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What is Car Chassis Number & How to Find Car Information by Chassis Number

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If you are planning to buy a second hand car or a used car, then doing car history check by chassis number is a must. If you are in the UAE, then you can get complete car information by chassis number. It is really easy to get this information online. Chassis number can tell you a lot about the car and if it is worth the amount you are thinking to pay to purchase it.

What is car chassis number?

Let’s start by the basics and understand what is car chassis number. Vehicles manufactured after 1989 contain a serial number that helps in identifying crucial details about the car’s history. The serial number is called Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Chassis number is like DNA in humans. It is the last 6 digits of VIN, which is based on 17 characters, numbers and letters. The alphanumeric series contains information about the car like – model, and time and place of manufacturing. This number can be found in the car’s documents or various other places like –

  • Vehicle registration paper
  • Car dashboard or windshield on the driver’s side
  • Under the hood of the car
  • Front side of the vehicle frame

How to Find Car information by Chassis Number

Car history check by chassis number Dubai is quite common and reveals a lot of information. Here’s all the crucial information that you can get using the car chassis number.

  • Vehicle’s age and brand

The VIN is a combination of alphabets and numbers assigned to a vehicle by the manufacturer for identification purposes. It also includes complete information about the car manufacturer and brand. There is also a date mentioned that tells about the year of manufacturing of the car.

  • Fraud activities (if any)

Car chassis number can verify any fraudulent activities. Since it is present in different locations and on the documents, the car chassis number should match at all locations. If it doesn’t match, then you know that it is a fraud activity.

  • Accident history

If you are planning to buy a second hand car it is so important to know the accident history of the car. With car history check by chassis number you can get the exact location and date of the accident, if the car was involved in any accident. A VIN that is different from the registration certificate indicates that the car was possibly tampered due to physical damage such as accidents. The vehicle may have been repaired due to an accident, and the numbering was completely damaged.

If you want complete car history check by chassis number Dubai and accident information, read this blog.

  • Theft history

When you check the car information using chassis number it helps you know if there was any history of theft for the vehicle. The authorities can verify the number through their database to see if it is reported as stolen. It also allows police authorities to recognize an incident such as theft or robbery. Keep in mind that the 17-character VIN codes should be identical with no sign of tampering. Criminals may try to scratch or tamper the numbers making it difficult for the police to identify the vehicle’s identity. 

Decoding the VIN

A lot of people don’t know that car chassis number play an important role not just in getting complete car information, but also in car insurance. The first three characters imply the manufacturing place of the car and the brand name. For instance, if the car is manufactured in Japan, there will be a distinctive code succeeded by the brand code. The brand code is mentioned as the first letter of the car brand name. So if the car is an Audi, it will be represented by the letter A.

  • The next six digits describe the vehicle
  • Fourth character is the category of the vehicle – car, scooter, truck etc.
  • Fifth character means the movement of the engine
  • Sixth character signifies the type of engine in the car
  • Seventh character is for  the vehicle design 
  • Eighth character implies the version of the automobile
  • Ninth character is the security code
  • Tenth character signifies the year in which the vehicle was produced 
  • Eleventh character  is the manufacturing unit’s code
  •  Last six numbers make for a distinctive code assigned to each vehicle 

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