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Secure & Cheap car Insurance in the UAE: Secret Revealed

Written by Huma

For secure and cheap car insurance, different theories and methods have been circulating in the auto insurance market of the UAE.

The UAE, a place known for its sand and heat and hub of technological advancement. These high-tech waves have started hitting on the automobile industry that created a huge impact on the car insurance of the country.

The majority of the people in Dubai owned a car not only to signifies luxury and comfort but also a major necessity requires in the rushed-hour traffic.

Here comes the need of having car insurance as an annual number of road accidents and causality have compelled the government to make it as an obligated requirement to be immediately fulfilled but the car owners.

Taking advantage of this, many insurance providers are playing games of generating more profit by raising the premium after a year or months and making your trap in their rigid policies.

In order to safeguard you from such polices and money eater providers, we are here to present you solid tips and secrets to get secure and cheap car insurance.

1. Multiple Quotes and Insurance Identification

The very step you must do is visit different insurance website and get car quotes
rates before buying any auto insurance.

This will help you to compare and evaluate the best insurance for yourself.

Also, these websites can give you detailed and informative information regarding
insurance types available in the UAE.

Most common car insurance policies are labeled as

  1. Comprehensive Insurance: Also known as full coverage insurance. Those who get such coverage will be protected against theft, vandalism, Fire, Natural disasters (like a hurricane or a tornado), Falling objects Damage done to your car by animals and civil disturbance (like a riot that results in damage or destruction of your car)
  2. Third-Party Insurance: This coverage means, if an accident is caused by you then if you’re one having third-party liability coverage will pay for the other person’s expenses. These include any damage or medical bills.

Therefore, getting the right insurance and right quotes at the right time can let you get secure and cheapest car insurance.

2. Drivers Discount

Those individuals who have good driving experience and track records are eligible to get a discount on your renewal or new policies from the insurance companies.

The criteria for such good drivers are defined on these following pointers

  1. Following traffic rules
  2. Not getting any volition fine or driving ticket
  3. Not involved in a car accident for a year.

To get this discount you have to get a no-claim insurance discount from your previous insurance providers and get a 5 to 20 percent discount on the policy.

It should be noted these discounts or NCB certificates are given only when you haven’t made a claim for the whole year.

Therefore, maintaining a
good driving history and careful road sense can help you to get secure and
cheap car insurance.

3. Add-ons Evaluation

Many car insurance providers aside form insurance police aid their clients with different add-ons that can facilitate your car in a time of unforeseen events.

These add-ons coverage aid you in time of

  1. Roadside assistance
  2. Off-road coverage
  3. Agency repair services
  4. Rental car
  5. Personal accident cover

And so many more but in order to avail such add-ons, you have to pay the extra payment on your insurance fees that automatically enhance your car premium.

Therefore, it’s better to evaluate each add-on and instead of ignoring every beneficial add-on pick those that you know your car can need in a time of any unforeseen situations.

4. Estimate Your Car Worth

Your car value plays a vital role in shaping your insurance policy and car premium.

Over the year the car face depreciation of 20 to 30 percent depending upon the

Overestimating and underestimating your car value can always trap you in paying a high premium and not getting required car cover respectively.

Therefore, before going for insurance shopping, browse classified dealers/ website and get an estimation on your car worth.

5. Car Model and Car Premium

Several variables are
involved while calculating the premium rates of any car. Mostly the insurance
companies include;

  1. Car type/specification
  2. Features like a car model. In which year it was manufactured and safety factors

For instance, car-like SUV or any sport cars have more premium coverage as compare to others.

However, there can be another reason but none the less, all these elements are taken into account when adding or subtracting from the auto premium policies.

Therefore, buy your car smartly if you want to get secure and cheap car insurance.

6. Focus on the Excess

A tip to be noted, comprehensive/full excess car insurance policy, where you get the protection on minor items like the windscreen, dent in a bonnet, bumper, etc. are expensive.

Comparatively, they are needlessly expensive for old and dented cars.

If your car is one collision away from being written off then third-party liability is a better bet for you.

This way you can save more money in the long run as compared to your standard insurance

  1. The advantage of getting high excess that you get better rates.
  2. Also, you can also avail of more quotes from car insurance groups.

7. Online Insurance & Blogs

Big auto corporations are channelizing their resources towards E-commerce and internet transactions.

As the first buyer of insurance policy, many unique changes have been made recently that can help you to get insurance in a simple and easy step.

Informative insurance blog content has made things transparent and easy to judge any insurance concern for the car.

Similarly, when car insurance shopping, you can read different insurance blogs in authentic and
real-time websites like BuyAnyInsurance that will help you evaluate your choices and compare car
quotes within no time.

Hence it will also help you to read all the important points in policy documents that are mostly hard to understand.

8. Your Car Registration Location

Car Insurance usually ask this question ‘where your car is registered?

You must be wondering why this matter the most but the auto insurance providers are always looking at this factor whenever you visit them.

The advantage of living in Dubai is sure you do get affordable car insurance but the real impact on
your overall monthly car premium is decided upon where your car is registered first.

  1. If your car is registered in Abu Dhabi, then start counting your money to pay more premium as it cost a driver, 25% more to insure a car.  
  2. Most often, car insurance in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman will be lower in comparison to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Fujairah.

9. Rent A Car

Many people who are expats/visitors or preferred to get a rented car for long drives in order to give a rest to their owned vehicles and avoid the expense of wear and tear their car can bear on long trips.

Therefore, renting a car has its own beneficial secrets;

  1. You save your car from extra mileage and kilometer.
  2. Car hire also means that now only the insurer will be responsible for covering the expense of renting a car
  3. You rent a car at a fixed price, sometimes with an option to decide the duration of car rental for 5 days to 2-weeks.


Car Insurance has become an important investment for the individual’s security and

Defined methodology and theories regarding cheap car insurance are not restricted to this blog post only but it’s your understanding and requirement that can shape your policy terms and conditions.

Therefore, be smart and make the right decision by being more aware and informative.

Originally published Nov 04, 2019 12:09:29 PM, updated May 05, 2021

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