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All you want to know about motor vehicle insurance in the UAE

Written by Umair

This article answers all your questions regarding motor vehicle insurance in the UAE you ask before buying your auto policy.

Our purpose always is to inform you about the best way to resolve your insurance needs.

And this is a part of that same commitment towards you!

From changes in the legislation, auto-renewal, and policy to possible issues you can face to the final takeaway for you, this piece has it all!


How can I check my car insurance status in UAE?

Visit the RTA website. You can login using the registration number of your car. After logging in, you can easily access your car details with the RTA website. 

Which insurance plan is best for the car?

Adamjee Insurance, is one of the best companies to offer insurance plans for cars. 

What is the complete tenure of car insurance in the UAE?

Car insurance plans are of 13 months total. Once your insurance plan expires, you can renew the same plan or get a new one. 

So let’s start with the motor vehicle insurance act first.

How the law has changed

First of all, recent changes in the auto policy rules have been met with a mixed response from different quarters.

Maybe a lot of people are not aware of the new rules.

Perhaps, there is a fear of the unknown.

Probably, you have not been informed by a concerned party before.

Whatever your worries, today, we break all stereotypes and present you with the information as it is! Yay!

While there are concerns regarding increased prices, many experts claim that the new legislative laws have led to compulsory coverage and greater benefits.

Understandably, you then ask, WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? A lot of advantages that keep your safety first.

Under the new rules, you get:

– free replacement vehicle if you are not at fault,

-a clearer picture of the motor vehicle insurance quote and

-maximum specified premiums.

Likewise, there are

-clearer rules on when an automobile should be declared a total loss,

-an increase in coverage for property damage and

-an extension of car coverage to family members.

Expect your motor vehicle insurance company to update you regarding the changes if they haven’t already.

Vehicle Renewal & Policy

Every year, the auto policy is supposed to be renewed.

Usually, your existing coverage provider reminds you to renew your policy with them.

At this time, the ball is in your court.

You can either choose to continue using their policy or opt for a more attractive policy.

However, there are some documents you need to have for your motor vehicle insurance renewal.

These include your car registration details, UAE driving license, Emirates ID, Passport and a Visa Copy.

Don’t forget them during your renewal time!

You also must have wondered What Are The Essential Documents Required For Car Insurance?

Interestingly, you can choose your own motor vehicle insurance policy conveniently these days.

And that too, online!

First, decide whether you want comprehensive or third-party insurance.

Then, you select the auto policy that works for you.

Additionally, you can also choose your insurance adds on.

Sounds so cool, doesn’t it?

Possible Issues

Due to the lack of credible information and the emergence of fake companies online, always ensure that you perform a motor vehicle insurance check before buying car coverage.

There are several reasons to perform the check.

Firstly, you should know whether you are obeying the vehicle laws.

You don’t want to get in trouble at the hands of law enforcement agencies. Do you? Secondly, you need to ensure whether you should buy a new auto policy in the first place.

We bet you don’t have extra Money to buy an additional policy on an already existing one!

But what is motor vehicle insurance meaning?

It is a contract by which the insurer agrees to protect the vehicle owner through accidents or damage to property.

For instance, third-party car coverage is mandatory in the UAE.

It protects other vehicles from any damage or accident from the insured vehicle.

This ensures the safety of the general population when they are out on the roads.

The Final Take-Away

By now, you must know a lot about auto policy in the UAE.

And perhaps, you can recommend this article to someone confused about this matter.

We hope this article has helped you a great deal in knowing more about the auto policy in the UAE.

For instance, you can face changes in the law, auto-renewal policies, and potential problems.

And if you wish to find out even more about motor vehicle insurance pdf, you can always get access to coverage notes on the internet.

Or you can read even more informative articles here: What You Need to Know About Car Insurance Dubai & Auto insurance Dubai is gaining popularity. Give this a quick read to make your life easier!

Knowledge these days is just a click away!

Also, for buyers looking for motor vehicle insurance limited, there are many options in the market for third-party coverage.

Just choose wisely and don’t get swayed by every other insurance company.

No one knows your insurance needs better than you!

Do you have any interesting thoughts, personal experiences, or unique insights? Let’s discuss them in the comment box below!

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