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Car Insurances Comparison View on Car Rental Insurance

Written by Huma

Car insurances comparison gives you an overview of all the possible approaches available in the insurance market and one of the most progressive approaches is car rental insurance that is giving cheap premium outcomes with the follow up of a few tricks and tips.

If you are planning for a vacation in the UAE or you want to use rent-a-car service for any other reason, you need to know about the insurance of the rental cars.

The importance of car rental insurance cannot be emphasized enough. It is important to keep you financially covered and also to keep you mentally relaxed.

The coverage that you will be required depends on different factors and you do not want to be spending extra just because you didn’t know the facts about rental car insurance.

The insurance laws and car insurances comparison recommend the individuals to get that coverage plan for your car that is most appropriate for its requirement.

Extra mileage, frequent traveling at long distance or being an ex-pat, does compel you to get car insurance but also suggest you get car rental facilities.

As a result, many rent-a-car companies as part of their business portfolio facilitate their clients with already insured cars. They provide insurance on their behalf so in case of unfortunate incident companies bear the expense.

Obviously, you want the best offers and deals for hiring a car that suits your requirements and is also not very expensive.

But if this search of renting a car is giving you tough time or you feel the rental company is not charging you a fair price then you need to get yourself educated on the topic of car rental insurance.

Thus, we have formulated the following pointers that need to be overviewed that how car insurances comparison aid to get benefits from rental car insurance which can prove to be helpful when you are looking for renting a car in the UAE;

Rental car insurance types

In UAE the rental car companies are required, by the law, to provide insurance inclusive in the rental price.

Therefore, to get full advantage of this you should check the car insurances comparison websites in order to know the rates in the market also what is included as insurance cover and then add optional coverage to get all the aspects covered if you want.

There are 4 types of optional rental insurance available:

1.Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)

If the rented car gets stolen or damaged, these waivers are designed so that the renter is relieved from any financial liability or responsibility. Thus, these are not technically insurance products.

2. Liability Insurance

This is to provide increased supplementary liability limits for ample protection.

3. Personal Accident Insurance

In case the rental car gets into an accident and unfortunately, the driver or passengers face any injuries, then this coverage provides medical and ambulance costs and also provides death benefits.

4. Personal Effects Cover

This cover provides protection in case the personal belongings of a driver or passengers get stolen from the car. This protection is up to a certain limit.

Process of getting renter’s insurance:

Knowing the aspects that are already covered and the extent of the coverage you want in the future makes it easier to buy rental car insurance. Following is the process of purchasing rental car insurance;

  • Evaluation Through Car insurances Comparison

Evaluate your credit card, medical, homeowner’s and car benefits to know the extent of coverage you already have for hiring a car. Then also evaluate the aspects you further want to be covered by the car rental insurance.

  • Research

Now research the type of policies that renters are offering to know better what services are they providing and what else you need to be covered.

  • Shop

Compare rates through car insurances comparison tools and get deals/packages of different rental companies.

This can be done online or by calling different companies.

Hence, discuss their policies and your requirements and how they can adjust your needs without putting a lot of burden on your pocket. Then go for the best deal offered.

If you decide to hire a car on location, then you can choose missing covers directly from the rental desk.

It should be kept in view that rental companies apart from charging you fo repairs, can also charge you for the loss of use of their car, diminished value, administrative and towing fee associated with claims.

Thus, it is very important that you are adequately covered. A comprehensive policy can protect you against these charges.

Comprehensive Car Insurances Comparison:

It is the most common type of insurance in the UAE. It will cover all costs in case the car gets involved in an accident.

But it is only applicable if you have a police report and the accident was not by your fault. If the accident was your fault then you will have to pay only the excess amount which can be different for different types of cars.

If there is no other party or it is a case of hit and runs, you will have to pay the excess amount.

But if it is not your fault, then you don’t have to pay anything at all.

Hence, in all the cases police report is required.


Car insurances comparison also highlights some features that a good rental car insurance policy must-have.

Thus, if you are looking for a rental car insurance policy then you should check for these coverages before you commit.

If the rental company does not have these features already included in their policy then you can always ask them as these companies have the options of add-ons although you may have to pay a little more for these additional covers.

  1. Windscreen, windows, mirrors, tires, engine and body damage cover
  2. Cover for loss or damage to personal belongings
  3. Personal accident cover
  4. Car rescue and breakdown cover
  5. Loss or theft of keys
  6. Cover for legal expenses


In the UAE, rental car insurance services are easy to get and takes away your burden by providing comprehensive or full coverage.

The risks are minimal and limited when it comes to hired cars in the UAE. If you have got yourself all the necessary insurance coverage and car insurances comparison rates then no need to worry if the car you rented breaks down or gets involved in an accident.

You can just return the vehicle and the rest is the company’s responsibility. For getting comprehensive insurance coverage or full coverage you may need to pay a little more.

But if you are certain that you will not be getting into trouble as you drive carefully, are experienced enough and do not try to parallel park if there is not enough space then you don’t even need to get full coverage.

You can save money by just getting the absolutely necessary insurance covers. Once you are done with all the formalities you can relax and enjoy driving around on the roads of the UAE.

As rental car insurance is so easy and convenient, it is one of the major reasons why car hire services are thriving in the UAE.

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