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UAE citizenship for expats

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The UAE is one of the best countries in the Middle East in terms of advancement, quality of life, and infrastructure. If you are planning to move to the UAE and are wondering about getting citizenship, then this blog would be really beneficial and informative for you. A lot of times people refer to the UAE citizenship as Dubai citizenship. You get top-notch facilities in terms of healthcare and hospitals, education, and entertainment. The cost of living is reasonable and there are many opportunities for skilled people, so when you shift to the UAE your chances of a bright and prosperous future would increase.

Citizenship in the UAE

There are different categories of citizenship in the UAE. Read on to know about each of them.

UAE Citizenship by Descent

It is possible to get citizenship of UAE through descent for the children of UAE citizens born abroad. They can apply for their passport before turning 18 years and will obtain citizenship.

UAE Citizenship by Marriage

Marriage is also a way to obtain it. Women must be married for at least 7 or 10 years to a UAE national to become eligible for a UAE passport.

UAE Citizenship by Naturalization

If you have been living in the UAE for 30 years on permanent residency, then you can get the citizenship.

UAE Citizenship by Investment

Investment is one of the ways to acquire it. Capital investment in business and real estate purchase two options through which you can get a citizenship easily.

UAE Citizenship for Special Merits

Under the new immigration rules, foreign doctors, scientists, investors, creative people, and athletes can qualify for the citizenship based on their extraordinary skills.

Benefits of UAE citizenship

There are many benefits of getting citizenship of UAE –

  • You get the option of dual citizenship. This means you can retain your former passport which is not the case for citizenship in various countries.
  • Possibility of buying property and investing in UAE businesses.
  • Visa-free travel to no less than 167 countries (one of the largest numbers in the world).
  • No personal income tax and tax filing requirements for private individuals.
  • The UAE economy is really secure so you don’t have to worry about your future.

Who can obtain Dubai citizenship as per the new laws in 2024?

Based on the latest changes in the legislation, the newest Dubai citizenship rules include the following categories of immigrants who can qualify for United Arab Emirates citizenship – 

  • Foreign investors
  • Specialists in various fields of activity
  • Doctors and scientists
  • Inventors and intellectuals
  • People with creative skills

UAE citizenship requirements

 Here are the 2024 Dubai citizenship rules for each category of applicants – 

  • Property ownership is the mandatory requirement for foreign investors, while the minimum value of the real estate must be 1 million AED.
  • Doctors and other specialists must have at least 10 years of experience in their fields, plus their skills must be in high demand in the UAE.
  • Ten years of experience are also required in the case of scientists
  • Investors must have at least one patent approved by the Ministry of Economy in the UAE.
  • Creative people must have at least one international award for their talents.

In the case of foreign persons with creative skills, recommendations from their governments are also required.

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Eligibility conditions for foreigners interested in UAE citizenship

Foreigners who are interested in applying for citizenship are required to follow certain eligibility criteria. Here are some that you need to be aware of –

For medical professionals

Doctors and other physicians must be specialized in a domain that is sought in the UAE and must have at least 10 years of experience in his/her field. Apart from these, one must also be a member of specific organizations in their field of expertise.

For scientists

Scientists are welcome to apply for citizenship 2024, but they must meet certain requirements. They need to be active researchers in universities, research centers, or in private companies. The 10 years’ experience in their field is also one of the main criteria for obtaining UAE citizenship. They are also required to submit a recommendation letter from an institution that is recognized in the Emirates. One of the special categories of scientists are inventors who must own one or more patents that are recognized nationally or internationally.

For creative people

Creative people including artists and intellectual people can also apply for citizenship provided that they are pioneers in their art or culture and have been awarded with at least one international prize. A recommendation letter from a recognized authority is also required.

Becoming a citizen of the UAE is a significant endeavor that often requires years of dedication to attain. Nevertheless, as previously highlighted, the rewards of UAE citizenship justify the patience and effort invested. With a thriving economy, absence of income tax, exceptional infrastructure, abundant trading prospects, and extensive travel privileges, UAE citizens enjoy boundless opportunities to lead a luxurious lifestyle and excel in the realm of business.


Who is eligible to seek citizenship in the United Arab Emirates?

Individuals seeking the citizenship of UAE must demonstrate proficiency in Arabic, possess a lawful source of income, hold academic qualifications, and exhibit good character and conduct. Applicants must also provide a clearance certificate indicating no criminal records. Additionally, all new residents are obliged to take the pledge of loyalty.

Is citizenship granted to children born in the UAE?

Children are eligible for UAE citizenship under the following circumstances: If their parents are UAE citizens. If the father is a UAE citizen and the mother is a foreigner. Children born in the UAE whose parents’ identities are not confirmed are considered UAE citizens until proven otherwise.

What are the eligibility requirements for acquiring UAE citizenship?

Presently, It is available to specific categories of individuals, including investors, skilled professionals, inventors, scientists, and individuals in creative fields. To apply for citizenship, applicants must meet the aforementioned criteria.

Is dual nationality permitted in the UAE?

Yes, the UAE permits dual nationality. Individuals who acquire the citizenship of UAE can retain their original nationality, though they are required to confirm this status with their country of origin.

What is the Strength of the UAE Passport?

The UAE passport ranks among the world’s most powerful. Possessors of a UAE passport benefit from significant global mobility, enjoying visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 170 countries. This exemplifies the passport’s robustness and the UAE’s global interconnectedness.

Is UAE Citizenship Subject to Revocation?

Yes, UAE citizenship can be revoked if obtained fraudulently or if the individual engages in activities harmful to state security or public order.

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