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Car Insurance Comparison: Right Time to Change?

Written by Huma

Do you know car insurance comparison can help you to get the best of the best deals?

Many car insurance providers in Dubai are introducing insurance discounts and low premium packages.

As being the obligated requirement to get insurance as soon as you own a car, the insurance companies have started introducing safety claim packages for their clients in order to get more footfall or response from the niche.

This trend in the insurance market has led many users to switch to a new insurance company after 6 or 12 months, considering it the right time to change.

Changing insurance is not uncommon these days. Many providers are now giving switch discounts to individuals. This temptation is based on the lower monthly premium and extra benefit you get in a package.

However, one question always circulates the general market, is it smart to change the car insurance policy for another provider who gives discount rates and cheaper coverage?

To answer this question, first, we need to understand the pros and cons associated with any switch of insurance companies and how car insurance comparison plays a vital role in that.

Deciding on the car you purchased for yourself is easier, but determining the auto insurance coverage you need to have and the insurance cost is quite monotonous and tedious. Car insurance comparison can help you in this regard.

To make your insurance purchase journey smarter and more steadfast, we have jotted down certain pros and cons to decide on the right time to change car insurance in Dubai.


1# Car Insurnace Comparison Coverage Plan:

The most common reason behind the switch is that many individuals are not satisfied with their current provider coverage plan.

Searching for wider coverage led them to new insurance companies that pledged to provide the required coverage plan according to the car they have at in much cheaper rate.

Therefore getting cheaper and more suitable coverage plans helps you do more savings in insurance shopping and car insurance comparison can play a crucial role in this regard.

2# Cheaper Premium Through Car Insurance Comparison:

Many insurance providers are willing to give a cheap premium rate to their clients who make the switch after a year-end.

For instance, if your previous provider was charging you a premium of Dh1,800 and the new insurance company, after looking at all the factors and offering the same plan at Dh1,500, it’s wiser to choose the latter.

Therefore looking for such providers is not a bad deal.

3# The Perks of Add-Ons:

Car Insurance add-ons provide extra protective coverage to the insured car in a time of unfortunate events.

An accident is sometimes prone to happen even if you are at fault or not, especially in a country like UAE.

Today you can find reasonable yet essential add-ons to protect your car from major to minor damages

Your new policy formed a

  1. Windscreen Cover: Covering the full or rear screen or side windows and other small damage
  2. Road Side assistance: This extra coverage will aid you to get mobile repair or roadside towing in case of any emergencies
  3. Car Replacement Add-on: Your auto insurance provider will not only compensate for the basic expense but will also replace your car with another brand-new sleek car.

And many more. Therefore, it’s best not to dismiss any auto insurance add-ons without considering the benefits and protections they may include.

  • Informative and Reachable Customer Service:

Many of us go through bad customer service when a company representative is unwilling to share useful information or can’t give viable answers to your simple concerns.

According to the common analysis, many clients are unsatisfied with their current insurance firm’s customer service and are not picking up calls or simply ignoring their concerns.

But with the new insurance provider, you don’t have to go through this issue as many renowned insurance companies in the UAE are known for their excellent customer service and informative and active company representative.

Hence do your research by doing the car insurance comparison, and switch to these companies whose customer service is reachable. You can also find these reliable car insurance comparisons and companies on the BuyAnyInsurnace website that pledged to deliver what they promise.

4# Better Deals for the Young Niche:

A pro-tip is to do the car insurance comparison before buying any insurance takes a few minutes to spend on car insurance quotes on the internet or from authorized agencies.

Similarly, you can find out insurance quotes on our website. That is very easy to understand these quotes, and you can save a lot of Money.

Some companies give insurances incentive and discounts to younger male/female drivers who opt for their policy.

Therefore, changing insurances provider gives you an ad edged over better deals and car quotes to reduce your car quotes.


1# No Discount on Bundle Policy:

In the insurance world, a bundle discount policy is when the client gets different types of insurance like home, car, medical, etc. They get a buddle discount from the same provider.

But if you keep changing the provider every year, you won’t be eligible for such good discounts.

2# No Loyalty Discount:

You get a heavy discount on your next renewal insurance with a loyalty discount. But if you change your insurance policy in the middle of the year, such discounts are not for you.

3# Extra Expenses:

You will have to pay a one-time fee to buy a new policy despite the perks. You may also have to spend an early removal fee if you end the insurance in the middle of the term period.

Therefore, such expense should be in mind at the time of cancellation.


What is the most reliable automobile insurance?

Adamjee and Union insurance are the cheapest and most reliable automobile insurance companies. 

What determines the rate of your car insurance?

The major factors that influence your car insurance rates include your car’s make and model, age and state coverage’s requirements and last but not least, car insurance comparison before buying an insurance policy. 

What is an 80/20 insurance plan?

The 80/20 insurance plan requires the car insurance companies to spend the 80% of the money they get from the premiums on health care and improvement activities. 

What is the best car insurance comparison site?

The internet has many car insurance comparison sites. USAA, buyanyinsurance etc., are some of the best car insurance comparison sites.

What is the best car insurance company to go with?

USAA, Geico, Statefarm, nationwide etc., are some of the best insurance companies.

Who has the lowest premium rate for vehicle insurance?

Geico has the lowest premium rates of about $29 per month.

How much is comprehensive car insurance in UAE?

Comprehensive car insurance in the UAE costs around 1.25%-3% of the car’s original value.


It’s the policyholder’s choice to evaluate the right choice required for its car.

There is no good season or the right time to get insurance. It would help if you got car insurance as soon as you own a car.

However, there are some tactics that one should know wherever you indulge yourself in insurance shopping such as car insurance comparison.

Get aware of car insurance comparison values and different low premium options.

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