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Updated List of Abu Dhabi Traffic Violations and Penalties

Written by Ahmed Shabbir

One has to be responsible while driving on the roads of Abu Dhabi. Over time, the number of vehicles on Abu Dhabi roads has been drastically increased. Now, you can see a rainbow of cars in Abu Dhabi. Due to the number of vehicles, traffic violations have also increased. There are rules and regulations to govern the smooth traffic flow in Abu Dhabi. It is good to be aware of the Abu Dhabi traffic fines list or penalties for different traffic violations because it will keep you motivated to avoid any traffic violation to escape from heavy fines and penalties.

Abu Dhabi police have the right to impose traffic fines as per advisory, award black points to your driving license, and impound your vehicle for specific days.

Typically, people get fines for over speeding, reckless driving, driving without a license, improper or missing vehicle license plates, and improper parking and overtaking. These are all the situations which people come across to get traffic fines. 


We have further subdivided the categories to get a better understanding of the traffic fines in Abu Dhabi as follows:

Traffic fines on Over Speeding:

ViolationsFines (AED)Black pointsVehicle Confiscation
Exceed speed limit by more than 80km/h30002360 Days for LV
Exceed speed limit by more than 60km/h20001230 Days for LV
Exceed speed limit by 60km/h1500615 Days for LV
Exceed speed limit by 50km/h1000
Exceed speed limit by 40km/h700
Exceed speed limit by 30km/h600
Exceed speed limit by 20km/h300
Driving below Speed limit400

Traffic fines on reckless driving

ViolationsFines (AED)Black pointsVehicle Confiscation
Driving under alcohol influence or lead to someone’s deathDecided by Court2360 Days for LV
Driving to endanger public or private property20002360 Days for LV
Driving under influence of drugsDecided by Court60 Days for LV
Causing a serious accident or injuriesDecided by Court2330 Days for LV
Driving heavy vehicle to endanger lives , damage property or cross red light3000
Crossing a red light on LV or motorcycle10001230 Days
Entering a prohibited zone100087 Days for LV
Enter a road dangerously6006
Drive against the traffic direction60047 Days for LV
Reverse dangerously5004
Sudden deviation along the road10004
Enter a blocked or unclear road4004
Failure to maintain safe distance between vehicles4004
Making wrong turns or U-Turns5004
Driving at night or in foggy weather w/o lights5004
Failure to follow traffic signs & directions500
Causing a disturbance in traffic500
Crowding the scene of accidents1000
Failure to abide by lane rules400

ViolationsFines (AED)Black pointsVehicle Confiscation
Driving with an expired license or vehicle registration50047 Days for LV
Driving on a non-permitted foreign license400
Failure to show vehicle registration card and driving license400
Driving on a different class of license40012

If you have attained maximum black points, you have not submitted your license to the Abu Dhabi police. You will be subject to heavy fines like AED1000 on the first violation, AED2000 on the second, and AED3000 on the third violation, respectively.

ViolationsFines (AED)Black pointsVehicle Confiscation
Driving without number plates30002390 Days for LV
Improper usage of commercial number plates5007 Days
Driving with single or unclear number plates400

Traffic fines on wrong parking

Abu Dhabi Police will charge you AED100 to AED1000 for the wrong parking. It depends upon the weight of the violation and where you have wrongly parked your vehicle.

How to pay traffic fine in Abu Dhabi online?


To pay your traffic fine, you just have to go to the Abu Dhabi Police official website. Inquire your fine by Emirates ID, vehicle plate number, or driving license number to get the details. Abu Dhabi traffic fines payment can be made with the help of your bank card online.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Following are the frequently asked questions that we have received related to the Abu Dhabi traffic fines:

How to check traffic fines in Abu Dhabi?

All traffic fines in Abu Dhabi can be inquired through Abu Dhabi Police official website, TAMM website, through Emirates Vehicle Gate, and through Ministry of Interior website. You just have to enter your credentials to check the fine detials.

Is smoking allowed during driving in Abu Dhabi?

Smoking is not allowed if you’re driving a car with a child younger than 12 years.

How much is the penalty for not wearing a seat belt?

If you’re driving a car without a safety belt, you have to pay a fine of AED400, and 4 black points will be awarded to the driver’s license.

Wrapping Up!

One must follow responsible behavior while driving a car in Abu Dhabi. Our core responsibility is to take care of ourselves and others when we are on the road. The best way is to follow the traffic rules and regulations and be aware of the traffic penalties to avoid violating the traffic rules in fear of getting heavy fines, getting black points and getting the car impounded by the Abu Dhabi police. So, we have mentioned the traffic fines in detail to spread awareness. Further, we recommend you get comprehensive car insurance to save the risk of any financial liability if met due to a car accident. BuyAnyInsurance will assist you in getting the best car insurance policy at the best rates.

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