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Emirates ID Fine Checking Online in Minute

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All the residents of the UAE including expats must possess an Emirates ID. It is the main identity proof that’s also popularly known as Resident Card. It is issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). It has 15 digits consisting of the cardholder’s personal details. The card has the photo, basic details like name, contact number, date of birth, and biometric information of the cardholder.

If you are in the UAE and exceed the speed limit while driving or don’t pay any of the driving fines, it can cost you a lot. The UAE government is really strict about laws to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Read on to find how you check emirates ID fines and pay them online.

Types of fines charged on Emirates ID

Given below are the types of fines that can be charged to you –


This penalty applies to pedestrians who cross roads without using pedestrian lanes. People are also fined if they ignore traffic lights while crossing roads. The fine amount is AED 400. The jaywalking charges are applicable to motorists as well. The amount is AED 500 when drivers cross the speed limit near zebra crossings. There are CCTV cameras everywhere on the streets that help the authorities to identify defaulters.

RTA fines

Drivers and motorists can be charged under different types of violations. For example, reckless driving means a charge of AED 2000, or driving a vehicle with no number plates attracts a fine of AED 1000.

Violating Covid – 19 rules and guidelines

There are various divisions under this. For example, when people ignore social distancing norms at gatherings, they can be fined. Similarly, tweaking Covid-19 test results, non-compliance when an officer stops a person for Covid-19 related issues, conducting classes in person, etc., also attract penalties.

Municipality Fines

These are penalties levied by the City Municipality. For example, if there are building violations or the cardholder has faltered on public appearances, they are penalized.

Emirates ID registration delays

In case the Emirate ID is not renewed in time, the cardholder can be penalized up to AED 1000.

Most common fines

  • Late Renewal/Registration: If you do not renew or register your Emirates ID card within 30 days after its expiry, you will be fined 200 dirhams (AED).
  • Damaged Card: You will be fined 200 dirhams (AED) if your Emirates ID card is found to be damaged, altered or replaced with another one.
  • Lost or Stolen Card: If you lose or have your card stolen, you must report this to the police and obtain a police report along with a new Emirates ID card. You will be fined 500 dirhams (AED).

  • Misuse of Documents: Any misuse or illegal use of your Emirates ID is subject to fines and penalties up to 2000 dirhams (AED).
  • Unauthorized Use: If you allow someone else to use your Emirates ID card, you will be fined 500 dirhams (AED).
  • Misrepresentation of Information: If you provide false information or documents while registering or renewing your Emirates ID card, you may be fined up to 1000 dirhams (AED).
  • Unauthorized Duplication: You will be fined 2000 dirhams (AED) if you attempt to duplicate your Emirates ID card without permission.

Check fines online using Emirates ID

You can follow these simple steps to check fines online –

In case there are no pending fines the system automatically displays the message ‘No fines as per the conditions utilized in the inquiry process.’

In case there are fines that you need to pay, the next screen presents a complete snapshot of the same. You get to see – fine number, fine year, source, date, time, fine type, late charges, your plate number and colour etc. The Driver License No. is displayed. The amount is displayed in the lower part of the page, in the bottom-most row. Also, Black Points, if awarded, show up here.

How to check individual Dubai Police fines?

If you are a resident of Dubai and want to know how to pay Dubai traffic fines online, then this section would be of great help to you. Follow these easy steps –

  • Visit the Dubai Police website (www.dubaipolice.gov.ae)
  • Click on the – Access-Services tab.
  • Select – Fines Inquiry and Payment» and Inquiry mode – Plate details, T.C No, license details, ticket details.
  • Click on – Inquiry to view your fines.

Read the complete list of Dubai traffic fines here.

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