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How to effectively compare insurance Dubai? Read this!

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Are you also one of those people who wish to weigh up between different insurance providers?

Also, do you wish to get rid of your misery and want a single place that can help you make THE best decision for yourself?

Luckily, you have come to the right place!

Compare Insurance in Dubai and Choose the Best – How It Works

Your Options

In this article, we walk you through different insurance options, which coverage type is right for you, various insurance players in the market, what you will need when traveling outside Dubai, the insurance market of UAE, and the insurance providers you should choose from.

Seemingly, in a matter of minutes, you will be able to weigh up and compare insurance Dubai! Sounds great? Doesn’t it?

Additionally, you will be able to determine what is the most suitable option for YOU!

Let’s begin by answering some of the questions which might be bothering you when comparing insurance options.

What types of insurance are available in the UAE?

Broadly, three types of insurance are the most popular in the UAE.Car, health, and home insurance are what people generally wish to buy.Before comparing options, know which insurance type you are looking for so that you can weight up accurately.To know more, here are some Guidelines On Car Insurance Coverages Available In UAE !

How can I compare health insurance UAE?

One word: Online. Yes. Companies have noticed an increasing trend of people wishing to compare and buy online. Insurance portals have started listing insurance providers online to respond to this need. All the buyers have to do is enter their information which will then be processed to show relevant results. The insurance companies then provide different health insurance options to help you instantly choose and compare insurance in Dubai!

Should I consider comprehensive car insurance Dubai?

Buyers usually choose either comprehensive insurance or third-party liability insurance. These plans differ in what they deliver to the buyer. Comprehensive insurance covers you and the other car in case of an accident but tends to be relatively costly. On the other hand, third-party liability insurance only covers the other car and passengers in case of an accident but has a low premium. So select your insurance plan depending on the type of security you expect from your insurance provider after an accident, considering your insurance cost. So do weigh up beforehand, as your needs will play a crucial role in helping you compare insurance Dubai better! This might help you make a better decision: Must Read: Top 2 Causes Of Car Crashes In UAE

How huge is the insurance market UAE?

According to the Higher Technical Committee of the Emirates Insurance Association, total premiums will reach approximately AED 60bn! Additionally, new projects in the UAE – particularly those in the UAE are expected to grow by 15-20% this year. This is a huge number and indicates new emerging trends in the insurance market. An increase in infrastructure spending in Abu Dhabi following the adoption of the AED 50bn multi-year stimulus package and increased investments in Dubai are the main drivers for this growth. This was stated in February 2019 by S&P Global Ratings. In contrast, if you compare insurance Dubai rates last year, the growth rate was slowed to less than 1% for several reasons. This shows that the insurance market is fast recovering through government initiatives.

What are my Oman car insurance Dubai options?

Oman is the favorite destination among travelers during holidays. A circular issued by the UAE Insurance Authority made it mandatory for all companies licensed to engage in motor insurance in the UAE to extend this coverage only through the ‘Orange Card.’Therefore, ensure that you get the Orange Card issued by your insurance providers. This is because this rule is being enforced much more strictly now. Get an orange card as soon as possible to stay out of trouble! It should not be a problem as several providers offer Oman car insurance in their plans.You may also like 6 things to consider when travelling to Oman by road

Which insurance providers should I choose from??

Buyers normally prefer AXA car insurance due to their products and services. However, RSA car insurance Dubai services are also quite popular, with minimum buyer complaints. With that being said, these options might not be the best for you when comparing insurance in Dubai due to individual needs and specific requirements. That is why some insurance comparison portals provide a comparison between over 15 insurance providers that cater to all your needs. Just enter your information and start choosing and comparing online, and who knows, you might find an insurance provider who works for you!

Is car insurance expensive in Dubai? 

Usually car insurance in Dubai will cost you 1.25% to 3% of your car’s total value. 

Can I drive my friend’s car while in Dubai?

Yes if you are a citizen in Dubai too. However, if you are on a tourist visa, you cannot drive in Dubai as per law. 

Can I drive a car in the UAE with an international driving license?

Yes! You can drive in the UAE even on a tourist visa if you hold an international driving license. 

Compare For Yourself

We sincerely hope that this article helps you weigh up your insurance options in Dubai and UAE.

Congratulations! Now you are better informed as you set out to compare and buy your next policy coverage. Did you find this information helpful? Let us know right now in the comments!

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