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An Ultimate Emirates Vehicle Gate Guide: Registration, Mulkiya, Insurance & more

Written by Ahmed Shabbir

The UAE government has launched Emirates Vehicle Gate for its citizens and overseas immigrants to request and track car insurance quotes. Traffic accidents management It is the gateway to managing motor accident claims.

Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) is a website portal that provides vehicle-related services, driver-related services, insurance-related services and queries related to Buy insurance, traffic accidents management, driving license information, modifying the address, checking Mulkiya details online, Issuance of a new registration card, Traffic fine payment, payment receipt inquiry, Reserved Number Plates, and Car Certificate Inquiry etc. EVG allows car owners to view and access many vehicle-related, driver-related, and insurance-related services online, such as fine payment or driving license information.

Emirates Vehicle Gateway Guide

Emirates Vehicle Gate FAQs

What is EVG UAE?

The Emirates Vehicle Gate aims to make your life easier and to save you time with simple and innovative solutions. EVG is the world’s first such product.

How can I check my car details in the UAE?

All You Need To Know for checking your car details in the UAE are:

  1. Register for an account at the EVG official website.
  2. Use your credentials to log in to your account.
  3. To access the vehicle’s accident history, enter the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) in the accident inquiry tab.

How can I check my Mulkiya details online?

Access the official portal to check Mulkiya’s expiry date online:

  1. Dubai: Visit the RTA portal, select “Check Vehicle Expiry”, followed by the vehicle license plate number.
  2. Register with Emirates ID to Abu Dhabi Police Portal and Access “Registered Vehicle Inquiry”.

How can I get my registration card online?

There are three ways to get your registration card online:


  1. Register at www.rta.ae
  2. Visit Licensing Services.
  3. Select My Vehicle from the Licensing section.
  4. Choose your vehicle and choose more actions
  5. You can choose to replace your registration card.
  6. You can choose the most convenient method to have your permanent card delivered.
  7. All fines and transaction fees must be paid.
  8. Receive your temporary registration card.

Smart Application:

  1. Make sure you insure your vehicle before you leave.
  2. The app store has the Drivers & Vehicles app.
  3. Register now or continue as guest
  4. Click on Vehicle to select Vehicle Registration
  5. Click on Replace Registration Card to apply for the service
  6. You can choose the most convenient method to have your permanent card delivered.
  7. All fines and/or transaction charges must be paid
  8. Get your temporary registration card

Smart Kiosk:

The smart self-service kiosk allows you to issue a replacement registration card:

  • Click on eServices
  • Click on Vehicle Registration Card Lost
  • Enter your vehicle information
  • All fines and transaction fees must be paid
  • You can get a brand new registration card printed directly through the self-service kiosk

How many vehicles are there in the UAE?

The UAE has approximately 3.5 Million cars, with 40% of them driving around Dubai. At 43%, the UAE has a higher percentage of SUVs than other countries. 53 per cent of cars are older than seven years (over half).

What is Emirates vehicle gate contact number?

Emirates vehicle gate contact number is 600588888 and their email id is contact@evg.ae

What is the Ministry of Interior UAE contact number?

Ministry of Interior UAE contact number is 02 441 4666 and their address is 1st St – Al Rawdah – W56 – Abu Dhabi. 

Emirates Vehicle Gate Registration

Emirates Vehicle Gate Registration

To register yourself in Emirates Vehicle Gate, you need to prepare the requirements and, follow the steps below:

  • Check details with Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department
  • National Number
  • Unified ID
  • Traffic Code Number
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number

EVG Services Categories:

EVG Services Categories

Emirates Vehicle Gate provides several services to vehicle owners. All services can be accessed on the official Emirates Vehicle Gate Website. These services can be divided into the following:

  • Car Insurance Related Services
  • Drivers Related Services
  • Vehicles Related Services

A third-party license is required in the UAE law. Without insurance, those caught will be fined AED 500 and their driver’s license will be suspended for four black points. Your vehicle may also be confiscated for seven days. To avoid any unexpected expenses, ensure that you have at least a third-party policy if you plan to purchase a used car within the UAE.

Car Insurance Related Services on EVG

EVG Emirates Vehicle Gate offers the following car insurance-related services:

Buy Insurance

Buy Insurance

Emirates Vehicle Gates helps you in requesting a new car insurance quotes by following the steps mentioned below: 

  • Log in to your dashboard 
  • Select car type and click on the “Buy Insurance” button 
  • Confirm your details and Submit a request to insurance companies for the approval

Steps to Buy Insurance

Following are the steps to follow to buy an appropriate insurance for your car:

  1. Make a good research on car insurance companies
  2. Check car insurance portals like Buyanyinsurance.ae for quotes
  3. Get a head to head meet up with an insurance agent like Buyanyinsurance.ae to get more awareness
  4. Log in to your Emirates Vehicle Gateway dashboard
  5. Select car type and Buy insurance for your vehicle
  6. Submit the request to insurance company

Why consider BuyAnyInsurance for an online car insurance purchase?

BuyAnyInsurance possesses more than 14 years experience in the car insurance industry and we are aware of each and every aspect of the car insurance. Further we suggest you the car insurance plan that best suits your situation. 

Traffic Accidents Management

Traffic Accidents Management

If you are interested in buying a  used car in the UAE, you can check its history with the help of EVG Accident – Emirates Vehicle Gate Accident Management. Follow the steps mentioned below and check the car history of any car in the UAE:

  • Create your account on EVG
  • Login to your dashboard and click on Accident Inquiry
  • Enter your car chassis number
  • View accident history and details

The accident information you will get will tell you about the location of the accident, the level of the damage and the type of the accident.

Drivers Related Services on EVG

Following are services that enable drivers to manage their documents and driving license. 

Driving License Information

 This option allows vehicle owners to check their driving license details. All you need is to follow these steps: Login to your dashboard and click on the “Driving License Info” option View or print driving license information You can also check black points in the UAE via Emirates Vehicle Gate website.

 For this, all you need is to have completed Emirates Vehicle Gate registration with EVG and login details with you. If you are looking for driving license renewal online options in the UAE, then give this guide a read.

Modify Address

This service allows vehicle owners to change and modify their addresses and contact details. Login to your dashboard and click on the “My Profile” tab Click on the Update “Your Information” button Modify data as required, then click on the “Save” button To avail of all these services, all you need is to have completed registration with EVG and login details with you.

Vehicle Related Services on EVG

Following are the vehicle related services offered by Emirates Vehicle Gateway:

Issuance of a new registration card

Issuance of a new registration card

In the UAE, it is mandatory to renew a vehicle registration else vehicle owners have to pay fines and penalties. You can renew a registration card from EVG. All you need to do is:

  • Login to your account
  • Select a vehicle and click on the “Issue New Registration Card” button
  • Start and complete the three-step renewal process 


  • Completed registration with EVG Login details
  • Valid Insurance Passed Vehicle Inspection
  • Pay the required fees: AED 380
  • Check Registered Vehicle Details

With the help of this option, you can check the details of all registered vehicles under your driving license. Login to your dashboard Select a vehicle’s Plate No. to view details View or print vehicle information.

Traffic fine payment

Traffic fine payment

The EVG UAE fine payment option helps to pay and check fines within a few minutes: 

  • Look for outstanding fine
  • Select fines to pay
  • Pay the fines via credit or debit card

You can also use a “Quick Search” option to check the outstanding fines. 

For this you need: 

  • Traffic code number 
  • Plate number 
  • License number
  • Payment Receipt Inquiry

It allows you to check and print traffic receipts by using the receipt number on Emirates Vehicle Gateway application:

  • Enter the receipt number
  • View/print receipt
  • Reserved Number Plates

Reserved Number Plates

If you have reserved a number plate, you can check the detailed information from the EVG application or website. All you need is to: 

Login to the dashboard and click on the “Reserved Plates” option

View your reserved plates and their expiry dates.

Car Certificate Inquiry

Above all, car owners can also get their car certificates from Emirates Vehicle Gateway application.

  • Enter the vehicle certificate number
  • Check or print vehicle certificate 


Emirates Vehicle Gateway offers a good bundle of services online that reduces process time and effort to get the basic services related to vehicle, driver, and insurance. We have answered all the important queries related to EVG. You can simply follow the guidelines to benefit from the EVG services.  

If you find this blog helpful, please stay tuned to the UAE’s best car insurance blogs for more details.

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