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Your Checklist For Getting Car Insurance In The UAE

Written by Wasim

So you just bought a new car and can’t wait to take it out for a drive. But wait, you must be aware that you can’t do that until you get the car insurance the UAE has strict laws and fines for uninsured vehicles.

Usually, when buying from a dealer or leasing through a bank, they offer you their own insurance plans. But are these plans actually worth it? More often than not, these car insurance plans aren’t too comprehensive and you are better off looking for a plan that covers all your insurance needs.

Hunting for an insurance company is no easy task, in the UAE you have well over 60 different companies that offer the service. You probably don’t have the time to approach all of them so you need to be smart about your approach.

Companies like Buyanyinsurance offer exceptional services and coverage assisting you in selecting a tailored plan for all your car insurance needs. However, you want to be prepared at your own end and we can help you get started with our checklist of documents you would need to get on board with an insurance plan for your car.

The Checklist

This checklist of documents needed for car insurance will help you save time in the overall process o application. It will ensure you have all the documents you need beforehand so you don’t have to make multiple visits to the insurance agency because we understand that your time is precious.

Time needed: 8 hours.

  1. Proof Of ID

    When getting insurance, the agency will need two important details from your ID which are your date of birth and your full name. This will allow them to draft the insurance for you. In the UAE if you are a national or hold an Emirates ID then that would be sufficient as a proof of ID. If you are an expat that does not have an Emirates ID at the time of applying for insurance, you can use your passport along with the visa page. Car Insurance

  2. Details Of The Vehicle

    This is an obvious requirement, the agency will need to know details about the vehicle so they can insure it and provide a premium. Vehicle registration has all the details required by the agency. It has the make, model, year and other specifics of the car. You will need to present a copy of the registration and be sure to copy the front and back. In the case of some agencies, you may also be requested to present the RTA Certificate of Transfer so you can take that with you just in case.Car Insurance

  3. Driver’s License

    This is just to show the agency that you licensed to drive the car. The car will be insured for the individual that will be driving it so the license will help them determine that.Car Insurance

  4. Letter Certifying That The Car Is GCC Specified

    Some agencies request that you have a letter from the manufacturer or dealer that the car is cleared to be driven in the GCC states. You can get a letter from your dealership. These four documents are vital if you are looking to get your new car insured. Some agencies may request additional documents but that varies from company to company. Most companies also allow you to send the document electronically, making the process much easier if you forget a document when you visit. Making the overall process of getting car insurance less of a strain on you.Car Insurance

Originally published Jun 29, 2019 14:21:05 PM, updated Jun 06, 2021

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