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Read this before you buy your first Car Insurance UAE

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Several car insurance UAE providers offer insurance plans that cater to the ever-changing needs of insurance buyers.

Factors affecting Car Insurance UAE Cost:

You can choose your car insurance UAE plan with your personalized needs. But before you choose any policy, keep in mind that car insurance UAE cost depends on several factors, which include:

Driver’s age and experience: Usually, auto policy premium in the UAE is 15-20 per cent higher for someone below the age of 25 with a driving license less than a year old. But here are some Tips To Get Cheaper Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Car features and type: Expensive automobiles have high car insurance cost UAE because of their fast acceleration and high performance.

Deductible or excess: This is the amount of money you are ready to pay from your pocket during accidents.

Agency or non-agency repairs: If your vehicle dealership does the repairs it is known as agency repairs, while if an external garage mechanic does the repairs, it is referred to as non-agency repairs.

Other optional features: Adding other benefits to your policy will also increase your car insurance UAE cost.

Now that we have discussed the factors influencing your automobile, let’s talk about its online presence.

Insurance providers are starting to respond to the increasing trend among the buyers to buy a policy online.

It is because of this shift that the majority of insurance companies have started offering their insurance plans online – either through their own websites or through partnerships with other companies.

The ultimate objective is the same – to provide a convenient online insurance quote to buyers and save their valuable time.

Car insurance UAE to Oman is fast increasing in popularity due to a rising trend by vehicle owners to travel to Oman.

In fact, some insurance companies have set up offices there to capitalize on this business opportunity.

However, they only provide third-party insurance and not comprehensive cover.

Automobile coverage UAE to Oman costs around 100 dirhams for one week and the insurance office can even be found on the Oman side of the border.You might find this relevant: 6 things to consider when travelling to Oman by road

Which one is the cheapest?

The cheapest insurance is provided by Dubai Insurance, Noor Insurance, Adamjee, Union Insurance, i-Insured, National General Insurance, Noor Takaful and Insurance House.If you wish to save on auto policy, here are 6 thrifty tips to save on car insurance.

Can I get a quick comparison of all insurance plans?

Yes, you can! In fact, an increasing number of insurance providers have started providing a quick comparison of insurance plans on their websites. Also, some car insurance UAE offers saving vouchers to the buyers along with options to modify their policy according to their requirements.If you wish to know more about Insurance coverages available in UAE, read here: Guidelines On Car Insurance Coverages Available In UAE

And what is the law regarding car insurance UAE?

As far as the law is concerned, it mandates all vehicle owners to get insurance coverage.However, only a third-party insurance cover is mandatory.This is a type of insurance that covers legal liability to a third party resulting from a car accident where the insured is at fault.It also covers death or bodily injury sustained by a third party or a person.

I am an expat. Do I also need to have an insurance policy too?

Yes, you do! The market of expat owned insurers is now larger than the share of national insurers.If you are an expat, you may need to consider some points before buying an insurance plan1. If your motor vehicle is new and expensive, the comprehensive insurance plan will be much more beneficial to you than third-party insurance.2. Instead of focusing on the lowest premiums, focus on the benefits you can get out of your money.3. Be honest when providing information. Otherwise, your claim can be denied.4. Try to learn about additional benefits and discounts.

Are there are any reviews available for car insurance UAE?

Insurance companies have separate reviews listed on their website by their buyers which mention their remarks about the service.As far as an overall review is concerned, a survey conducted by a Middle Eastern financial comparison site revealed that the UAE residents prefer high-quality car insurance to cheaper options.This shows that car insurance UAE residents are prepared to pay extra for peace of mind and are not going to settle for an inferior service.

How quickly can I get an online quote?

As online insurance portals get more sophisticated to respond to the increasing demand from buyers, online quotes are available almost instantly.You won’t believe this but an online car insurance UAE quote can now be given in 30 seconds or just a minute!All you need to do is provide your information on the insurance company website and you will be shown the online quote in an instant!

We hope that the above information was quite helpful and will assist you in making an informed decision when comparing your car insurance UAE options.If there is something you would like to add or if you have any suggestions, remarks or comments, please let us know in the comments below!


Can I hold 2 insurance policies in the UAE?

Yes, you can hold 2 or more car insurance policies in the UAE.

Do I need car insurance to drive in the UAE?

The simple answer is Yes. All the drivers must have car insurance to drive in the UAE.

How to check UAE car insurance renewal date?

To check your car’s insurance status, you can simply visit the RTA’s website. You can also visit the company’s website you are availing the insurance services of.

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