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Buy Car Insurance Online in Dubai & across UAE

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Dubai is a world of adventure for thrill-seekers, so make sure you and your prized possessions are covered under the best insurance for all circumstances.

Do you need travel insurance for Dubai?

While it is not a legal requirement, it is encouraged since you won’t have access to free medical treatment. In case you fall ill the travel insurance will help pay medical bills incurred.

Off-roading in Dubai

One of the city’s iconic escapade takes place in the desert outside the city limits. Off-roading is a daring adventure, tackling sand dunes as steep as 45 degrees, at high speed, in massive 4x4s. While dune bashing on a variety of terrains is heart-pounding, even so, the thrill is absolutely worth it with the right vehicle insurance.

Expats off-roading in Dubai’s deserts. Shared via AFP News Agency.

Off-road driving requires immense skill. To ensure that all your memories are good, our online car insurance company shares important pointers.

Off-road Insurance is the First Priority

What is off-road insurance?

Before you set off to the desert in a car well-equipped for the terrain, you must get up to date on insurance. One can never prepare enough, but off-road motor insurance will cover damage or loss sustained in this pursuit.

What are the qualifiers for off-road insurance?

Review your auto insurance policy because a four-wheel-drive might already have off-road coverage. Note that while off-road insurance is exclusive for four-wheel drives, it comes with a higher premium. If you hire a 4WD for the journey, double-check to ensure that it has off-road coverage.

What are the limitations of off-road insurance?

Consult the insurance provider for any terms or conditions, and check for any restrictions based on the driver’s age, car’s age, or its mileage.

How to buy car insurance online?

  1. Identify needs.

    UAE insurance providers offer third-party liability and comprehensive coverage. Buy car insurance online depending on your car, its make, model, age and mileage.

  2. Compare before you buy car insurance online.

    You can compare the benefits and prices offered by different insurance providers when you buy car insurance online.

  3. Pay and go.

    Buy car insurance online within an hour of uploading documents and payment completion.

  4. Learn more

    Read our blog for complete guidance to buy car insurance online.

Guide to Off-roading


With precautionary off-road insurance in place (compare quotes and buy car insurance online), prepare to use common sense to face the elements. A good off-roader is careful and cautious and with high regard for safety and the environment.

Get Started

If you are uninitiated to the off-roading experience, a number of off-roading clubs offer training courses. Experienced drivers welcome newbies to their group and arrange beginners’ drives to show the in’s and out’s.


Equip your drive with the necessary accessories for the excursion, and if you venture into other Gulf countries make sure you have the required documents. Check your vehicle has GCC insurance and request your insurance provider to furnish the necessary certificates.

Driving in Convoys

It is wise to off-road in groups of four-wheel drives in case a rescue mission presents itself, however, have a set of rules before setting on such an expedition:

Rule #1: Each driver is responsible for the car behind.

Rule #2: Convoys travel at the speed of the slowest car.

Rule#3: Leave approximately 20 to 40 meters between cars.

Rule #4: Watch the driver ahead of you to handle tricky situations.

Rule #5: Signal oncoming cars, if the car ahead gets stuck.

Rule#6: Turn on headlights to signal for help, if you are stuck behind.

Accidents can happen

If your vehicle is in an accident during off-roading, immediately file a police report on the scene because an insurance claim is null without a report. Though occasionally this requires driving out to fetch the police to the place of the incident, it is nonetheless important.

However, the good news is that car insurance policies on BuyAnyInsurancecover roadside assistance, so you can compare insurance quotes at our one-stop-shop, and buy car insurance online. For assistance and specialized guidance CALL NOW 800 POLICY.

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