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How to Check Car Accident History in the UAE

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If you are planning to buy a pre-owned or second hand car in the UAE, keep in mind to always check the car accident history. A lot of buyers make the mistake of not checking this and then regret their decision later. Even if the vehicle is pre-owned you’ll be investing your hard earned money into it and it should be worth every penny. Also the car accident history affects the car’s total value, hence it becomes all the more important to check car accident history in the UAE.

If you are wondering how to check car accident history in the UAE, then this is the perfect blog for you.

Why is it important to check car accident history?

Many times car accident history is ignored and the deal is finalized. We want to emphasize that you shouldn’t make this mistake when buying a pre-owned vehicle. Vehicles that undergo accidents of any kind usually have certain marks or lasting damage on the body. Apart from this, post accident vehicles may also not be safe to be driven and can compromise the safety of passengers, pedestrians on the road, and most importantly, the driver. That’s why it is recommended that you check car accident history before buying any second hand car in the UAE. 

How to check car accident history in the UAE?

You would need the car’s chassis number or vehicle identification number (VIN) to check car accident history in the UAE. This is a unique 17 digit number that gives all the details about car;s manufacturers, year of manufacturing, and other engine details. 

You can find your car’s chassis number in four ways –

  • It is displayed on the side door
  • You can find it at the back of your registration card
  • It is printed on driver side of the dashboard
  • You can visit the shop/ dealership from where you bought the vehicle to get the chassis number

Once you have the chassis number, you can easily check car accident history online using any of these platforms. 

Ministry of Interior

  • Visit the official website – https://portal.moi.gov.ae/eservices/
  • On the home page, select traffic and licensing from the drop down menu. Choose accident inquiry.
  • In the box provided, write your car chassis number.
  • Click on the submit button and check the display results. It will show all the details – where the accident happened, when did it happen including date and time, and the accident report number. 

Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)

Next way to check car accident history in the UAE is through EVG platform.

  • Visit the official website – https://evg.ae/default.aspx, 
  • Select ‘traffic accident management’ from the dropdown section.
  • Type your car chassis number to search for the vehicle’s accident history. It will show all the details like date, time, and other details about the accident.

Abu Dhabi Police

If you live in Abu Dhabi you can easily check car accident history on Abu Dhabi Police online platform. Click on the public services option. Select the ‘vehicle accidents inquiry’ and provide your car’s vehicle certificate number to get all the details. You can easily download and print this information from the portal for further use.

Road Transport Authority

UAE’s Road Transport Authority provides a service called ‘Technical Vehicle Status Certificate’. It enables you to get a certificate including the status of used vehicles. You are required to pay AED 100 for this certificate fee and an additional AED 20 is required as innovation fee.

You can easily pay this amount online using debit and credit card to use this platform. Keep in mind that the UAE RTA platform might take a little longer as compared to other platforms to provide the information regarding car accident history. This is because the previous owner of the car will receive an OTP for approval and you will get the required data only when the owner agrees to disclose it. 

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