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An Extensive Guide to Compare Car Insurance Prices in Dubai

Written by Ahmed Shabbir

An Extensive Guide to Compare Car Insurance Prices in Dubai

Car Insurance Dubai Price

Car insurance is an agreement between the car owner and the insurance company, under which the insurance company will cover the financial liability risk of the car owner if an unfortunate incident happens. It will benefit the car owner and put an ease on the pocket if an unfortunate incident like a car accident, fire, theft, natural calamity, car breakdown, etc. Car owners don’t have to pay the expenses from their pocket. At the same time, the insurance company will cover the financial liability. 

Third-party liability insurance is compulsory in the United Arab Emirates. Without car insurance, you can not bring your car on the road in the UAE. Otherwise, you will have to pay the penalty, including fines, black points award, and car impoundment. Hence, it shows that if you own a car, it is out of the question that you will not buy car insurance. 

You will have to buy to protect yourself from financial liability and the penalty imposed by the RTA in case of a traffic rules violation and driving a car without car insurance. But, the insurer will give the car insurance coverage to you as per the agreed insurance policy of the insurance company in the UAE. 

You have to compare car insurance quotes online to compare car insurance. Because many insurance companies are providing insurance services and there is a competitive environment in the market. You can get cheap car insurance in Dubai. Still, you must be well aware of the various aspects of car insurance premium calculation and deductibles, which helps reduce insurance costs.

Different Types of Car Insurance in Dubai

There are primarily two types of car insurance services offered in Dubai. Above all are the additional add-ons to the car insurance policy like CDW cover, windscreen cover, etc. Primary types of car insurance are mentioned below:

Third-party liability insurance

If you come across an unfortunate accident that may cause financial liability, the insurance company will pay for the other party’s expenses on your behalf. The UAE government has made this type of insurance compulsory for every car owner. Third-party insurance prices in the UAE are cheap and affordable for a car owner.

Comprehensive insurance

This type of car insurance policy will also include third-party insurance and cover your damages. It costs a bit higher, but most car insurance providers recommend it because it reduces your financial liability due to a car accident and covers both parties’ damages. Make sure to compare car insurance before making your decision to buy the costly insurance.

How to get the best car insurance price in Dubai?

    To get the cheapest car insurance in UAE, you have to be well aware of the various insurance aspects which reduce car insurance costs, as mentioned below:

    • Car Insurance Premium Calculation method
    • Deductibles
    • Bonuses
    • No claim benefit discount
    • Installation of a fire hydrant
    • Installation of anti-theft device
    • Comparison of prices from different portals
    • Consult with an insurance expert like BuyAnyInsurance

    Estimation of Car Insurance Cost

    The best way to estimate car insurance costs is to get the awareness of each element involved in determining the car insurance cost. An example of car insurance cost estimation is mentioned below: However, you can also compare the car insurance quotes online to get the best prices!

    Factors affecting PremiumCar Manufacturing Year(2016)Car Insurance with no claim benefit
    Car Ex showroom rate350,000
    Insured Declared Value259,700
    Own Damage Premium1.78%4530
    No Claim benefit discount20%950
    Total own damage Premium2750
    Personal Accident Cover160
    Legal liability paid to driver30
    Compulsory Third-party insurance950
    Net Premium3890
    Service Tax14%545
    Total Premium4435

    Factors affecting the car insurance cost

    Following are the factors affecting the car insurance cost as mentioned below:

    • Car age and model
    • Fuel Type
    • Driver’s age and gender
    • Driving Experience
    • No claim discount
    • Special events discount
    • Bulk insurance buying discount
    • Deductibles
    • Car Protection measures like the installation of anti-theft devices in the car

    List of Top Car Insurance Companies in Dubai

    Following is the list of car insurance companies in alphabetical order which provides car insurance services all across the United Arab Emirates as mentioned below:

    • Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company
    • Abu Dhabi National Takaful Co. PSC
    • Adamjee Insurance Company Ltd.
    • AIG Insurance Company
    • Al Buhaira National Insurance Company
    • Al Fujairah National Insurance Company
    • Al Hilal Takaful
    • Al Sagr National Insurance Company
    • Al Wathba National Insurance Company
    • Alliance Insurance
    • AMAN Insurance
    • Arabia Insurance
    • AXA Insurance
    • Clements Worldwide
    • Dar Al Takaful
    • Dubai Insurance
    • Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance PSC
    • Emirates Insurance Company
    • i-Insured
    • Insurance House
    • Methaq Takaful Insurance Company
    • National General Insurance Company
    • National Takaful Company (Watania) PJSC
    • Noor Takaful
    • Oman Insurance Company Orient Insurance PJSC
    • Qatar Insurance Company
    • RSA Insurance Group
    • Salama Islamic Arab Insurance Company
    • The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.
    • The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.
    • Tokio Marine Insurance
    • Union Insurance Company PSC

    What are the documents required to get the car insurance?

    Following are the documents required for the car insurance as mentioned below:

    • Emirates ID or Valid Visa
    • Valid driving license
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Current Declaration page

    It is recommended to call an insurance agent like BuyAnyInsurance to get the updates on documents required for car insurance before going for a purchase.


    Following are the frequently asked questions that we have received from several clients, are mentioned below:

    What is the full car insurance cost in Dubai?

    Full car insurance cost includes costs related to comprehensive insurance and additional covers like CDW insurance, windscreen cover, etc., usually starting from AED 900. It varies depending on the insurance provider and car owner, plus the situation.

    How to use a car insurance calculator in the UAE to get the best quotes?

    You need to prepare the data on one page, like car model, fuel type, driver’s age, driving license validity, etc., and put the information required to get the best insurance quote. We recommend comparing car insurance online UAE prices from various portals and selecting the best suits your condition.

    How to find the best car insurance online in the UAE?

    To get the best car insurance online, check their insurance quotes, read the reviews, and have a look at their insurance claim services.

    Do you pay car insurance in Dubai?

    Car insurance is mandatory for all vehicles in Dubai. Depending on the type of insurance you purchase, it can cover damage caused by accidents and natural disasters. In Dubai, third party insurance and comprehensive car insurance are quite common; you can opt for any auto insurance policy as per your budget and need.

    You can also compare car insurance quotes online for free to get the best prices.

    How much does it cost to own a car in Dubai?

    The cost of car registration in Dubai is AED 420. Other additional expenses vehicle owners may face include: Transfer of ownership fee: AED 350. Vehicle inspection test: AED 170.

    What is the best car insurance comparison site?

    Many sites offer the facility to compare car insurance in UAE, like Insurify, buyanyinsurance, and USAA. 

    Who normally has the cheapest car insurance?

    Many companies offer reasonable car insurance prices like USAA, Eris Insurance, Geico, state farm, etc. You can compare car insurance prices to get the best quote for yourself. 

    How much is car insurance in UAE?

    You will have to pay 1.3% to 3% of your car’s original value for car insurance in the UAE. 

    Wrapping Up!

    You can get the best car insurance price in UAE if you have a good awareness of the various aspects of the insurance industry. First, look at your situation, which includes your car insurance requirement related to your car’s health, driving experience, and no claim. Compare car insurance quotes online for free from various insurance portals to get a basic idea of the insurance cost. Further, we recommend consulting an insurance agent like BuyAnyInsurance to get the best consultation that suits your situation. We offer the best rates in the market, and our claim recovery service is the best.

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