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Motor Insurance Goals 2022 – A Helpful List

Written by Sahar

A new year usually brings new resolutions. But what about motor insurance? It’s not something we usually think about improving. In fact, it doesn’t even score very high on our list of priorities.

But, what if we told you it should? One of the major reasons motor insurance premiums are so high is because of reckless driving history, or a less than responsible attitude towards insurance. So, if you’re looking for a lower premium or an addition to the No-Claims Bonus club, you need to rethink your motor insurance resolutions for 2022.

We don’t intend to leave you in the lurch. Our list of motor insurance 2022 goals is simple. It is designed to help you craft your insurance priorities in such a way that you’ll be any insurance providers darling client.

Get a Better Motor Insurance Policy

Let’s dive straight in. You need to start the year with a better policy. If you’ve been hanging on to your third-party liability policy its time to let go, or upgrade it a little. You can’t go into 2022 with car insurance that could compromise your goals.

To find the perfect insurance policy hop online. The online world is a treasure trove of information. You can find car insurance policies and insurance providers at the click of a button. There are websites dedicated to comparing car insurance policies. You can hop on to one of those and explore to your heart’s content.

Once you’ve selected a policy that covers your needs, switch to it. No use crying over the past year and its policy. Get ready for a fresh start with a new policy and new insurance provider.

Opt For a Better Motor Insurance Provider

Are you genuinely happy with your policy? That’s great! But your insurance provider has you stumped? It happens. Some times insurance providers have great policies but their services lack similar pizzaz. In that case, you should consider moving to a new company.

Take the same route as the motor insurance policy. Go online and search for insurance provider reviews. Customers are very emphatic and don’t leave mixed reviews. You’re sure to find every detail and discern for yourself. Once you find a company with good reviews and a great claims return, switch!

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Schedule Regular Checkups

One major aspect of car-related issues is the vehicle’s health. Under your motor insurance policy, your vehicle is subject to 20% depreciation over time. It is your job to make sure that the vehicle passes muster at the time of renewal.

Therefore, you should schedule regular checkups. Keep those tires punctureless, make sure to get the oil changed regularly, and get an overall check on the vehicle’s health. You can’t expect to get a full return on your claim if your car is deemed un-road-worthy.

The first thing that comes into consideration at the time of a claim is whether the car was in perfect condition at the time of damage. If the assessor finds things to be less than perfect it will put a serious dent in your claims process. So, to meet your motor insurance goals for 2022, make sure your car is at its optimum performance level.

Renew Your Vehicle Registration on Time

Unlike the rest of the world, motor insurance policies in the UAE last for 13 months. This includes the one month grace period after the policy expires at 12 months. Therefore, you have very little excuse to neglect something as important as vehicle registration and renewal of your motor insurance policy.

There are plenty of vehicle testing centres (VTC) all over the UAE that can test your vehicle and its performance abilities. Once you have the testing done, take your document certifying your vehicle road-worthy and get the registration renewed. After that, you can renew your policy and be set for another year.

Didn’t we say the goals were simple? It’s best not to set yourself up for failure at the start of the year. Set achievable goals for 2022 so by the end of the year you can be proud of how far you’ve come. And as for us, we’re here to help you achieve your 2022 motor insurance goals. Ask us anything, and one of our insurance experts will get back to you with a detailed answer. Because at BuyAnyInsurance, you come first. We have your back.

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