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Car Insurance Add-ons in the UAE: All you need to know

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Car Insurance add-ons provide extra protective coverage to the insured car in a time of unfortunate events.

Accidents are sometimes prone to happen, even if you are at fault or not, especially in a country like UAE.

But do we need these add-ons in car insurance after our car has basic insurance?

The answers lie within your car usage and your driving track record, which led many insurance providers to decide which insurance policy you need to have.

It’s not a hidden fact that insurance representatives can be very persuasive and let you believe it will be your life’s biggest mistake if you don’t have these add-ons in your car insurance policies.

However, a little extra premium can protect your car and loved ones.

We’re the advocates of getting the right type of coverage at the right charges, rather than opting for the cheapest policies per se.

It’s best not to dismiss any auto insurance add-ons without considering the benefits and protections they may include.

You have to be a little cautious about these hidden traps and get relevant knowledge about these car insurance add-ons that can surely protect your car from major to minor car damages.

Without further indulging you in a long story, our website BuyAnyInsurance is to present you with the essential pointers regarding car insurance add-ons that help you decide whether you should buy them.

Car Insurance Add-ons in the UAE

1) Rent a Car or Car Hire

A rent a car extra is the most popular car insurance add-on promote in the UAE during the second quarter of this year.

Many car insurance companies as part of their business portfolio facilitate their clients to rent a car insurance add-on if the client insured car face any accidental damages.

  1. The provider will arrange a car-hire for their clients for a number of days till the time, the damaged car is gone for repair and maintenance in the garage.
  2. It should be noted that this add on cannot be utilized during the time of theft or write off.

To avail of this add-on, you have to pay extra charges to make it a part of your policy.

2) Windscreen Coverage

Most of the comprehensive coverage plans include the minor protection covers of the car including theft, vandalism, personal injury, etc.

Many of us think having a comprehensive plan for the car windscreen would also be covered.

But that’s not the case. Many insurance companies do not add windscreen cover as part of the coverage plan, and it is treated as an car insurance add-on with a small extra charge.

Having this cover, your car would be protected from

  1. Covering the full or rear screen or side windows.
  2. Covers the repairs of chips, cracks and other small damages.

3) Car Replacement Add-on

Imagine you got an expensive-looking car, and in the first week, you hit the car in an accident.

Only imaging can give you the nightmare of all time.

With a car replacement add-on, your auto insurance provider will not only compensate for the basic expense but will also replace your car with another brand-new sleek car.

4) Uninsured & Underinsured Claim Add-on

This type of motorist protection coverage will facilitate your medical expense or car repair and maintenance if you’re hit by a driver who doesn’t have car insurance.

This adds to highlight two aspects;

  1. One that the driver’s personal or his own auto liability car insurance firm paid the expense, but their limits are not enough to cover your medical/other bills.
  2. Second, if the driver won’t have any car insurance, you have to pay your bills, and the no-claim bonus can be affected.

For this issue, some insurance providers offer extra protection for just such a situation or even offer this as standard without affecting your NCB.

5) Medical Payment Coverage

This car insurance add on coverage will facilitate you and your family member’s medical bills after the accident of your insured car.

Covered costs may include hospital visits, surgery, X-rays, and more.

6) Road Assistance

Road assistance is a vital add-on that you can put inside your insurance policy.

For many, this car insurance add-on seems unnecessary, but you never know when your car will stop working in the middle of the road.

This extra coverage will aid you in getting a mobile repair or roadside towing in case of any emergencies like;

  1. Car Malfunction
  2. Flat tires
  3. Filling up the empty tank.

7) Agency Repair Service Add-on

For their client’s ease and convenience, the insurance provider offers this agency repair service add-on, where insurance companies trust official garage and dealers to repair the car.

In case of any accidental damage, the provider will take responsibility for car repair and maintenance by sending it to the agency.

Agency repair can be expensive and will automatically enhance your monthly car premium.

Now, this depends upon you. Are you willing to trust and take confidence in the internal agency or non-agency repairs?

8) Personal Injury Coverage

This extra coverage can be a part of a comprehensive plan that protects your family’s welfare and help maintain their current lifestyle.

Having this coverage can aid you in time of unfortunate incident like

  1. Accidental death
    1. Driver Disability
    1. Medical Expense

With this car insurance add-on, beneficiaries are paid either in one lump sum or on a monthly basis to supplement missed income.

9) Personal Belongings Coverage:

The auto insurance provider will facilitate you in time when any personal item in your car is damaged or stolen.

A fixed compensation limit has been set for reimbursement of personal item value.

Benefits of Add-on Covers in Car Insurance

The car insurance add-on cover provides its customers with additional coverage with a little more premium amount.

Holding a car insurance add-on cover, the car owner can deal with various situations efficiently.

Cost of Adding an Add-ons to Car Insurance

The cost of a car insurance add-on varies according to its type. Each type has its nominal value.

Final Thoughts

There are various significant and non-significant car insurance add-ons that are available to your service.

The wise plan always does your own research and have some basic knowledge about these add-ons.

Check the benefits of a policy carefully before deciding anything on purchase.

And when your auto protection policy is next up for renewal you need to evaluate the factors like if these add-ons are now standard policy or not? Which one you need the most and which one you can live without?

The main thing is you’re not pressured into buying any add-on that you’re getting your zero benefit but that you get a type of coverage add-ons that you’re satisfied with.


Can I opt for multiple add-ons?

Unfortunately no. You cannot opt for multiple car insurance add-ons at one time.

Can I get an add-on with a third-party car insurance policy?

You cannot buy car insurance add-ons with a third-party insurance policy.

Which are the best car insurance add-ons?

Here is a list of top car insurance add-ons:

  • Zero Deprecation
  • Consumable Add-on
  • Roadside Assistance Add-on
  • Engine Protection Add-on
  • Key Loss Add-ons
  • Passenger Assistance Add-on
  • Tyre Damage Add-on
  • Return to Invoice Add-on

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