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All That You Want to Know About Dubai Traffic Fines

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The UAE government has made it really easy and convenient for motorists to pay traffic fines online. There are different rules for all the Emirates, but in this blog we will be talking about Dubai traffic fines – list of violations, checking and paying fines online, and Dubai traffic fine discount..

Dubai Traffic Fines List

S.NoDescriptionFine AmountBlack PointsVehicle confiscation period
1.Driving in a way that poses danger to driver’s life and safety of others20002360 days
 2.Driving in a way that harms public or private property20002360 days
 3.Driving under the influence of alcoholBy court2360 days
 4.Driving under the influence of narcotic or similar substanceBy court 60 days
 5.Driving a vehicle without number plate30002390 days
 6.Driving a heavy vehicle in a way that it poses danger to driver’s life and safety of others3000 
 7.Driving a heavy vehicle in a way that causes harm to public or private property3000 
 8.Heavy vehicle driver causing his or other vehicle to overturn3000 
 9.Heavy vehicle not abiding by lane rule150012
 10.Loading a heavy vehicle that causes harm to the road20006 
 11.Driving a noisy vehicle200012 
 12.Entry from a prohibited place100087 days
 13.Driving against traffic60047 days
 14.Driving a vehicle that causes pollution10006 
 15.Driving a vehicle without insurance50047 days
 16.Driving an unlicensed vehicle50047 days
 17.Number plates with unclear numbers400
 18.Driving a vehicle on a different license40012
 19.Driving a vehicle with one number plate400 
 20.Driving a vehicle with expired driving license50047 days
 21.Driving a vehicle with expired registration50047 days
 22.Driving a vehicle unfit for driving500 
 23.Driving below minimum speed limit4004
 24.Reversing dangerously5004 
 25.Using hand-held mobile phone while driving8004
 26.Jumping a red signal in heavy vehicle3000  
 27.Jumping a red signal in light vehicle10001230 days
 28.Jumping a red signal by motorbike10001230 days
 29.Failure to follow traffic policeman’s instructions4004 
 30.Running away from a traffic policeman (light vehicle)8001230 days
 31.Running away from a traffic policeman (heavy vehicle)10001630 days
 32.Overtaking in a prohibited place600 
 33.Causing death of othersBy court2360 days
 34.Causing serious accident or injuriesBy court2330 days
 35.Allowing children under the age of 10 years to sit in front seat400 
 36.Driver not wearing seatbelt4004
 37.Passenger not wearing seatbelt4004
 38.Failure to leave safety distance4004
 39.Not giving way to emergency, police,  public service vehicles, or official convoys3000630 days
 40.Parking in front of fire hydrants10006
 41.Stopping on the road for no reason10006
 42.Parking in spaces allotted for people with special needs10006
 43.Exceeding permitted level of tinting1500
 44.Tinting a vehicle not allowed to be tinted1500
 45.Parking in a wrong way500
 46.Not giving way to pedestrians on pedestrian crossing5006
 47.Parking on pavements400
 48.Parking behind other cars and blocking their way500 
 49.Not fixing reflectors at back of trucks500 
 50.Taxis that have designated pickup area stopping in other areas5004 

How to pay traffic fines in Dubai?

If you are caught traffic rules in Dubai, you would have to pay a particular amount.

Now you can pay Dubai traffic fines in just 4 simple steps –

  1. Search your fines
  2. Review your results
  3. Confirm
  4. Pay

Search for Dubai traffic fines check registered to your vehicle easily through the RTA website. You must specify the fines source when you search by ticket number. You can download the Dubai Police app or visit the website to pay the fines. For payment assistance you can also call 901.

To fill the fine, you would be required to have at least one of these documents –

  • Plate details
  • License number
  • Fine number
  • Traffic file number

As of February 2019, motorists are allowed to pay traffic fines Dubai in installments. There are several banks like Noor Bank, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Standard Chartered Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, Finance House etc. that offer credit card holders a 0% installment of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

A lot of people don’t know that you can get the complete list of violations. If you submit this request through a service, there will be no charge. But if requested from service locations, you would be charged a fee of AED 5.

Dubai traffic fine discount

The UAE government offers various discounts to pay your Dubai traffic fines. 0% easy payment plan (EPP) is one of the best features. The main highlights of this plan are –

  • For individuals – total fine amount should not be less than AED 5000
  • For companies or institutions – total fine amount should be at least AED 20,000
  • Minimum 25% of the fine amount should be cleared
  • Up to 24 months are provided for installments
  • AED 100 is charged if individuals postpone the installments
  • AED 200 is charged is companies/ institutions postpone the installments
  • The first installment can be paid after 30 days of the scheme start date
  • The gap between each installment should not be more than 3 months

How to avail Dubai traffic fine discount?

You can avail the discounts by visiting the RTA website or the kiosks set up at the service centers.

  • Visit the RTA portal
  • Enter plate number, license number, fine number, traffic file number
  • Search for the fines that are supposed to be paid  
  • If there is more than one fine, you can select the ones you wish to pay
  • The discount amount will be added according to your profile
  • Save the online receipt for reference


How can I check my traffic fines in Dubai?

  • You can call 901 for traffic fines assistance
  • Download the app or visit the website and live chat with an executive
  • For further details you can email your queries to mail@dubaipolice.gov.ae

What happens if you jump a red light in Dubai?

The penalty for light vehicles is AED 1000 along with 12 black points. The vehicle will also be impounded for 30 days. For heavy vehicles the fine for the same violation would be AED 3000 and one year suspension of their driving license.

How long do you have to pay traffic fines in Dubai?

You are required to pay your fine within 15 days or else an extra charge will be imposed.

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