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Is Buying Car Insurance Online Reliable?

Written by Sahar

When so much of our lives are on the web is buying car insurance online in the UAE a risk?

The world has become one big village under the net of the world wide web. You can shop for items online and have them shipped across continents. This obviously opens up the scope of your buying power. It also promotes healthy competition. Companies big and small are forced to get creative.

Online stores are also great for traditional shoppers. You can scout out the wares of a shop and their prices online before you step out of the house. This leads to more informed buying.

It is common to buy clothes, furniture, and even groceries online. Many enterprising individuals even buy second-hand course books to save up on academic fees. These online transactions aren’t going down either. The online market is thriving. A lot of traditional stores have closed down because the footfall fell, and online traffic increased.

However, the online market isn’t immune to scams. Many buyers have written scathing reviews when the product they ordered was nothing like what they received. From sizing differences to low-quality goods, online shopping does have its disadvantages. Though consumer courts try to keep these shady peddlers in line, more spring up from time to time.

So this begs the question – is buying something as important as car insurance online reliable?

Right Side of the Law

The UAE has strict insurance laws. It isn’t easy to set up an online platform for insurance without the approval of the UAE Insurance Authority. As a result, it is very unlikely you will find a scam artist online. Similarly, you will find that insurance providers only align themselves with online car insurance platforms that have passed the scrutiny of the UAE Insurance Authority.

Primarily Informal Comparison Platform

Car insurance online is primarily an informal comparison platform. Websites like BuyAnyInsurance bring insurance providers and buyers together. They aren’t there to formally tender car insurance policies. Car insurance platforms online are a place where you can peruse through policies and compare them at length. They also allow you to weigh the pros and cons of policy providers.

Since they are informal it’s like taking a tour of the store without a salesperson hovering over your shoulder. You take your time. In the event that your requirements change you can always change your search features. It is catered to your car insurance needs. So that by the end of your time on a car insurance comparison platform you can make an informed decision.

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Premium Comparison Made Easy

The second major concern when buying car insurance is the premium. A premium is a monthly instalment a policyholder pays to continue their insurance. How much will you need to pay for basic coverage? Who decides the premium? How do you calculate premiums? What factors determine the premium? Online car insurance comparison sites help you figure out exactly how much you’ll be paying for the coverage you want. Premium calculators are easily available online. Furthermore, direct quotes from insurance providers give you a head start in deciding which one you want to choose.

Incidentally, if your requirements change you can recalculate premiums at leisure and ease. Again, these websites are there for your convenience.

Unbiased Non-Commission Sales

Its is a myth that online car insurance websites work on commission. This indicates that they push certain insurance companies more than the rest. This belief propagates the publics wary attitude towards online car insurance purchase. They believe the comparison site is biased in the insurance companies favour.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, online car insurance comparison websites don’t charge administration fees fro users. Their services are free.

Then how o these insurance providers earn money?

It’s simple. Insurance companies recognise the growing online market for car insurance. Instead of spending a considerable amount of money creating their own online store they defer the job to comparison websites. This costs them way less and gets them on a platform with potential buyers.

Because of this neat arrangement, car insurance comparison websites don’t need to push a policy just for the sake of making a sale. They genuinely care that you get the right insurance for your needs.

Swift Coverage

Another factor that ensures car insurance online is reliable is how swiftly the insurance is provided. Once you choose the policy you like it takes less than 60 minutes to get your policy started. No ore waiting for papers in the mail. The coverage starts instantly.

Like most purchases online you receive an e-copy of your insurance policy in your email address instantaneously. The physical copy reaches you in 15-30 days but your coverage starts the minute you receive your e-copy.

Swift coverage is great especially in the UAE where driving without car insurance is punishable by law. You don’t have to wait an arduous amount of time just to drive your car.

The Human Factor

One of the advantages that traditional insurance shopping has is the human factor. You can put a face to the company. Salespeople don’t always evoke deep trust but they are relatable. A website is not relatable to most. Especially the older demographic who aren’t as proficient with technology.

However, insurance comparison websites combine both technology and the human factor to ease their clientele. BuyAnyInsurance’s live chatbox is manned by human team members. The team consists of members who have over 15 years of experience in the field. They listen to buyer grievances and queries and provide help. The chatbox isn’t reduced to automated responses.

So, essentially you get the same human attention and service online as you would expect in traditional insurance companies. The only difference is that online representatives will give you an impartial view. They don’t work for one company so their opinion is unbiased.

24/7 After Sales Customer Support

It is highly likely that a sales rep from an insurance company will leave you on ‘read’ after the sale is done. No company can guarantee 24/7 customer support. Not true for online comparison platforms. BuyAnyInsurance takes after-sales customer support very seriously. Their team is available at all hours of the day.

Buyers can get in touch with them to have their concerns answered. Policyholders are also given timely reminders before policy renewals, and options for switching policies if something better comes on the market. This kind of attention to detail makes online car insurance more reliable than the traditional method.

Purchasing car insurance online is easy and swift. It is the future of car insurance and the sooner you get ahead of the curve the better for your car insurance needs.

    Originally published Oct 21, 2019 18:48:59 PM, updated May 31, 2021

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