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Must Read: Top 2 Causes Of Car Crashes In UAE

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Road Accidents have been reported to be the second major cause of death in the UAE. According to official statistics released by the Ministry of Interior, an average of 2 people have been killed daily in car crashes totaling 3,123 in the past five years.

A survey by WHO conducted on UAE Road Accidents shows that 63% of children’s deaths occurred in road accidents and over 80% result from human error. Let’s take a look at the top 2 immediate factors causing these road accidents:

Distracted Driving

The leading cause of car crashes is not a drunk driver or a deranged driver that dashed or ran the red light. Distracted drivers are the leading source of car accidents in the UAE today.

A distracted driver is a driver that diverts their attention from the road to chat on a mobile phone, send a text message, or eat food. Many people, especially the young, text and make calls while driving. It usually ends badly, as some people have lost their lives because of that.

Young drivers have also made the headlines for reckless driving. According to statistics released by MOI, young drivers cause forty- five percent of the car crashes in the UAE.

Drivers between the ages of 18 to 30

Drivers between the ages of 18 to 30 are said to be a lot more impulsive, and that tends to affect their judgment. They are continually speeding, changing lanes suddenly, jumping red lights, and they are inattentive, resulting in accidents.

Another cause of car accidents classified under distracted driving is drifting. This has been incredibly sensationalized in the GCC countries and as dangerous as it is, it’s also prevalent in the UAE. Young drivers tend to view the road as a racing track resulting in fatal accidents.

The same goes for tailgating. This also happens to be one of the reasons why we have experienced so many car accidents in UAE. Drivers, especially the young, are always in a rush that they don’t leave enough space between them and the driver in front.

This reduces the time they have to make a sudden stop or slow down, assuming that the driver in front decides to slow their vehicle down or break unexpectedly, resulting in car crashes.

Driving either tired or under the influence of alcohol

There is a misconception circling around that most accidents take place during the rush hour; this is not true. Most road accidents in the UAE take place during the night.

Forty-five percent during the day and fifty -five during the night. There could be a few expositions for this. First visibility, at night, people’s visions, is a little blurred, but that is not a significant issue because the UAE has excellent roads and lighting systems.

The significant issues are human errors. People tend to drive under the influence of alcohol. While there are many ways of transporting yourself after a night out with friends, people choose to drive. This has caused so many car accidents.

The same goes for drivers that get behind the wheel tired. They start closing their eyes, and this has often resulted in at least two people losing their lives.

Attitude also contributes to the overall driver’s experience on the road. People do not understand the importance of developing a safe driving attitude before assuming the driver’s seat.

Control over emotions, defensive driving techniques, and taking responsibility for the driving decisions is equally essential as staying off the road if you had been drinking. After all, it’s not just your life that’s important but other road users too.


What are the 5 most common car accidents?

The 5 Most Common Types of Car Accidents are:

  • Rear-End Collisions. When you follow too closely behind another car or the other driver suddenly stops, you may end up rear-ending the other car
  • Single Vehicle Crashes
  • T-Bone or Cross-Traffic Accidents
  • Clipping Other Cars When Merging
  • Low Speed Accidents

What are 4 types of accidents?

  • Accidents at Work
  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Sports Related Injuries
  • Other Injury Claims

What are the main causes of accidents in the UAE?

Major Causes of Road Accidents:

  • Over Speeding
  • Drunken Driving
  • Distractions to Driver
  • Red Light Jumping
  • Avoiding Safety Gears like Seat belts and Helmets
  • Non-adherence to lane driving and overtaking in a wrong manner

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