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Understanding Abu Dhabi Police Traffic Fines: A Comprehensive Guide

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Abu Dhabi is one of UAE’s most popular and loved cities. If you love driving, this is one of the best cities across the UAE. The wide roads and amazing urban views will make your drive so enjoyable. But when you are driving there are chances that you might break a rule, even if it is unintentionally, resulting in Abu Dhabi traffic fines. It is best to know the Abu Dhabi traffic fines list so that you are careful while driving.

Abu Dhabi Police Traffic Fines List

Here’s the complete list of Abu Dhabi police traffic fines that you should be aware of –

ViolationFine amount (AED)Black pointsConfiscation period
Driving vehicle below the minimum speed limit400
Exceeding speed limit by 80 km/h30002360 days
Exceeding speed limit by 60 km/ h20001230 days
Exceeding speed limit by 50 km/ h1500615 days
Driving without vehicle number plate out30002360 days
Jeopardizing safety of road users  20002360 days
Driving under the influence of alcoholDecided by the court2360 days
Driving under the influence of drugsDecided by the court60 days
Driving the vehicle against the direction of traffic60047 days
Sudden swerving  10004–         
Reversing dangerously5004–         
Crossing the red light10001230 days
Not stopping after causing a small accident50087 days
Not leaving safe distance when driving behind other vehicle4004
Entering the road without making sure the way is clear4004
Crowding the scene of traffic accidents1000
Not wearing helmet while riding motorcycle – driver5004
Not wearing helmet while riding motorcycle – passenger5000
Not using indicators for lane change or turning400
Driving at night without headlight5004
Not giving way to emergency vehicles10006
Causing someone’s deathDecided by the court2360 days
Causing major accident or injuriesDecided by the court2360 days
Parking on pavements400
Parking in places designated for people with special needs10006
Parking without securing the vehicle500
Stopping in the middle of the road without justified reason10006
Stopping the vehicle on pedestrian crossing500
Stopping the vehicle in a way that blocks pedestrians400
Stopping the vehicle without leaving safe distance from curve or turn500
Driving vehicle with expired license50047 days
Not carrying driving license400
Using mobile phone while driving8004
Allowing kids under the age of 10 years to sit in the front seat400
Not fastening seat belt – driver4004
Not fastening seat belt – passenger4000
Using horn in a disturbing way4004 
Driving the vehicle without insurance50047 days
Transporting passengers illegally30002430 days
Not giving way to pedestrians a pedestrian crossings5006
Driving vehicle with expired tires50047 days
Changing the color of the vehicle without permission800
Driving a vehicle with lights not working4006
Driving a vehicle with indicators or rear lights not working4002
Driving a vehicle that doesn’t comply with safety measures500

Black points system in Abu Dhabi police traffic fines

Black points are penalties issued against a driver’s license when they violate certain Abu Dhabi traffic laws. Each Abu Dhabi traffic violation carries a certain number of black points, depending on the seriousness of the violation. If drivers accumulate 24 black points, their driving license will be suspended for three months, for the first offense.

In case the driver receives 24 black points for the second time, the driving license is suspended for one year. For third time repeat offenders, the license is revoked and the driver is required to repeat certain driving classes.

You can check your black points in Abu Dhabi police traffic fines. Just follow these steps – visit the official Abu Dhabi Police website. For the black points inquiry in Abu Dhabi, head to the ‘Traffic Fines Inquiry’ page listed under Public Services. It allows you to check black points by entering your traffic number, plate number or license information. 

How to pay Abu Dhabi traffic fines online?

You can pay Abu Dhabi traffic fines online in the following 4 ways –

Abu Dhabi Police Website or App

  • Visit the official website, or download the app for iOS and android.
  • Sign up for an account and register your details
  • Click on ‘Services’ and search for the traffic fine you need to settle
  • You can search by entering your emirates ID, driving license number, or vehicle plate number

Ministry of Interior Website or App

The MoI website and app also provide the facility to pay Abu Dhabi police traffic fines online. You can do so by accessing ‘Traffic and License services’ and search your record. You can also download the app and pay the fine using the app.

Emirates Vehicle Gate Website or App

The EVG website or app is the one stop solution for all things traffic related in the UAE. The website and app offer more than 50 electronic services, including online payment of fines.

  • Visit the official website and sign up with all your details.
  • Select ‘Pay Traffic Fines’ on the Home tab and search for your record.
  • You can search by your driving license, vehicle code number, or vehicle plate number.
  • Make the payment using a credit card.

TAMM Website

TAMM is a digital platform that’s operated by Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA) and it offers a range of government services. Visit the TAMM official website and select ‘Traffic violations and fine’ on the Home Tab. Enter your Emirates ID and vehicle registration number. You can settle your dues by making the payment through credit card, debit card, or E-dirham payment card.

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