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How to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance in Dubai

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In the UAE cheap car insurance  is considered hard to get. Dubai is famous for being an expensive city to live in. Rent increases every year, the cost of living goes up without fail, and now add to these necessary expenses the mandatory expense of car insurance premiums every month.

What is the cheapest car insurance?

Dubai insurance, Union Insurance, and Adamjee provide some of the cheapest car insurance in Dubai.Dubai insurance, Union Insurance, and Adamjee provide some of the cheapest car insurance in Dubai. These companies offer good car insurance as Theyoffer low-cost policy options that offer motor insurance coverage for physical damages in situations like theft, vandalism, self-ignition, accidental collision, external explosion, damage or loss during transport through road, or overturning.

While providing cheapest car insurance in UAE, these policies also offer hassle-free commutes with a replacement car at a discounted rate, airport pick-up drop services, swift repair service from their network of agencies and garages, roadside recovery and concierge services.

Some of the cheapest car insurance in UAE options are also available through Noor Takaful, National General Insurance, i-insured and Insurance House.

How can you get cheapest car insurance? 

Some tips can be used which can help you find the cheapest car insurance in UAE.

All of these factors play their due role in making auto insurance cheaper.

Choosing your car wisely, reducing your kilometers, utilizing no-claims discount, insuring with multiple cars to take advantage of bulk discounts, getting your car in shape, comparing between your options and increasing your excess amount are some of the tips you can use that can help lower your car insurance.

These tips are smart ways that can help make your coverage one of the cheapest car insurance in Dubai.

How can I lower my car insurance rates?

Vehicle insurance quotes can be lowered in a variety of ways.

You can use some or all of the following techniques to lower your policy rates.

  • Maximizing your auto insurance discounts
  • Driving safely
  • Dropping collision and comprehensive coverages
  • Comparing auto insurance quotes online
  • Paying car insurance policy upfront
  • Bundling with home insurance
  • Buying a safe car
  • Keeping an eye on your credit report

The UAE’s laws making car insurance mandatory have opened opportunities for many insurance companies to open a branch in Dubai. A lot of homegrown companies have also entered the fray. Assured of customers, they have devised policies that will help clients and line their pockets with profit.

So how can one get cheap car insurance in a market like Dubai?

By understanding what factors affect your premium and using them to your advantage!

Vehicle Registration

What does it matter where your car was registered? A lot. According to our research, many insurance providers rate a higher premium on vehicles registered in the Northern Emirates. Vehicles registered in Dubai or Abu Dhabi get a lower premium. Why? Because according to their analysis data, more accidents occurred in the Northern Emirates. Hence, the higher the premium. If you want cheaper car insurance, you should buy a registered car in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

The Vehicle Itself

No one rule determines how a company will rate your vehicle. Insurance providers have standards and policies that they apply to each case. However, one thing is for sure; the vehicle is the most important factor. Some of the trends we’ve observed over the years are:

  1. Your vehicle type will determine its value and how much coverage it needs. The latest models and high-end luxury cars will go for a higher premium as they are expensive and thus their value is high. Second-hand cars or family cars have more competitive rates. Going for something practical with a middling value will ensure a lower premium.
  2. However, some insurance companies specialize in giving competitive rates to high-end luxury cars that range from anywhere higher than AED 400,000. So if you own a new/luxury car you should find these insurance providers.
  3. Similarly, there are providers who prefer doing business with only low-value vehicle owners. They are even willing to offer the minimum premium rate, below which no insurer will go. Seek out these insurance providers if you have a low-value car and want to pay the minimum in insurance.
  4. You will also find vehicular bias when you search the insurance market. Some insurance providers have a preference for a particular make or model. Some have been known to blacklist certain models as well. They will charge higher for a make of car that they think is risky despite facts stating otherwise.

It is very easy to find the provider that will gel best with you. Car insurance comparison sites are great platforms to conduct research and compare policies. It is quick and allows you to weed out the providers that aren’t giving you the best cheap rates available.

The Vehicles Value

Car insurance rates range from 1.75% to 4% in the UAE. The rate is applied to the vehicle’s value and is known as the sum insured. It can, therefore, be concluded that the lower the value of your car, the lower the sum insured. To get cheap car insurance quotes to make sure the value of your car is within the range of your budget.

Vehicle Specifications

For a vehicle to be insured, it needs to be GCC compliant, i.e., bought in the GCC/UAE. Car insurance providers are reluctant to insure vehicles imported from the USA or Europe. They aren’t sure if the vehicle is a GCC complaint. There is also the question of the availability of parts in case of damages due to collisions. Of course, car insurance providers can relent to insuring imported cars if your broker can convince them that the car is GCC approved.

Purpose of Vehicle

Similarly, what purpose your vehicle will be used for also affects your premium. Cars used for personal and domestic uses are given lower premiums. Vehicles used in fleets for hire or commercial purposes are charged a higher premium because of the risk and the constant change in drivers who have not passed through the insurer’s scrutiny.

Your Driving License

Since many residents of Dubai are ex-pats, they hold driving licenses from other countries. In some countries, driving licenses are easily convertible to UAE licenses without a driving test. Most insurance companies give owners of these driving licenses a significantly lower premium because they assume that the drivers have sufficient knowledge of driving precautions on the road and enough experience.

Drivers Nationality

Similar to driving license bias, insurance companies hold a bias against certain nationalities. They believe and have stats to prove that certain nationalities are part of more accidents than others. They give greater discounts to nationalities they think have better driving behavior.


Age is another factor that adversely affects your car insurance premium. Drivers under the age of 25 and over 60 are charged a higher premium. The former for their assumed lack of experience, and the latter for their lack of skill because of age. To get cheap car insurance, the principal policyholder should be between the ages of 30-40 to get the axiom benefit.

No-Claims Certificate

Though car insurance is mandatory by law, there is also a silver lining. No-claims certificates are also mandatory by law, and they are a benefit to the policyholder. If your claims history has been stellar and you have made no claims, you are awarded the No-Claims certificate. NCB can be easily transferred to new policies by offering a substantial discount on your premium. So if you are an owner of an insurance policy, try to limit your claims so you can avail the NCB at the time of renewal.

Accumulation of Fines

A recent development analyzes policyholder fines history to determine how likely an individual is to get in a car crash. They call this risk analysis, and it can hurt your premium. To keep things economical, make sure all your fines are paid, any black points on your license are cleared, and you keep a clean history.

Optional Add-Ons

Comprehensive Coverage plans have more going for them than Third-Party Liability; there is no doubt. Yet insurance providers offer add-on options to increase the coverage and security of your policy. These do not come cheap. Each add-on will add a couple of 100 dirhams to your policy, increasing your premium. Therefore, to keep your car insurance cheap, only opt for the necessary add-ons.

Cyclical Ratings

For the past decade or so, car insurance pricing has been cyclical. As the market rises and falls, so do insurance companies rates. As a result, car insurance providers in Dubai haven’t been able to cement their rates. Keep track of these cycles; if you’re being offered a steep quote, wait a little bit. The cycle will drop, and you can get a better deal.

Switching Providers

Because the market is so competitive, car insurance providers slash their rates to poach customers. So if you already have an insurance policy that you think is too steep, your best option is to switch to a new provider that will offer a lower premium. Cheap car insurance can be achieved by switching to more affordable options at the time of renewal. You can use online comparison platforms to find new potential insurance providers.

If you keep the above in mind when searching for an insurance policy, you’ll be sure to reduce the projected quotes. Cheap car insurance takes a little work to find, but it is not impossible to do so. Be thorough and as involved in the process as possible to ensure that you get the most economical rates in the market.


What is the cheapest way to insure a car?

Although there is no set rule for the cheapest way to insure a car, these tips might help!

  • Don’t assume that any one company is cheaper than others
  • Don’t underestimate your local insurers
  • Look for the discounts
  • Look into your credit
  • If you have an older car, don’t go for comprehensive and collision coverage
  • Increase your deductible
  • Look for the pay-per-mile insurance
  • Compare insurance quotes from different companies while buying a car

What are the benefits of cheap car insurance?

The obvious benefit of cheap car insurance is that it is affordable. That does not mean that you have to compromise on the service quality! If you shop around and carefully choose the insurance company, it is possible to score a good car insurance with affordable rates.

Are there any risks to getting cheap car insurance?

If you choose the insurance provider carefully, there are no risks associated with getting cheap car insurance. All you have to do is to shop around, compare the quotes from different companies and choose the one that is offering the best services with affordable rates. 

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