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Car Insurance Claim Do’s and Don’ts in the UAE

Written by Huma

The car insurance claim process is not all about filling out a form and informing your insurance company.

The process starts from the accident scene, where information between drivers is shared and police investigation and continues until the damage expense is paid.

Citizens frequently make car insurance claims on their insured cars in the UAE.

They are still prone to make genuine and not-so-common mistakes that can affect their overall auto premium.

In accidents, as human nature, individuals get hyper and make minor to major mistakes.

But knowing what to do next can save you a lot of trouble.

Our website, which gives extensive knowledge about the car insurance process in the UAE, presents you with the essential do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind during unfortunate times to accelerate your claim procedures.

DO’s of Getting Car Insurance Claims

Report to the Police:

The first thing after the car crash is to call the police and report that you had an accident.

This mandatory requirement will give a real-time picture of the accident site before things change due to unforeseen factors.

After the police have done the investigation of the accident scene, the following actions are followed.

  1. Checking car damages
  2. Drivers/ parties’ involvement and their contact information
  3. A summary of the accident info is presented to both the drivers in red or green paper.

Take Picture and Name:

Normally police do this deed.

But if you are physically able and conscious to conduct the accident scene investigation in time when you know the authority has time to reach the destination, for your clarity, takedown.

  1. The pictures of everything associated with the car crash for an instant car involved, injuries, etc.
  2. Note down the names and contact information of the people involved in the accident.
  3. Car registration number of the individual who hit your car or whom car is hit by you
  4. If there’s a witness nearby the incident, note down his/her contact number and the testimony.

Inform Your Insurance Provider:

The very important step after the police report is to report your UAE insurance provider as soon as possible and tell them in detail exactly what happens in the accident site.

Failure to inform in the very first few days can also affect your claim process as the provider denies to give you the claim due to the changes in the accident scene.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to get in touch with your insurance company immediately after the accident with the necessary documents to ensure a secure and smooth procedure of the claims.

Be Sure About the Policy Coverage Plan:

Not knowing about your coverage plan can put you in a lot of trouble particularly in situations like a car crash.

When you get a new policy or sign of the renewal insurance be sure what’s your claim plan actually covers. Discuss this with your car insurance agents so that you are prepared for the worst.

Normally the claim damages are made on

  1. Front bumpers, rear bumpers, and fenders

Therefore, you should what your coverage plan includes or exclude.

 Be Sincere and Honest:

Hiding and manipulation facts during the accident can harm your claim processes.

At the time of CCTV footage and witnesses your sincerity and honesty can be led you to get the claim efficiently.

Present all the true facts and details to the police and to your auto insurance provider to save you from bad records and expenses.

Keep the copy of all receipts:

Until the claim is settled or paid, keep the copy of all the record of expenses related in the time of the accident

This will aid as backup support of record entries like police case records, medical bills and of course your insurance policy, in time any dispute arises between, the parties or provider over the payment.

  Don’ts Of Car Insurance Claim

Admitting You are at Fault:

The very first don’t for you is to accept that you are responsible for the accident.

Sure, an accident can leave anyone in the mode of shock but never. But before doing any investigation and taking views of different spectaculars and perspective blaming anyone can make your claim process lengthier.

Therefore, avoid doing that as you might have to pay significant payout even you are not at fault.

Don’t Run and Hide from The Accident Site:

This is the most consequential ‘don’t’ of them all.

Even if you do so genuinely out of hysteria, or simply because you don’t think there has been notable damage, that make your

  1. Claim to get rejected
  2. And could also land you in legal dispute, particularly if you were at fault.

Don’t Get Angry or Agitated:

Losing control and getting upset can cost you a lot.

Getting into arguments and yelling with another driver, false accusations, all this stuff can let you confess something that you regret later.

Therefore, stick to the points and facts calmly and present your case to the legal authority.

Don’t Negotiate Immediately:

In rare cases both the accidental parties decided to negotiate with each other to compensate the expenses, so their names and car number don’t get dragged on the policy records and their no-claim bonus get affected.

Don’t make this mistake at any cost. You never know you paid more than the expense.

Therefore, follow the procedure of taking names and car numbers and informing the police and providers.

Accepting the Immediate Compensation Claim:

The insurance provider will try to repay you for more limited than the actual cost.

Hence, instead of immediately receiving a proposed payout, get legal counsel and gather more information about your coverage policy to ensure you secure the right amount of compensation.


How many car insurance claims per year in Dubai?

As per the stats, car insurance claims have risen to 45% in Dubai. 

How to claim insurance for a car accident in Abu Dhabi?

To claim car insurance in  abu dhabi, you need following documents:

  • Police Report
  • Car registration certificate
  • Car modifying certificate
  • Driving licence, your and other driver
  • Filled insurance claim forms

What does car insurance cover in UAE?

Car insurance in UAE does not cover the car damage by car owners in the UAE. 

What should you not do when making an insurance claim?

Following are a few mistakes that you should avoid while filing for insurance claims:

  • Failing to go through your policy
  • Failure to notify your service provider immediately in case of an accident
  • Failure to cooperate with your service provider
  • Incomplete documentation
  • Failure to call the police in case of an accident
  • Paying the third-party claims from your pocket

What if someone hits my car in Dubai?

Report the police immediately. No matter how big or small the accident, you must report it to the police. Call 999 in case your car cannot travel to the police station.

What is not covered under car insurance?

Regular wear and tear are not covered under the car insurance policy.

What should I do after a car accident in Dubai?

You should report to the police immediately after a car accident in Dubai. Call 999 to report the accident.


The claim process is based on a systematic and just methodology.

Knowing beforehand what to do and what not can be very helpful to achieving your claims on time.

To make a complex and intensive procedure a little comfortable, get your auto protection policy from BuyAnyInsurance.

We deliver honest content and the cheapest insurance providers with excellent coverage and claim programs.

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