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Finding Your Car Insurance Policy Number Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

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A car insurance policy number lookup is easy to check online and in person. There are certain circumstances where you need a policy number, e.g., at the time of car insurance policy renewal, after the car accident, A car insurance policy number search is easy to check online and in person.

It would be best to have a policy number, e.g., at the time of car insurance policy renewal, after the car accident, etc. Here comes the question of “how do i find my car insurance policy number” or “how to find your car insurance policy number“. The answer is very simple that you can check your policy number through policy document soft copy, SMS, call the helpline number, etc.

Steps to how to find your car insurance policy number

Step 1: Open the RTA official website and select the ‘Driver and Car Owner’ service section.

Step 2: Select the ‘Vehicle Status Check’ option. 

Step 3: You will be redirected to a new page where the details of this service are given. Scroll down to accept terms of the service. Then, Click the ‘apply for service’ button.

Step 4:  The next page is meant to search your vehicle in the RTA database. Enter the chassis number of the vehicle and click on the ‘search’ button.

Step 5: The next page will have all the search results. Select your vehicle and move to the next page.

Step 6: Once you select and confirm your vehicle details, the next page will display all the available details of the selected car. You can check the status of your car insurance policy, number etc.

What is a car insurance policy number?

The car insurance company gives a car insurance policy number. Once you agree to their terms and conditions and pay the required premium, they issue the policy document and share it with you.

For car insurance policy number lookup, you can check the policy number written in the policy document. All car insurance companies in the UAE offer online services as well.

How to find your car insurance policy number is easy by checking your policy number and policy status at their website or app as well.

What is the difference between a car insurance policy number and a car registration number?

Car Registration number

A car registration number is a unique number issued by RTA, which is obligatory to get in the UAE within 30 days of buying the car. It’s a 10-digit number where the first 2-digits represent the UAE state, the next 2-digits represent the district, and the remaining digits consist of a unique number. 

Car Insurance Policy number

A car insurance policy number is the insurance policy document number that the insurance company issues. Every car owner must get at least third-party insurance in the UAE as per the government rule. You can find this number on your car insurance policy document. It can be utilized for the policy renewal, damages, claim no claim benefit discount, etc.

When do you need a car insurance policy number?

You need a car insurance policy number lookup at different points in time, as mentioned below:

At the time of policy Renewal

You need the car insurance policy number search when you go to the insurance company for policy renewal. They will ask you the last policy number to check the previous status. Furthermore, you can check if you can get no claim benefit or not.

After a car accident

After a car accident, you need a policy number to claim your damages to the insurance company if you have car insurance because they will keep all the records of your car damages under your car insurance policy number.

During police check

Suppose Dubai police or Abu Dhabi police will stop you for the security check. They will ask you for the car registration, driving license, visa, and car insurance. In case of non-compliance with car insurance, they might impound your car and charge you with heavy fines, including rewarding black points to your driving license.

Applying for the duplicate policy document

If you have lost your car insurance policy document, you need a policy number to give to the insurance company to issue a duplicate copy of the insurance policy document.

Updating your car insurance policy 

You will also need a policy number to make any changes to your current car insurance policy. Like, if you want to add a windscreen cover to your policy. It is essential to provide a policy number to make any changes.

Selling your car

When you’re selling your car in the UAE, RTA and buyers may ask you for at least third-party insurance if you don’t possess your car insurance. You’re unable to sell your car. Hence, a policy number will be presented to the RTA office and other documents to transfer your vehicle to the buyer’s name.

Check Policy Status

You can go to the insurance provider portal and enter your credentials to check the policy number and policy status online to check your car insurance policy status.

Registered Users

If you have already made an account at the insurance company’s website portal, enter your user id and password to get your current car insurance policy details.

New Users

Suppose you’re a new user of the insurance company website portal. In that case, you have to register an account using your email id and contact number, which you have already given to the car insurance company.

Things to consider

  • Make sure data validation double-check in the insurance company database once you’ve completed and signed the car insurance policy.
  • Remember your policy number because you might need it on the road.
  • Keep a copy of your car insurance policy document with you.

How to check a policy number without registration?

There are many ways to car insurance policy number search without the hassle of registration on the insurance company website, as mentioned below:

Insurer’s website

Open an insurer’s website to look for information that can assist you in getting your policy number easily.


Send your credentials to the relevant number of the car insurance provider to get the policy number detail.

Call Insurance agent

You can also talk with the insurance agent to whom you have purchased the car insurance to ask for the policy number.

Call customer services Helpline

You can call the helpline number of the insurance company to talk to their customer representative to ask for your policy number.

Through Email

Moreover, you can also drop them an email of inquiry about your policy document or policy number.

Visit the nearest branch of the insurance company

If you’re unable to find any assistance online, you can directly go to the insurance company’s nearest branch to inquire about your policy number.

Why is it important to check car insurance policy status timely?

It is very important to have a bull’s eye on your car insurance policy document. Usually, car insurance is valid for 13 months in the UAE. So, you should be aware of the dates when you have purchased the car insurance. So that you can renew it before reaching its expiry date and get continuous benefits from the car insurance policy.


How i can check my car insurance policy number?

  • Go to insurance company portal
  • Enter your credentials
  • See the policy number

Wrapping Up!

The car insurance policy number lookup is an important thing to remember. How to find your car insurance policy number query can be answered by Keep a copy of your policy document along with you when you’re driving the car on UAE roads.

It will benefit you when you’re on the road, stopped by police, selling your vehicle, met with an accident, etc. The policy document is the document on which they build up your case and send it to the company to repay all the expenses for recovery.

Further, you can contact BuyAnyInsurance to get assistance related to your query “how do i find my car insurance policy number“.

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