can become unnecessarily long. So here is a short, handy guide about UAE’s vehicle registration procedure:

1. Registration and Renewal:

The RTA allows you to register your car at any one time for one whole year. A grace period of one month allows you, as a driver, with some breathing space before it is legally required for you to register again.

If you have bought a new car, then the dealership you purchased your vehicle from should take care of all registration requirements prior to handing the car over to you. You will only need to renew the registration after one year. To register (or renew the registration of) your vehicle in Dubai, you must be in possession of either of the following: a valid visa, a rental contract in your name, or valid proof of your employment in Dubai. 

In order to renew your car’s registration, simply submit all the documents (mentioned below) to the traffic department along with your vehicle’s application form. Next, wait until your registration card (Mulkiya) is printed and collect it from the designated counter along with the short and long plates of your car. Make sure to collect the stickers of that year’s registration – they should be provided along with the registration card. 

Note: The RTA has developed a smart application to allow drivers to easily register their vehicle on-the-go. You can download the RTA Dubai Drive App from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. You will be required to submit proof of your UAE residence and valid car insurance to proceed with the application. You can visit their website for more details. Aside from the RTA, there are also several different car registration centers that you can go to in order to get your car registered.

2. Required Documents:

Unlike other countries, the vehicle registration procedure in the UAE is very simple. Below is the list of all the documents that you must submit in order to get your car registered:

What are the required documents for car insurance in Dubai?

1. Passport or Emirates ID2. Driving license3. Previous registration card (if applicable)4. Insurance Certificate (should be valid for 13 months) 5. Vehicle Testing Certificate (if you are applying for a renewal of your car’s registration. This is not required if your car is less than 3-years-old).  6. Certificate of Vehicle Ownership 7. Copy of Trade License (if purchased from a showroom) Showroom owner’s authorization8. If your car is financed, you will also need to submit your bank’s official letter

3. Vehicle Testing:

All vehicles in Dubai, once they pass the 3-year mark, must undergo testing to ensure they are still safe to drive. There are different vehicle tests that the car must pass before you can receive the RTA’s certificate permitting you to take your car on the road. Most testing centers have testing rooms and screens where the vehicle owners can see their cars being tested. If the vehicle fails the testing process, it must be repaired and re-tested within 31 days (one month).

For vehicles that pass the testing procedure, you will receive a certificate issued by the RTA. Keep in mind that your vehicle’s registration must be completed within one month of your receiving the “PASS” certificate.

4. First-time Registration:

If you are purchasing a brand-new car, then vehicle registration is normally done by the dealer / distributor prior to handing you the cary keys. You can also simply register your car via the RTA website or via phone (call 800-9090). The cost of first-time registration is AED 430.

5. Registration Renewal:

Renewing your vehicle registration is a very simple procedure. Just follow the simple steps below to make sure you don’t waste any time:

  1. Clear all pending traffic fines via the Dubai Police website
  2. Take your vehicle (if it is more than 3-years-old) to an RTA center for testing. If you are not the original owner of the car, the vehicle might also be put through an inspection test.
  3. Once your vehicle passes the vehicle testing (and inspection test, if required), you will be given the new registration sticker (after paying the fees for vehicle testing). Vehicle testing fees in Dubai is 150 AED.
  4. You will also need to pay the registration fees for your vehicle. The cost of renewal of registration is AED 340.

When you receive your registration sticker, place it on top of the old one on your rear number plate. If you renew your registration online, you can either choose to collect the sticker in person or have it delivered to your doorstep. 

6. Car Insurance:

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