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Quality Car Insurance: What To Look For?

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Car insurance policies have a host of features. This guide checks which features are important, highly encouraged, or a plus in quality car insurance.

The Essentials Of Quality Car Insurance

These features are the most important when buying car insurance – they cannot be done without. Look for these when buying car insurance:


Repairs or replacements of the windshield from an authorized auto shop. However, this does not include sunroofs and windows.

Personal belongings insurance

Reparation for loss of personal belongings in the car during an unfavorable incident such as fire, theft or accident. But, the exception is money or credit cards, as well as items in an open car or a convertible, unless hidden in the trunk.

Car keys

Reparation for the loss of keys to the car. Please do not leave car keys on or inside the car, as this does not cover it. It also excludes keys that an immediate family member or housemate takes without permission.

No claims discount

Protection of no claim discount without any loss following a claim. There are limits to the number of claims within a certain period of time – check what the insurance company allows.

Car rescue

Coverage of the cost of removal of an immobilized vehicle, from the scene of an accident to a nearby repairer.

Courtesy car

Provision of a courtesy car in the course of a major accident, limited to a certain number of days while the car is in the garage.


Guaranteed coverage of any repair work through the insurer’s approved auto shop. It will not include the cost of repair work at a garage of personal choice.

The Wish-List of Quality Car Insurance

While these features are not as important and exclusively come as add-ons, they are, however, beneficial to include in the policy for reasons you will see below:

New car

In the event of car theft or damage in a major disaster, where the cost of repair is above a percentage of the retail price, the insurer will replace with a brand new car of the same make and specification.

Stereo and Satellite Navigation

If there is loss or damage to stereo and/or satellite navigation equipment, the insurer will provide cover. Though, this will not include non-manufacturer equipment.

Accident transport

The insurance company will arrange for the transport of passengers from the scene of an accident. There will be a limit to the number of passengers.

Hotel expenses

The insurance company will pay for the cost of the hotel if the passengers are not able to continue their journey or reach home.

24 Hr. Helpline

The insurance company will provide a 24-hour helpline to call in the event of an emergency.

Roadside Assistance

The insurance company will provide roadside assistance if the car breaks down and it needs repair or transport to a garage.

Other Options of Quality Car Insurance

These features are once again not important. Furthermore, they are not applicable to every driver, as they are specifically tailored for a certain segment:

Insurance driving abroad

The insurance company will provide the same level of cover when the insuree drives their car abroad.

Child car seat insurance

The insurance company will also replace the loss or damage to a child’s car seat during an accident in a vehicle.

Enhanced courtesy car

This option allows for enhancing the type of courtesy car to a larger vehicle.

Further information

After knowing what to look for in an ideal car insurance policy, it is time to compare quotes. Call us toll-free at 800 POLICY, click on the link or fill in the details underneath.


What car insurance is considered the best?

Fully comprehensive car insurance is considered the best car insurance to buy.

How much is comprehensive car insurance in UAE?

You will have to pay 1.25%-3% of your car’s original value as comprehensive car insurance in the UAE.

Who are the top five insurance companies?

USAA, Geico, State Farm, Progressive, Travelers, etc., are the top insurance companies in the UAE.

Is there car insurance in Dubai?

Yes, car insurance is mandatory in Dubai as per RTA laws.

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