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Auto Fleet Insurance Policy in the UAE

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Auto Fleet Insurance Policy in the UAE

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the economy is mercurial and unstable. Therefore, if you own a fleet of cars or run a rent-a-car business, you must acquire auto fleet insurance policies.

It aids the firm in running its operations smoothly while giving sustainable value to the company stakeholders and business resources. In addition, the fact that the cars are insured gives clients confidence in business operations.

Many UAE automobile companies have felt the need to have this insurance to gain productivity and competitive advantage.

Businesses that use automobiles for commercial activities need this type of insurance coverage.

This type of auto insurance manages the risk of each commercial car. It diffuses the hazard across the board to prevent you from paying more than once for each risk.

FAQs on Auto Fleet Insurance

Q) What is Auto Fleet Insurance?

Like any auto insurance in the market, Fleet insurance covers your car’s needs in a time of incidents like property damage, accident, theft, etc. But it is designed for businesses who have not one but multiple vehicles to have them all on one policy. Also, it offers any driver to drive another vehicle’s policy or other drivers’ car.

What is a motor fleet insurance policy?

Motor Fleet Insurance is a policy which protects businesses from financial liability from third parties as a result of a car accident or from the theft of a vehicle. Third party claims could be in the form of financial compensation for injury or property damage for a third party as per written in the motor fleet insurance policy.

How does fleet insurance work in the UAE?

If you or your business own and/or lease multiple vehicles, fleet insurance allows you to cover those vehicles under one comprehensive policy. This type of coverage may include temporary vehicle replacement and a liability extension to rented vehicles.

Is it cheaper to have fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance is cheaper than individual insurance. If your company has more than 2 vehicles, you’ll likely benefit from investing in comprehensive fleet insurance policies which will cover your entire fleet of vehicles in one, rather than taking out separate policies for each vehicle.

BuyAnyInsurance caters to all the insurance providers and vendors who offer auto fleet insurance to their clients/businesses at reasonable prices. They give protection coverage from minimum five-light automobiles to heavy fleet cars.

Auto Fleet Insurance Policy Perks in the UAE

Let’s talk about the perks of having auto fleet insurance
in the mentioned below benefits

1. Manage the number of Cars You Possess

You can easily buy fleet insurance in a good package if you own two cars or more.

It will help you manage and update very conveniently as now, in one policy, you can get coverage for your different cars, vans, motorbikes, HGVs and LGVs, etc., with one renewal date.

2. Auto Fleet Insurance Covers

All types of cars, vans, minibuses, trucks, taxis, etc. having fleet insurance can avail and pick any of the three stages of coverage i.e.

Comprehensive Coverage

Those who get comprehensive coverage will be
protected from

  1. Theft
  2. Vandalism
  3. Fire
  4. Natural disasters (like a hurricane or a tornado)
  5. Falling objects
  6. The damage was done to your car by animals
  7. A civil disturbance (like a riot that results in damage or destruction of your car)

– Fire & Theft insurance

  1.  Any damage/ violation to
    a third party or their property with whom you are involved in an incident,
    while also covering your own car if it’s damaged by fire or stolen.

-Third-Party Only

  1. It offers no protection for your own vehicles but will cover claims made against you for damages by any third parties. 

3. Automatic Vehicle Additions

You don’t have to get any other auto insurance plans or protection coverages.

For any new car. You can add-on automatic vehicle additions to your fleet during the time of fleet insurance plans.

4. Reduce Cost with Age Limit

Your age limit can directly influence the auto fleet insurance.

The risk of road accidents is getting more due to underaged or over-aged drivers.

Therefore, a part of their policymaking the providers have set the age limit;

  • if the driver has less driving experience and has age limitless then 25 years then he/she has to pay more car premium
  • A driver whose age is 70 and more would also pay more premium

Therefore, if the driver has a good driving history and falls under the defined age limit criteria then he/she can get cheap fleet insurance.

5. Any Driver Options

Aside from all these mentioned above, auto insurance coverages also offer a policy of ‘any driver options” where a driver can drive other vehicles or other drivers’ cars.

This makes life a lot easier if, for whatever reason, you need to switch vehicles or lend a vehicle to someone unexpected.

6. Roadside Assistance

One of the most important features is roadside assistance, as it helps the team to get a mobile repair or roadside towing in case of any emergencies like

  1. Car Malfunction
  2. Flat tires
  3. Filling up the empty tank.

7. Car Hire Services

A car can always face any accidental damage or repair service.

Auto fleet insurance will assist you at that time by replacing your car for a few days during such events.

8. Agency Repair

Your fleet insurance will be lined up with the agency repair garage or workshops in the event of any unfortunate accident or replacement of cars.

Therefore, you don’t have to hassle finding an auto garage for your car repair and maintenance.


As by the law of auto insurance, any car owner must have auto insurance and that business whose bread and butter are based on commercial mixed cars then for them auto fleet insurance is must purchase.

Buyanyinsurance offers car insurance quotes, so explore the website for best and authentic content and insurance providers.

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