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How to inquire about the travel ban in the UAE? – A Guide

Written by Ahmed Shabbir

The UAE government provides an online travel ban inquiry service for residents and expatriates. People who wish to check their legal status and ensure no legal obstacles prevent them from travelling to or from the UAE.

You should inquire about your travel status if you have some outstanding issues, as this may result in criminal and financial penalties. Therefore, we aim in this article to clarify the travel ban in the United Arab Emirates, the reasons for it and the procedures for imposing or cancelling it, and other information related to the issue of the travel ban.

Check Travel Ban in UAE Online

1. Visit the Dubai Police website to inquire about the criminal status of financial cases related to Dubai police stations only, in addition to the travel ban. Or you can download the Dubai Police app on Android and iOS.

2. Click on the service login icon, and the primary data page will appear

3. Enter the ID number, then choose the image icon

4. Click on Search

5. You can call: 901 or through the email: mail.dubaipolice.gov.ae

How to Check Travel Ban in UAE online?

Note: please click on how to check travel ban in UAE online to check your travel ban status.

How to inquire about an online travel ban in Abu Dhabi?

Check Travel Ban Status in Abu Dhabi online

1. Visit the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department website

2. Enter the unified number, verification code

3. Click on Search

4. You can call: 600599799 or: 026512222 or send a message via email: info@adjd.gov.ae

Inquiry about the travel ban is the most crucial step that you must take, before travelling to or from the UAE, if you have some problems and pending financial issues in advance. Thus, you can begin to resolve these issues judicially and cross borders without any significant obstacles.

Note: Please click on the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department link to check your travel ban status in Abu Dhabi.

How to check Travel Ban in UAE online?

How can I check my UAE ban status using my passport number online?

  1. Enter ednrd.ae in the search bar of your browser.
  2. Login using your credentials.
  3. Fill in the required information- Application Number, Gender, Nationality, and Date of Birth. Your application will be displayed.

What is a travel ban?

A travel ban in the UAE is a ban on entering the territory of the UAE or re-entering it or a ban on leaving the country until the traveler meets certain conditions. When a decision is made to ban travel, the UAE authorities issue a decision to all border crossings to prevent the person concerned from entering or leaving the country.

Reasons for the travel ban in UAE

If you want to travel abroad, it is recommended to check the UAE immigration travel ban status online to avoid any hustle at the airport. There are several reasons for the travel ban, but we have included the most common reasons which people have faced during the past couple of years are as follows:

  • An ongoing crime investigation.
  • Violation of immigration laws.
  • Unpaid financial debts.
  • Rent disputes in UAE.
  • Employment without a valid work permit.
  • Overstay on the visa.
  • Leaving the country without notifying your employer and cancelling the work permit.
  • A global outbreak of a disease like Covid19

Types of travel bans in the UAE

Ban on travel by law

It is circular by the administrative authority at all ports of the country to prevent a person from travelling after opening a criminal complaint until the case is finally settled and the judgment is implemented.

Ban on travel at the request of the creditor

The creditor has the right to ask a judge to issue a decision banning the debtor from travelling in some cases, such as:

1- There are weighty reasons to believe that the debtor has fled

2- If the debt is more than 10,000 dirhams

3- Known and unpaid debts

Black-list of those banned from entering and exiting the UAE

The black list includes the names of people who are prohibited from entering and exiting the country because they have committed crimes or claimed civil rights, or threatened public security in the Emirates, according to the executive regulations of Federal Law No. 6 of 1973.

Who is prohibited from entering the UAE?

  • The competent court ruled to deport those who have previously committed crimes from the country.
  • Persons deported by order of the Minister of the Interior
  • Whose activities are reported by the Department for International Criminal Cooperation
  • Persons infected with acquired immunodeficiency virus (AIDS) or diseases that the Ministry of Health decides are dangerous to the community’s health.
  • Deported by the Gulf Cooperation Council on criminal grounds

Who is prohibited from leaving the Emirates?

  • Individuals against whom the Public Prosecutor has issued an order in a case in which the investigation is still ongoing
  • Persons who owe government funds payable
  • Anyone against whom the competent court has published a written order

Administrative list of those banned from entering and leaving the Emirates

The administrative list includes the following categories:

  • Domestic workers whose residency in the country was cancelled before the expiry of their work contracts
  • People who run away from their sponsors
  • Anyone against whom an order has been issued for administrative deportation from the Emirates

Difference between a travel ban and a work ban in the UAE?

A travel ban is different from a work ban, and there is no connection between the two. The ban on work is governed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation provisions and follows the Federal Labor Law. The ban is imposed when the worker violates the labor law and fails to abide by the terms of the contract with the employer or has committed a violation. At the same time, the travel ban is issued by the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

An employer can apply for a ban in cases such as:

  • Termination of the contract with the employer before its expiry date
  • Work for others without a permit issued by the Ministry.
  • Committing a violation related to Article 120 of the Labor Law.
  • The worker remains in the UAE after the expiry of the contract for more than two months without any legal excuse.
  • That the worker is unskilled and has not completed 6 months with the employer

If a person is banned from working for a certain period, he can enter the UAE. Still, he will not obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation until this ban period. You can do tourism, medicine and visit family. So that you can work in the free zone, as you do not need a permit from the Ministry itself. Those who are banned from travelling will never be able to enter the UAE for any purpose until all their legal matters are settled.


We have received several questions about the travel ban in UAE. Hence, we have included some important frequently asked questions which will benefit you regarding understanding the travel ban in UAE:

How can I check my travel ban case in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has an online service app, “Estafser”, where you can check whether you’re requested by the public prosecution for any claims against you or not. Further, you can also call 901.

What is a permanent ban in UAE?

It means that you can not travel to UAE in your life until or unless the ban is removed. It is applicable if any serious labor offence is considered illegal or absconding. Federal Department keeps a biometric record of the banned person.

How can I clear my UAE travel ban?

There are two ways to clear your travel ban in UAE:

1. Appeal in Crown Prince Court by your immediate family member. (Cheap)

2. Give Power of Attorney to a lawyer to proceed with your case in court to remove the travel ban. (Costly)

Can deportation orders get cancelled in the UAE?

Yes, deportation orders will be cancelled if it is approved by the court after an appeal is filed. 

Wrapping Up:

When you’re travelling to UAE or travelling from UAE, it’s better to check your status of the travel ban. It will not only benefit you from the hustle at the airport. But also, you can track your record in UAE immigration. We have shared the simple step procedure to check your online travel ban status. We recommend you avoid the situations mentioned above, due to which you can get a travel ban. Enjoy travelling freely with your family and friends. But, don’t forget to get your travel insurance before going on a trip. Feel free to contact BuyAnyInsurance if you’ve any questions related to any insurance.

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