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Why Buy from Online Insurance Comparison Sites?

Written by Sahar

Why buy from online insurance comparison sites in the UAE when we can buy directly from providers? We’re sure you’ve asked yourself this question many times. There are a number of insurance providers and insurance comparison sites in the UAE. Most insurance providers have their own websites where you can buy online. So why visit an insurance comparison website?

We have multiple reasons why. Let’s dive right in.

Verify Online Insurance Comparison Sites

With so many insurance providers in the UAE, how do you know which one to trust? Online insurance comparison sites make sure that the insurance providers they’re hosting on their website are verified, and registered with the UAE Insurance Authority. They do the brunt of the work to ensure that the policies they host are genuine.

Compare Multiple Vendors on One Platform

So, you’ve decided you need insurance. But where to buy it from? If you type ‘insurance UAE’ in Google you get thousands of hits. Many insurance providers are vying for your attention. How do you decide which one to choose? Will you go to each website? Will you talk to each vendor’s agents? Are you ready to commit yourself to a grueling selection process that will eat up a week of your life, easy?

Why go through all of that when you can compare multiple insurance providers on one platform in seconds?

Not only do online insurance comparison sites reduce the time of searching for insurance policies, but it also ensures you are only presented with the options you need. Google doesn’t fine-tune your search options down to the most minor requirement of your policy. Online insurance comparison sites brush away unnecessary policies. They give you only the options you need. This makes it very easy to select a policy.

Independent and Unbiased Review

If you contact an insurance provider you will most likely get through to an agent. It is in the agent’s best interest to sell insurance policies whether you need it or not. We’re no one to judge. A job is a job, and many agents are very good at it.

Online insurance comparison sites, however, are not agents. They aren’t affiliated with any one insurance company. So, you can rest assured that when you go to an online insurance comparison site you will get an unbiased and independent review of the policies and their rates.

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Competitive Rates

Because of the influx of insurance providers in the UAE insurance market, there is already a competitive nature to insurance rates. No one company has a monopoly on the market. So why do we need comparison websites?

Comparison websites do more than keep the insurance market free. They allow a more competitive nature because the vendors are all competing on one platform. They also have great offers that aren’t limited to but pertain to insurance. Many insurance providers have been known to run special discounts on comparison sites that people can take advantage of.

Save Time and Effort

Put the competitive rates aside for a minute. The fact that online insurance comparison sites save you an immense amount of time and effort makes it totally worth it. You no longer have to spend days researching insurance providers. Fielding calls of agents are a thing of the past. No more the long lists and shortlists and fighting over rates. Just come online, fill in a short form, and voila! You’re done within minutes.

Teachable Moment

Say you’re someone who doesn’t really understand what insurance is. It will be impossible for you to look for something that you don’t really know anything about. Insurance providers can use this nativity to their advantage. Online insurance comparison sites, however, use this as a teachable moment. Sites like BuyAnyInsurance have Help Centers dedicated to educating buyers about insurance and what to look out for.

A win-win! You get to buy cheap insurance while you learn your basic rights in an insurance contract. Who wouldn’t want that?

So, save yourself time effort, and a whole lot of grief. Jump online and compare rates at your time. If you like human contact more than a robot online you can call 800 765 429 and get in touch with a representative who will walk you through the process.

Originally published Jul 27, 2020 22:56:53 PM, updated May 31, 2021

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