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Motor Insurance Quotes To Get A Lot Easier

Written by Umair

Motor insurance quotes are getting increasingly easier to obtain online.

Seems like buyers are hunting for their next vehicle policy in response to the changing legislation in the UAE.

You can visit the Insurance Authority’s website to get the latest updates.

Understandably, therefore, car coverage companies respond to this market in interesting ways.

From attractive promotions and offers to a safe and secure payment system, insurance companies are enticing their clients.

Along with this, there is an increasing tendency to save money as people become price-conscious.

Also, you can now expect motor insurance quotes in 30 seconds or a minute!

So convenient, isn’t it?

Buying Decision

The first thing you are MOST likely to do while choosing your insurance provider is to decide which insurance you require.

Broadly, buyers choose from three categories of insurance.

These include car, health, and home.

Probably, this is your step one.

Next, you – just like everyone else are likely to perform a quick search to compare motor insurance quotes.

But, wait… what do you find?Due to the fish market like situation in your search results, you are BOMBARDED with some useless results.

Time is Money

Probably you know this already!

Are you sure you really asked for it?Well, guess what? You did not.

Due to a limited amount of time at your disposal and need to get yourself an effective vehicle policy, your primary concern should be to save time.

It is because of this that some insurance comparisons have started providing instant insurance quotes!

How quick, you ask?

Uhh. less than a minute!

A fast, reliable and low-cost service is what people are searching for.

With no time to waste, this process has been made easier through the emergence of new players in the market…

Let’s talk about price comparison now.

Price Comparison

Possibly, one of the most important considerations for you IF not THE most important.

This is perhaps the factor your buying decisions are likely to depend on.

Luckily for you, conducting a price comparison has been so much easier!

With the advent of insurance comparison portals, motor insurance quotes are available almost instantaneously!

Likewise, you can conduct a price comparison between car, health or even home insurance!

We discuss them separately below.

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Car Insurance

Arguably, the most in-demand vehicle policy is car insurance.

Online coverage is possible within minutes!

For instance, if you wish to compare vehicle policy quotes you need to follow some simple steps.

Firstly, you select your car year.

Second, you tell us the make of the car. Is it a Ford, Toyota or Volkswagen?

Third, which model of the car do you wish to compare quotes for? Is it Ford Focus or Volkswagen Jetta?

Lastly, you tell us your car model details.

This will help us find out useful options catering specifically to your needs.

Congratulations! Your motor insurance quotes are here!

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Health Insurance

Health insurance across companies can also be compared within a minute.

For this, you need to follow a few steps.

First, you indicate who you want to insure.

Is it you, your family, a housekeeper/driver or an employee?

These options help us show you perfect results for your needs.

Afterwards, you choose the city you wish to get insured in.

Choose from Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah or Umm al-Qaiwain

Home Insurance

After vehicle policy and medical insurance, online comparison portals have also started catering to quotes for home insurance.

Safety of your home and its contents is what this ensures among other things.

While some parts are covered by either your employer or your building owner, there are other items that are not included in those policies.

This is why people opt for home insurance.

Similar to all the other options, you give us some details.

In step one, you tell is whether you are a tenant or an owner.

Next, you indicate what do you require insurance for?is it your building, your home contents, or your building & its contents?

Finally, you wait to get an instant estimate online!

Now you can buy it!

Other features

Predominantly, buyers are on the lookout for car insurance companies that offer affordable motor insurance comparison in minutes.

However, over time companies wishing to meet their client needs have started introducing other features too.

Companies realized that showing car insurance rates online, was not enough as the competition was getting more intense.

Therefore, they enabled them to compare from the best UAE insurance companies with up to 20% Discount.

Along with this, low prices and a safe and secure system were also advertised.

With things getting so much easier for you, what else do you need?Did you enjoy this article, you may also like to know Where can you buy insurance online Dubai?

Originally published Sep 26, 2020 18:44:00 PM, updated May 12, 2021

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