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How does cloud seeding effect your car

Written by Wasim

What is cloud seeding?

Cloud seeding is a weather modification that changes the amount of rain that falls from the clouds. It should be noted, this is an artificial process and it encourages a cloud to produce rain

Why Cloudseed?

Cloud seeding is done to increase the rainfall in the UAE, which is predominantly a desert country.

Cloud seeding has a number of purposes and in some countries, for instance, in the UAE, it’s used to increase rainfall and decrease the temperature. In some countries, it is used to suppress the formation of hail, so that crops are saved.

The Effects of cloud seeding?

In the UAE, it was recorded that there was an average of 136 mm of rainfall in 2018 compared to 29.9 mm between 2003 – 2014.

Some of the positive effects were that crops were watered, however, other not so positive effects were major flooding on some of the roads in the UAE, causing cars to have water damage or being flooded!

How to protect your car

With such differences in weather, from giant hailstones that can dent your car to extreme flooding or even tyre blowouts, we advise taking out Comprehensive Insurance on your car and ensuring you have:

Natural Calamity Cover – this covers your car in case of a flooding or hailstones:

Natural Calamity Cover – this covers your car in case of a flooding or hailstones Breakdown Recovery – if heavy rain stops your car from running and you need to get home. (Usually its 100 AED per recovery ride.) Personal Accident Driver – you are covered in case you are very badly injured

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Originally published Mar 24, 2019 17:59:46 PM, updated May 06, 2024

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