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Car Insurance – Save With 6 Thrifty Tips

Written by Wasim

Insurance, like several other fixed costs, is an inevitable part and parcel of owning a car. However, you can lower the fee you pay by following the guidelines below.

Pick and choose car insurance mindfully

Often, insurance costs vary depending on the car you choose. Safety is one of the main aspects that dictate the price. Vehicles that incorporate anti-theft features get better deals. Premiums are also based on the model and repair costs. Choose a reliable auto brand make and subsequently pay less for insurance.

Reduce your kilometres

The lesser the kilometres on your gauge, the lower your car insurance premium will be. Higher mileage means you reduce your car’s lifespan and are at a higher risk of having an accident. Use public transport or carpool whenever you can to tighten your car’s odometer.

Get third-party car insurance

Third-party insurance covers the other car, not your own, in the event of an accident. This is also the minimum requirement for cars in the UAE. It is considerably cheaper but can be disadvantageous.

Hunt for insurance bargains

Online comparison websites provide a great platform to find the best possible quote for your vehicle. BuyAnyInsurance offers a simple, user-friendly interface to compare the best prices from insurance companies. Buying car insurance online can result in markdowns anywhere between 5-20 per cent.

Be a good driver

Insurance companies charge you more if your record is rife with accidents and fines. Risky drivers flesh out more on premiums. Get a no-claims record that is incident-free and abide by the UAE’s stringent traffic rules to bag a better insurance rate and further concessions.

Increase your excess

This is a tricky one but if you are confident of your driving capabilities, opt for a higher excess – which is the amount you pay to open every claim. The advantage is that you will get cheaper insurance if you don’t make a claim, but the disadvantage is that even trivial repairs will cost you more.

Buy insurance online to save the most

In 6 simple steps, you can easily compare insurance from the best providers in the UAE and buy the perfect policy in under one hour.

  • Go to BuyAnyInsurance;
  • Enter your details;
  • Compare quotes from the best car insurance providers in the UAE;
  • Choose the perfect plan for you;
  • Pay online or choose cash on delivery;
  • Receive the official policy in 24 hours.

Or you can simply enter your contact information below and our insurance expert will call you now:


    What is the average car insurance rate in Dubai?

    The average insurance rate in Dubai is 2.75%. However, for the cars with the original value between 100,000 AED to 300,000 AED, you have to pay 3% of your car’s original value.

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