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Health Insurance in the UAE-The Guide

Written by Huma

Health Insurance in UAE start getting more recognition and its fair share of value in the year 2005, which later emerged as a mandatory requirement for all the citizen including immigrants and expats to have prime to basic health insurance coverage plan.

The basic health protection and health insurance in UAE plan was incorporated for the sake of low paid labors or employees, in order to provide a cost-effective yet a sense of security in a time of unfortunate incidents like an injury at work, sudden death, immediate family health coverage.

Mostly in the UAE, a comprehensive government-funded health system by Dubai health authority (DHA) and Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD), have extended the health care facilities network all over the city that turns out to be more fitting and feasible for users.

Many top hospitals of the emirate were taken into the panel by different companies and government agencies for health insurance in UAE.

In these government-funded medical care, the citizens are entertained with free treatment and health insurance card that is incorporated in the year 2017.

In case of any further medical or costly surgery expenses, your bill is directly sent to the insurance companies under health insurance in UAE.

Hence, at that time you don’t have to worry about the bill or expense.

Many raise questions such as the quality service of the medical care would be like?

Q) What about the Quality of the Medical Service?

Ans) The quality of the medical services launched under the health insurance in UAE is up to international standards. But one thing should be noticed that hospitals (Local or international private center) in Emirates offers wide ranges of coverages along with emergency treatment and specialist inpatient and outpatient medical care.

The emphasis on having health insurance in UAE is based on a number of causalities that have been increased in the workplace or normal setting. Many people have lost their lives and faced permeant disability by not having any proper health insurance.

We BuyAnyInsurnace being the platform for providing multiple insurances, have expressed their expert’s view where we have authentic providers pledged to give your health insurance in UAE at a cheaper cost and insecure manner.

Before doing any hurried health insurance shopping without understanding its essential terms and conditions and its eligibility criteria. Therefore, we highly suggest going through our informative guide that can clear your clouds of confusion and help you to get a better coverage plan.

Ultimate Guide

1. Compulsory Health Insurance

Due to the individual’s security and health concerns, the government has now made health insurance in UAE a compulsory requirement all over the workplace of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

According to the impose law, any citizen or temporary expats should be provided health
policy by their employer or company they are working in.

To sponsor the health insurance in UAE, DHA regulate that those companies and individual will be fined if they haven’t insured their staffs under the six-month time period.

It should be also noted that under no condition the employer can pass on the insurance cost on employee’s shoulder neither directly nor via salary deduction.

Therefore, full coverage cost will be paid by the company/employer only.

2. Coverage Plan

The health insurance coverage plan is quite broad and specific for distinct regions and individuals. Many sustainable, beneficial, and cost-saving factors are identified when you purchase a health coverage plan.

Following are mentioned

  1. Network: Include panels of all types of hospitals, diagnostic centers, and other medical facilities.
  2. Area of cover: The region you are residing in.
  3. Special covers: Dental, mental therapies etc.
  4. Excess: Deductible or add-ons
  5. Special conditions: Maternity, chronic health insurance or any major surgeries and therapies

You may have to pay extra fees for the special or additional coverage plan.

The extended health insurance plan is based on the idea of benefiting all the individuals at their convenience and at their best.

Therefore, having a health coverage plan can save you in the worst situation.

3. Health Insurance Card

A health insurance card is given to those individuals who are been insured by the health insurance provider to use medical or health facility free.

It acts as an identification card where a number is allotted that is saved in the system of the hospitals where the person is registered by his/her provider.

With the help of this car, you have access to the channel of different hospitals and another medical center.

After you have selected the plan and have made the payment of the insurance plan, the provider will take 7 to 10 days approximatively to make your health car.

Therefore, you can have cashless treatment in your allotted health care center without any fuss.

4. Improvement and Affordability

Due to compulsory health insurance in UAE, many private health care centers are also sensing the need of competitors and wanted to gain the number of clients has improved their medical standards.

They start introducing policies at a cheap rate and affordable health packages.

Therefore, the initiative by the government had led to improvement and major optimistic change in individual medical dealing and treatment.

5. Health Insurance Quotes

The resident in the UAE have many online and offline options to purchase health insurance in UAE.

Health insurance quotes like any insurance quotes help to get a comparison of prices among different insurance companies.

You should do your research first in these quotes and then evaluate the best option for yourself.

Hence, health insurance policy is considered as a commodity, so their plans are presented at the same rates.

6. Insurance Brokers

If you are not confident enough in your knowledge in health insurance and its complex jargon presented in terms and conditions then you definitely need an insurance broker.

Brokers not only know the in and outs of the market trends but also know when and which policy will benefit you more.

Therefore, these insurance brokers make sure to do most of the work and your fully covered.

7. Expatriate Coverage

As the government has made the law to accommodate all the citizen including the temporary expats to have health insurance in UAE till the end time of their stay.

Expatriates that have valid residency are registered in 46 insurance firms.

Thus, it should be noted that it considered the legal responsibility of every provider/employer to give health coverage to their staff.


The government initiative to health insurance plans exhibit the importance it has on every citizen.

Different health packages and its claims processes have been defined in a precise and diligent manner that clears the room of confusion.

Therefore, Be safe and be secure with the health insurance protection plans.


How much does medical insurance cost in Dubai?

Medical insurance costs around AED 10,000 on average in Dubai.

How many health insurance companies are there in the UAE?

There are 62 health insurance companies in Dubai, including national and international ones.

How much is a health card in UAE?

For the residents and ex-pats older than 18 years, the health insurance card in UAE costs AED 320, and for children younger than ten years, the cost is AED 120.

Can I get health insurance with a tourist visa in the UAE?

Yes, tourists can get health insurance in the UAE.

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