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Cheapest Car Insurance Options in Dubai: How to avail them?

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No kidding; you can’t just visit one insurance provider and get the ideal auto protection policy at a reasonable rate.

You might get the vehicle insurance, but don’t you think your lack of research and information might trap you in rigid and expensive policy procedures?

You might feel happy when people toast you on your new car but have you thought about other expenses.

Don’t forget car insurance and the heavy premium, especially if you live in Dubai.

We don’t want to be killjoys, but this is a harsh reality that one has to face or, in your case, “pay.”

As by the law of the UAE insurance authority, you must have an auto insurance policy no matter how cheap or expensive the car you possess.

The Tactics of Getting a Cheap Car Insurance Policy:

In times of excessive lifestyles and expenditures, you always look for ways to facilitate your needs and save your hard-earned Money. You are extensively involved in research and Comparison on where to get cheap car quotes or insurance policies.

You have come to the right place, so don’t go anywhere. Here you will find the best reasonable coverage options for car insurance.

1. Car insurance quotes:

A pro-tip before buying any insurance policy, take a few minutes to spend on car insurance quotes on the internet or from authorized agencies.

Do you remember the formula of comparing apple to apple? Similarly, you can find out insurance quotes and the save a lot of money.

Websites like BuyAnyInsurance are the ideal platform to get car quotes and will aid you in comparing and identifying the real premium rate in the market in no time. All you have to do is follow the simple steps:

  • Give valid information to start the comparison
  • Compare the auto insurance quotes
  • Select your desired auto insurance quote within your budget and then buy online through a secure web portal.
  • Within 60 minutes get your policy.

2. Seek Reputed & Flexible Auto Insurance Provider:

In the market survey of car insurance, there are a few names like Adam Jee, Union Insurance, Dubai Insurance, Noor Takaful, and others. They are known for their flexible and cheap policies.

Companies like these formulate approaches that benefit both the company and its customers. To gain customer loyalty and long-term relations, they offer:

  • Fast application and claims process
  • Maximum compensation or coverage over theft, vandalism, accidental damages and etc.
  • Third-party liability against property damage and personal injury.
  • Maintenance and repair service from their connected agencies
  • Driver and passenger coverages
  • Roadside recoveries and concierge assistance.
  • They also offer you non-complicated and stress-free commutes with a discount rate car replacement alternative.

3. Age Effect:

The best way to estimate the motor insurance premium is by looking at the driver’s age and experience.

Due to the governing laws any individual falling at the age bracket of 20 to 25 and have minimum road experience, has to pay the highest premium rate because the risk of unfortunate incidents is high.

4. Combine Home Insurance for a Cheaper Deal:

In case of purchasing a house then, you will need homeowner’s insurance too.

Be smart and look for a provider to facilitate your auto and housing insurance in beneficial packages and discounts.

Right insurance companies for you will combine the two (auto and housing) at a rate much cheaper than if you bought them separately at two different insurance companies.

5. Online Vs Offline Insurance:

You must be thinking about what difference it makes if you buy insurance offline or online?

Well, it does make a big difference. Let’s see the main perks.

  • Value of money
  • No extra fees charged by insurance agents
  • Safest and fastest procedures
  • User-Friendly steps and guidelines
  • Online Comparison of the car quotes

In the time of technology and the worldwide web, buying online policies is more secure.

Our experts suggest you not sweat your precious time and Money in the offline market. In the comfort of your home, you can opt for online auto insurance and get various exclusive benefits that you usually miss or are deprived of when pursuing it offline.

6. Claim Services:

A thought might be ringing in your head: what if you already have auto insurance? Then how to save more Money and claims.

Then depending upon a situation like if experienced drivers haven’t made any claims for several years, they can simply ask their provider to give them re-claim services. Also known as the No-Claims Bonus, you can show your stellar driving record to your insurance provider and demand a discount on your premium.

7. Save Discount:

Another way to get cheap insurance is comprehensive savings discount policies.

Some companies give special discounts for switching to them. You can be the real player and Money saver genius, as you can avail of the Discount and after the six months, you can switch to another insurance provider who gives you a better discount.

8. Agency Vs Non-Agency Maintenance:

Many insurance companies talk around circles. For instance, it’s wise to check the policy regarding in case any accidental damage of car repair and maintenance would be taken care of by the agency or outsider/non-agency.

Agency repair can be expensive and automatically enhance your monthly car premium, whereas opting for non-agency maintenance, your premium rate will be cheaper.

Now, this depends upon you. Are you willing to trust and take confidence in the internal agency or non-agency repairs?


Hopefully, investing 5 minutes in this blog post cleared your thoughts and created more room for ideas. We hope by highlighting the factors that can lead your premium to rise and how to counter them legally, we’ve saved you your hard-earned Money.

FAQ’s on Car Insurance Purchase:

1. How does Car Insurance vary In Dubai?

The criteria for auto insurance in Dubai is much simpler yet very practical and different from other nations. Here 1. It protects your prized possession from loss or damages during accidents.2. Third-Party Liability or injury claims are precisely described.3. The protection of financial liability policies is implemented.

2. Why are these insurance policies so expensive?

Good question. Due to the change in auto policy law, it was quite a shock for the buyers to indulged in such a hefty insurance fee. Many of us are still uncertain and in some case unaware of these new laws. And not properly informed by the exiting insurance provider on why clients have to pay such a costly premium. The answer is simple your safety is the first concern and these rules make sure that you get your claims, replacement, and other services if any unfortunate event occurs.

3. Is Changing Car Insurance a Good Option After a Year?

One can agree that many insurance providers are claiming to give a variety of attractive packages and policy alternatives. But they forget to mention their rigid policies and ‘overcharged premiums’ after some time. Initially, it will look like you are paying a lower market premium than others. But these businesses are looking for opportunities to earn a lot of Money by raising the prices in the next six months with or without informing you. So yes, it’s a viable option to change.

Who is the cheapest auto insurance carrier?

Adamjee Insurance is the cheapest auto insurance company with the rates as low as $36 per month. 

Who is the cheapest insurer for young drivers?

Adamjee Insurance is the cheapest insurer for the young drivers according to the young driver rate analysis. 

Is it mandatory to buy third party car insurance?

Yes! You must buy at least one third party car insurance in the UAE. 

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