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Car Insurance Comparison Tools Accelerate your Renewal Insurance

Written by Huma

Car Insurance Comparison tools in the Dubai market is used for multiple purposes and one of them is to find out the method of renewing auto insurance in a simple yet cheaper way.

It is essential to renew your insurance once every year as without insurance you cannot take out a vehicle on the road. The validity of an insurance policy is 13 months.

This is because 30 days period is granted without penalty so that the owner of the car could manage and repair the car to pass the vehicle test.

Motor insurance in the UAE is considered to be a serious and obligated requirement by the law and religiously it is circulated to all the car insurance comparison tools/ providers to give time to time notice to those whose renewal is closer.

Car Insurance companies have defined and locked a limit for renewal that is usually after full-year, but some police providers have modified this renewal rule from annually or semi-annually.

Hence when you are close to the 12th month of your current policy, this is when your existing insurance company will reach out to you with a notice to refresh the policy with them.

If the drivers are caught on the road driving a car that is not registered or insured and it has been more than three months since the expiry of their motor insurance then they can face serious consequences.

Step 1: Clear All Fines

You need to check whether or not you have any fines pending.

Before applying for the renewal of your motor insurance you need to clear all the unpaid fines on your record.

The outstanding fines can be paid through the website of Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). This can also be done through the RTA Dubai app on your phone.

Therefore, clear your name from outstanding fines in order to accelerate your renewal process.

Step 2: Car insurance comparison Tools Highlights the Vehicle Testing

Car insurance comparison tools can aid the individual to get aware of their car testing dates and requirement.

  1. If your car is less than 3 months old then you don’t need to get it tested.
  2.  But if your vehicle is older then it needs testing which can be done by visiting RTA assigned vehicle testing facilities.
  3.  In order to get your vehicle insured, you need to get passed vehicle testing certificates to make sure that the car is good enough to be driven on the road.
  4. This test evaluates tires, steering, brakes, and suspension system.
  5. It just takes 30-40 minutes for vehicle testing so it is not a long gruesome process. But sometimes it can take a bit longer depending on the condition of the car. If your car fails the test, then you need to get it done again.
  6. The time management is really important after the results of your vehicle test.
  7. The results of this test are valid only for 30 days.

Thus, if you are applying for the renewal of motor insurance then you need to be quick as the vehicle test certificate does not stay valid after a month.

Step 3: Take Decision about Car Insurance Comparison Tools and Insurance Company

If you want to renew your policy without putting in any extra efforts then the most convenient way is to get the renewal done with the same motor insurance company.

Switching the company requires some research, thus time and efforts are needed to be poured in. continuing with the same company does not mean that you will get the best deal on the renewal of your policy.

  1. You have an insurance policy for a year and that is enough time to analyze how appropriately your selected plan suits you.
  2. You can then take into account your experience of the previous policy and decide if you want the exact same features for next year or not.
  3. If you had some unnecessary add-ons then you can easily skip them off this time and save some money.
  4. If you did not have some services previously on your insurance plan and you felt the need then this time you can select them while finalizing your policy.

Hence, there is always the possibility of better deals out there if you take some time out and do comprehensive market research.

Step 4: Calculation of Car Insurance Premium

There are different factors that determine the premium price for your motor insurance policy.

These include your age, your car’s age, car’s model, car’s type, your driving history, the value of your vehicle, etc.

  1. The amount that you will have to pay as a premium depends on the type of coverage and the extent and limit of your coverage that you decide upon at the time of renewal of your motor insurance plan.
  2. If you did not file claims in
    the recent past then make sure to get a No Claims Certificate as it can get you
    a significant discount.
  3. If you are not renewing your insurance with the same insurer and you want to switch the insurance company then get your No Claims Certificate from the previous insurance provider.
  4. People don’t realize the value of No Claims Certificate but it can get you discounts up to 30% sometimes.

At the time of renewal, you can ask your insurance provider for any discount deals that may be offered.

Thus, these discounts can help lower your motor insurance premium.

Step 5: Submission of Documents

Car insurance comparison tools can also help you a lot to maintain a checklist of important documents need during renewal in order to save time and accelerate the process.

If you plan on switching your insurance then present some documents. These documents include;

  • Your passport
  • Your UAE visa
  • You driving license
  • Details of your car registration
  • No Claims Certificate (if applicable)


The motor insurance is an investment that can pay you off quite well if selected carefully but it can be just a waste of money if due diligence is not done while purchasing the plan.

The market is full of insurance providers in the UAE so it is really important to consider the right insurance provider and an insurance policy for the renewal.

You can evaluate different companies and compare their performances by using online car insurnace comparison tools.

These tools work by asking questions about your requirements and based on these requirements they compare the plans and services of different insurance providers.

This way you can make a decision that will be most appropriate for your requirements.

Otherwise, you’ll have to renew your current policy as it is because it is the fastest.

Hence, if your motor insurance expires and you delay the renewal then you can face penalty against it.

Originally published Dec 07, 2020 12:00:00 PM, updated May 18, 2021

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