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List of Best Petrol Stations in Dubai

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The one thing that everyone associates the UAE and the Middle-East with is oil. The UAE is one of the largest oil producers in the world and has a huge network of petrol pumps spread all over the country. If you are traveling by road in the UAE, whether it is to Dubai or any other emirates, then you don’t need to worry about fuel refilling. Petrol stations dubai are available every few kilometers.

Here’s a list of fuel retail companies that own the best petrol pumps in Dubai. 

ADNOC – Petrol Stations Dubai

ADNOC is one of the top fuel retail companies in the UAE. It was established in 1978 and every since it has won customers with its amazing service. Today ADNOC operates more than 400 petrol pumps across the UAE. It offers different types of fuels, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and lubricants created for different vehicles. ADNOC petrol stations Dubai are listed among the best petrol pumps in Dubai because of their impeccable service.

Types of fuel

There are three types of fuel available at the ADNOC petrol pumps in the UAE –

  • Vehicles with high compression engines can get Super 98
  • For low compression engines, there is E-Plus 91
  • Vehicles that run on medium octane fuel can get Special 95

Services offered

You cannot just fill petrol at ADNOC fuel stations, there are various other services that you can avail –

  • Changing tyres facility 
  • Changing oil facility
  • Car wash facility 
  • Shop for lubricants
  • Availability of LPG cylinders 
  • Bi-fuel conversion facility 
  • Third-party car care services 
  • Convenience stores
  • Rahal Top up 
  • Salik Top up
  • Many stations feature fast food facility 
  • Prayer areas
  • Restrooms for men and women

The non-fuel services may vary from station-to-station, so please check each petrol pump. A majority of ADNOC petrol pumps are in Abu Dhabi, but you will find a fair share in Sharjah, Dubai, and other emirates as well.

petrol stations dubai

Emarat – Petrol Stations Dubai

Emarat is one of the most trusted suppliers of petroleum products in Dubai. It is known as Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC).

With more than 60 stations across the entire city, it caters to 100 million retail and commercial customers each year. Emarat caters to the private and public sectors’ petroleum and gas related requirements. It serves national security bodies, aviation industries, big corporations and other important entities that are the foundation of the UAE’s overall infrastructure. 

Types of fuel

Emirates petrol stations supply 4 types of fuel across the UAE –

  • Super 98 (for high-performance vehicles)
  • Special 95 for petrol cars
  • E-Plus 91 for fleets, commercial vehicles and normal cars 
  • Gas oil/diesel for diesel-driven trucks and cars. 

Services offered

Across Dubai, there are more than 70 Emirates petrol pumps. They are known for their supreme quality and various other services apart from fuel filling that are offered. The services offered include –

  • Manual car wash
  • Lube express
  • Convenience stores
  • Car care services
  • LPG 
  • Tyre express 
  • Fast food outlets
  • ATM machine
  • Food court 
  • Vehicle testing in Dubai by Emarat Shamil

petrol stations dubai

ENOC – Petrol Stations Dubai

Last type of fuel retailers in the UAE are ENOC or Emirates National Oil Company. It is owned by the Government of Dubai and came into existence in 1993. Today, ENOC has more than 100 EPPCO and ENOC fuel stations in the UAE. Besides, the company plans to extend its reach by establishing around 191 service stations across the emirates. 

Types of fuel

ENOC supplies motor gasoline Super ULG 98, Special ULG 85 and diesel gas oil 10PPM. Apart from these, they also provide –

  • Kerosene
  • Jet A1
  • Fuel oil 180 cst
  • Asphalt 60/70

petrol stations dubai

ENOC Compact Petrol Station

ENOC has also established a Compact petrol station in order to provide services to residential and urban communities. One is functional at the Arabian Ranches that has a tank supply of 30,000 liters and can cater about 400 vehicles in a day.


What types of petrol can you find in Dubai?

In the UAE, you’ll mainly find four types: E-Plus (91 Octane), Special (95 Octane), Super (98 Octane), and Diesel.

How can I determine the best type of fuel for my car in Dubai?

To determine the best type of fuel for your car in Dubai, you should consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer. Typically, cars are designed to run on a specific octane rating of fuel, such as 91, 95, or 98. Using the recommended fuel type ensures optimal performance and efficiency for your vehicle. Additionally, you can consider factors such as fuel price, availability, and any specific requirements or preferences you may have.

What should you do if you run out of petrol in Dubai?

Stay calm. Call roadside assistance or a fuel delivery service. Walk to the nearest petrol station if safe. Seek help from passersby if needed. Keep emergency supplies handy.

What is the fine for running out of petrol in Dubai?

If your car runs out of fuel on Dubai’s roads, you could face a fine of Dh200. The Dubai Police Traffic Department highlights that this situation poses a danger to other motorists and disrupts traffic flow.

What is the biggest petroleum company in Dubai?

ENOC – Emirates National Oil Company, UAE Emirates National Oil Company Group (ENOC) stands as a prominent integrated global player in the oil and gas industry, operating throughout the energy sector value chain. Established in 1993, ENOC is wholly owned by the Government of Dubai.

How can I locate the closest petrol stations in Dubai?

Use online maps like Google Maps or Waze. Check mobile apps such as FuelMap UAE. Use GPS navigation systems in your vehicle. Ask locals for directions.

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