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How Many People Allowed in a Car in UAE

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There was a time when families used to overload in cars when going out. We rarely see this now. It’s for the good of the citizens as overloading increases the risk of accidents. To keep this practice going, the UAE government has imposed strict laws about the number of people allowed in cars. The road safety rules and regulations are quite strict in the UAE and ever since covid times, they have become more stringent. 

Authorities in the UAE have announced an updated list of guidelines. These include various new fines for violating Covid guidelines. If you and your family travel by car in and around Dubai or from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, then it is recommended that you know these rules to avoid any traffic fines.

The UAE Attorney – General has specified the maximum number of people allowed in cars, pick-up trucks, bikes, and other vehicles. Motorists can be fined AED 3000 for violating the passenger limit.

  • For bikes – only the driver is allowed
  • For pick-up trucks – a driver and a single passenger are allowed
  • Other vehicles – a driver and two passengers are allowed. Family members and their domestic help; and second degree relatives are exempted from this rule.

No more than three individuals, who do not belong to the same immediate family, are allowed to sit in the same car in Dubai. This law has changed the way people used to move around in a vehicle before the outbreak of Covid-19.

Additionally, if there is more than one person in a car, masks must be worn at all times. Violating any of these rules and guidelines of social distancing; either in relation to vehicles or even found without a mask outside.  Larger vehicles are advised by the NCMA authorities, that they should make sure to leave a space of two passengers between travellers and ensure that everyone is making use of a mask.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are 4 persons allowed in the car in the UAE?

Going from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, only 3 passengers are allowed + one driver.

How many people are allowed in the UAE today?

A maximum of 4 passengers including one driver are allowed in the UAE as of today.

How many passengers can sit in the taxi in Dubai?

As of now, only three passengers along with the driver are allowed in the taxi in Dubai. However, if you are traveling with a child, kids under the age of 14 years are also allowed in the taxi. 

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