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Expos around the world and Dubai Expo 2020

Written by Maryam Afzal

World expos are officially known as international registered exhibitions. They bring people from all over the world together to find solutions to problems. Through engaging activities, they explore a universal theme. This festival welcomes plenty of visitors and allows countries to build and remodel extraordinary pavilions for years to come. Organized by the international exhibits bureau, it is one of the most valuable events for promoting the country internationally.

World Fair

On the international stage, the event is commonly known as a world fair. This is a gathering of countries that showcase their crafts and share information about their hometowns. Each expo has a variety of products from a variety of countries. Our goal is not to display these products, but to illustrate the history, assets, and reflections of these countries. Raising public awareness, promoting progress, accepting change, and experiences in various fields.


 Expos in London in 1851 sparked a change and contributed to a progressive future. By bringing together people around a theme of education, innovation, and cooperation. This first-ever expo provided a platform for leading collaborations and industrial strength. Through Expos, millions of people have built cities, discussed issues, and gained valuable experience.

The Concept:

 Exhibitions of 1851; Expo London took place at the custom-built Crystal Palace from May to October. An expo that showcased the progress of technological innovation showcasing the rapid change in industrial development was the first of its kind. There were the most advanced creations from around the world on display. It was a competition, but a constructive exchange of ideas as well. Showing progress: The expo concept of education, invention, and exchanging ideas has been repeated around the world.

Especially in France where five expos were held from 1855 to 1900. The establishment of the Expo as an influential event for cultural exchange. The rapid growth of the Expo motivated its development, which led to cross-border collaborations. Helping in the fields of sports, labor, and education. In addition to its famous architecture, such as the Eiffel Tower, the expo was also popular for its inventions.

Hence, they served as the ideal venues. While there are a variety of focal points under different rules, the multiplication of the expo leads to the creation of common organizations for its regulation. It originated in Germany, but moved to Paris and created a government body called the Bureau International Exposition. (BIE)

 New Era:

Following the Second World War, expos became more focused on promoting quality of life. Nevertheless, technology was the focus of the expos as a means to promote human development. A platform was created for showcasing the inventions and debates that could improve lives. As a result of decolonization, more countries became independent. In 1958, 39 countries were participating; in 2000, at least 155 countries were participating. Better future. BIE, the International Expositions and Expositions Association, responded to the global challenges by committing all expos to the importance of humanity and caring for the environment. In 2000 the highlighted principles were Nature, Man, and technology.

 In the 21st century, civil society, cities, regions, and international organizations were also included. In 2010, Shanghai Expo showcased ideas, solutions, and technologies from all over the world to promote international exchange. In the modern era, expos are unique concepts in international events, both in their size and scale and also in their durations and the number of visitors. Expos have become a large-scale platform for education. Additionally, they serve as a bridge between governments, businesses, international organizations, and the general public.

Top-five expo in history

2010 Is the Biggest World Expo

It was held from May 1 to October 31 201. Nowadays, expos are one of the most unique concepts in international events due to their size, scale, duration, and many visitors. With 246 countries participating, a 523-hectare site, and with 73.1 million visitors. Certainly, the expo in Shanghai, China, in 2010 was both the largest and also the most visited ever. As the world’s second-largest economy, China’s ambitions can also be seen through its size and impact. Become a force in law enforcement, culture, and the arts. “Better city, better life” reflected the opportunities available in the world. In addition, it accelerated Shanghai’s growth. Around 260 million people live in its 15 largest cities. China has made the world aware of its expertise in building cities. They had called it the “next great world city”. There has been an enormous redevelopment program in Shanghai, with a brand-new terminal at the airport, a railroad speed line, and the largest metro system in the world. Inventions like rainwater harvesting and solar power. In Shanghai, 1.03 million visitors attended the expo on 16 October alone.

 2. Expo 70 Osaka Japan

 Expo 70 was the largest expo of the twentieth century and the second largest in history. It took place in Osaka, Japan in 1997. The theme was “progress and harmony of mankind”. Furthermore, 64.2 million people attended, which was a record that lasted for 40 years until the Shanghai Exposition in 2010. The event received the highest number of votes from the bureau of international expositions in 1965, and permission to hold the event again in 1970. The event lasted around six months, from 15 March to 13 September. The event took place on 820 acres with 77 countries taking part, plus four additional international organizations. It displayed the world’s first IMAX movie and a piece of moon rock.

 3. Exposition Universelle- Paris, France 1900

At the beginning of the 20th century, the exposition Universelle was held in Paris, France nearly 48 million people attended. The expo is the largest held in Europe and was the third-largest in the twentieth century as a whole. A variety of countries were invited to exhibit their culture and technology. On April 14, it took place. Many of the inventions we enjoy today were created here, such as escalators and talking movies. However, it was expensive to organize, costing a loss of around 82,000 francs after six months. It hosted the Olympic Games for the first time outside of Greece, but it did not succeed.

 4. The expo 1967

The expo of 1967 was commonly referred to as the world’s fair exhibition. It took place in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was held from 27 April to 29 October with the most visitors and 62 nations participating. With 569,500 visitors on its third day, it set a record for single-day attendance. The project was not supported in Canada. However, with the help of the Mayor of Montreal, a new team was formed to guide the project through political and physical obstacles. The fair opened on schedule.

 5. New York’s world fair-1939

 It was the largest expo in the history of the United States, with a visitation of 44 million. The theme of the expo was “The World of Tomorrow”. It took place in Queen’s Corona Park. The expo occupied approximately 1,202 acres and was the second largest after the 1904 exposition. An expo in 1939 was aimed at rescuing the city from economic depression by attracting foreign investors. The event coincided with George Washington’s 150th inauguration anniversary on 30 April. Approximately 206,000 people attended. Among the major inventions in it were nylon fabric, the view master, and a streamlined pencil sharpener.

The Dubai Expo in Dubai:

This will be the first time that Dubai hosts an expo. In addition, it is the very first country to hold world expos in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Intuitively, it was supposed to take place in 2020, but due to a pandemic, it was postponed. Now it will take place between 1 October 2021 and 31 March 2022. The theme of the expo being hosted by Dubai, United Arab Emirates is “connecting minds, creating the future.”

In addition to solving global problems, the theme has three sub-themes:

 1. Opportunity. Show the necessity of capital in development and growth, for partnerships that will lead to innovations and employment. To improve the situation of society and the future of individuals.

2. Mobility Establishing connections to uncover new possibilities through smarter movements of knowledge, ideas, and goods. A virtual connection to the world. Innovations, transport, and communication systems for goods and ideas.

3. Sustainability. Utilizing resources without compromising the future of the next generation. Resources such as Environments, energy, and water.

For the next six months, Dubai will be the showcase for the world. There will be over 200 countries attending the expo in Dubai. According to the theme, the countries participating will show their ideas, models, projects, and examples of infrastructure.

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