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Expat Guide to cheap car insurance in the UAE

Written by Huma

Culture shock is something that both immigrants and expatriates experience. The UAE is a hub for expatriates who bring their culture, values, and unique drive to the country. It is where you can find ample opportunities and diversities within the industrial and commercial sectors.

It can be an overwhelming experience for an ex-pat trying to adjust to a new environment and living out of it. But the real shock for these individuals is when they have to buy car Insurance. Since they are new to the country, the motor laws can be overwhelming, but they keep the public’s best interest in mind.

However, these confusions can lead to hasty decisions, and ex-pats buy car insurance that is too expensive. We’ve simplified car insurance for you to make this process as simple as possible.

Extensive Guide to Cheap Car Insurance for Expats in the UAE

The insurance providers take advantage of these new immigrants or expats by charging a high premium and letting you sign on irrevocable auto protection policies.

 But no need to see stars in the living daylight.

Our website BuyAnyInsurance is the best platform to get the most authentic and relevant information about getting the cheapest car insurance in UAE within a minute.

 These top mentioned following guidelines are good enough to remove your doubts and concern and protect your savings from getting robbed by rigid policymakers.


Wisely Evaluate Your Choices Before Buying Any Car:

It’s an unwritten rule to purchase a car in UAE.

Most people have to travel a long distance, and by default, it becomes a necessity than a luxury to purchase an automobile.

It’s a good thing that cars in Dubai are not that expensive compared to other places.

But the thing that shakes the inner core of your budget is car insurance.

So, we suggest before buying any car, evaluate your choices wisely. Because in UAE, the auto insurance companies calculate premiums by looking at the

  1. Car model/ Manufacturing date
  2. Car Specs and features

So, if an ex-pat buys a new car model, they are likely to pay more premiums than used cars.

Don’t make any hasty decisions in your initial days; research, think, then buy the car suiting your requirement.


Things you should be aware of before buying an insurance

Make a comparison of the various auto insurance companies through online research and select what is best for your car needs and, of course, for your pocket

  1. Get information regarding your auto protection policies covering the emergency services in case of flat tires or running out of fuel and have off-road travel coverage.
  2. Also, know about agency repair and garage repair if your car undergoes repair in the manufacturer’s garage.
  3. You can rest assured that your expensive car can come back to you as new as you had brought.


Make a Checklist for the Necessary Documents:

Always be well-prepared.

Arrange all your necessary documents and make a checklist for them.

Therefore, in buying insurance policies, you don’t leave behind any documents that create an issue in getting the cheapest car insurance in UAE.

Mainly your checklist should include:

  1. Identification Proof: Copy of your passport or visa if you are an ex-pat working in Dubai.
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Vehicle Details- Car model, manufacturing date, car registration card, or transfer letter.
  4. Driver’s license copy
  5. GCC specified confirmation letter

Although the checklist can vary depending upon the insurance provider.


Don’t Leave it to Banks and Car dealers:

You are asking for trouble if you rely totally on banks or car dealers to give you the cheapest car insurance in UAE.

Expats/Immigrants are often indulged in making hasty decisions.

Lack of reading discussion of these important terms and conditions led them to stick with policies that get expensive over time.

You need to get yourself more involved and have excellent knowledge of car insurance and car quotes.


Look for Comprehensive Auto Insurance:

When you own a high-budget car, getting a comprehensive plan over third-party insurance is wise.

Because it protects the value of your car from non-accidental incidents.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance helps you in covering;

  1. Give claims to replace or repair your car in case of theft, damage, or any incident other than a collision.
  2. Your provider will facilitate the other person’s vehicle damages in third-party insurance, not yours.
  3. You have to pay for your car repairs which are not very suitable for you.


Be Careful! Car Insurance Company Don’t Aid Bad Drivers:

Expats/Immigrants suffer while learning the UAE’s driving and traffic rules.

It’s best to get some experience and practice on the road as what we say, practice makes you perfect, right!

The auto insurance provider needs your clean slate driving track.

If they find any driving violation, then there is a chance your insurance claims do not cover these areas;

  1. Damages to the car due to a drunk driver
  2. Deliberate damages caused to the vehicle
  3. Damages when driven by an uninsured person
  4. Normal wear and tear


Online Insurance Agency

Time is money. We don’t usually have time to visit the insurance company as busy as we are.

For your pieces of mind, it is highly suggested to ask as many questions as possible.

But mostly, the insurance representative is trained enough not to give you a clear picture of the terms and conditions.

  1. For your convenience, we have a solution for your home.
  2. Type BuyAnyInsurance. Here you will get all the blogs and experts’ views that answer your concerns.
  3. This well-informed website delivers real-time content and car quote comparisons.


Immigrants and expatriates don’t have to worry about car insurance policies anymore. Our website offers reliable and affordable insurance providers known for their client loyalty and excellent services so that they understand the UAE auto protection policies while not getting trapped by the wrong insurance provider.

FAQ’s by Immigrants/Expats

What is Auto insurance?

1. Auto insurance facilitates the clients by protecting any insured car against monetary loss.2. And liability that could result in the event of an accident or theft

Is this a mandatory requirement in the UAE?

Yes. According to the law of UAE insurance anyone who possesses any type of vehicle is obligated to have car insurance.

Why getting Auto insurance is essential?

Accidents can happen anytime.Insurance aids in safeguarding you and your family members’ against a range of possible harm and the connected financial consequences.With car insurance, you can make claims against these unfavorable situations

What does auto insurance usually cover?

It varies depending upon the type of insurance policies you have. 1. For instance, A minimum legal requirement is third party liability insurance.2.Which protects the individual from legal actions and compensation in case of accidents caused by your vehicle. 3. The cover does not entertain your vehicle, instead, it facilitates the death, injury or property damage caused to a third party by you. 4. Another policy is the comprehensive plan, that insured your car against theft or damage.

Can un-documented immigrants finance a car?

Yes! Un-documented immigrants can get a car loan but the loan is contingent to a permanent residence visa.

Is driving without insurance illegal in the UAE?

Yes! But it’s not just limited to illegal status, its an extremely bad idea. You can face serious fines and penalties if you drive without car insurance in the UAE.

Can illegal immigrants get insurance in the UAE?

Yes! But in order to get car insurance as an illegal immigrant, you must have a driving license.

Can international students get car insurance?

Yes! There are many companies that offer car insurance to international students. But these offers are contingent on having a valid driving experience for three years. 

What does being an immigrant mean?

An immigrant is a person living in a country other than that of his or her birth. No matter if that person has taken the citizenship of the destination country, served in its military, married a native, or has another status—he or she will forever be an international migrant.

What is an emigrant vs immigrant?

Immigrant is used when talking about the country moved to. Emigrant is used when talking about the country moved from. Someone is an emigrant when they leave their country of origin and an immigrant when they arrive in their new country.

What are the 4 types of immigrants?

In the UAE, there are 4 different immigration status categories that immigrants may fall into: citizens, residents, non-immigrants, and undocumented immigrants.

What are immigrants and examples?

An immigrant is defined as someone who moves to a new country. An example of an immigrant is a man or woman who moves from Ireland to the United Arab Emirates.

How much is car insurance in UAE?

You will have to pay 1.25%-3% of your car’s original value for car insurance in UAE.

What is the cheapest type of car insurance?

State minimum liability coverage is the cheapest car insurance in UAE.

Which insurance network is best in the UAE?

AXA Gulf insurance, Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company, and Emirates Insurance, etc, are the best insurance networks in UAE.

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