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8 Clues to Cheap Car Insurance in Dubai

Written by Sahar

Cheap car insurance in Dubai is not a myth. It is an achievable goal. But how? Let dive in.

Let’s be real. We could all use a discount. In the current economy, it takes an effort to stay solvent. There’s rent to pay, groceries, school fees, and the ever-rising cost of living in the UAE. To find an avenue where costs can be mitigated isn’t easy, but not impossible. What if we were to tell you we had tips to cheap car insurance policies?

Car insurance is mandatory in the UAE, and for good reason. It protects you, and others on the road. It is also a great way to invest to offset any unforeseeable damage in the future. Yet it isn’t always affordable. Car insurance premiums are a monthly expense and depending on how steep the premium is it can put a serious dent in your pocket.

Of course, there are affordable options. Third-Party Liability insurance is the cheaper of the two insurance plans available in the UAE. However, it only provides protection for those injured or damage caused as a result of your negligence. When it comes to damages or injuries that you have sustained ThirdParty Liability insurance doesn’t provide any cover.

Then there’s Comprehensive Coverage. As the name suggests it encompasses all kinds of protection you need on the road. However, it can be pricy. Especially if you add a lot of valuable features that aren’t originally part of the plan.

So how do you make sure you keep the premium low, but the coverage high? Here are a few tips and clues to guide you when buying car insurance.

What Are You Driving?

The vehicle you own can have a big impact on your ultimate premium. Sure, sports cars and luxury vehicles look great, and they are a treat to drive but are they practical? It is true that newer models have safety features that minimize the need for insurance but the more expensive your car the higher the premium. On the flip side, second-hand cars and older models aren’t expensive to insure but they pose greater security risks on the road. A neat trick is to get a well maintained second-hand car to keep get cheap car insurance.

Research and Compare

Whether you’re buying car insurance from scratch or switching providers before renewal, always conduct thorough research. There are countless car insurance comparison sites online. They provide competitive quotes and update features according to your requirements. The more you compare the more likely it is you will find cheap car insurance options.

The process of online comparison of cheap car insurance policies isn’t very time-consuming. In fact, it is known to save time for busy people. A multitude of options are available within seconds, and acquiring insurance takes less than 60 minutes.

Spruce Up Your Vehicle

Like we mentioned in our first point – insurance providers set car insurance premiums based on your vehicle. Keeping this in mind you should get any modifications done to your car before getting it insured. Adding security features like alarm systems etc. is also a great idea. The insurance provider will asses your car to determine how road-worthy it is and decide your premium accordingly.

Furthermore, be very careful when choosing add-ons for your policy. They cost extra and sometimes aren’t needed. Keeping the essentials can help you reduce premium and gain cheap car insurance.

Curb Your Kilometers

Second-hand cars can be great options for cheap car insurance but they are also deemed insecure. High-risk vehicles are charged a higher premium. But what does high-risk mean? Cras that rack up a higher mileage and have been in service for a long time are deemed high-risk for frequent break downs and constant need of repair. You can off-set this risk by reducing your mileage. Try carpooling with colleagues so your car is only used a few times a week, or hire rideshare for longer journeys. This will allow you to reduce the risk and enjoy cheap car insurance at the same time.

Excess and Deductibles

An excess/deductible is the amount you commit to paying in case of any damages that occur. This could include accidental damage, theft, or general repair. A low excess means a higher premium because the insurance provider takes up the most responsibility for the payout. But if you want cheap car insurance and have a stellar record, and are very contentious of how you drive and care for your car you can opt for a higher excess. This will lower your premium exponentially.

No-Claims Certificate

Many policyholders are unaware of the No-Claims Certificate. This is a major reward for policyholders who haven’t made a single claim in the duration of their policy. Those seeking cheap car insurance can use the no-claims discount to get a chunk of their premium reduced. This is even applicable if you’re switching providers. The new insurance company will endorse the no-claims certificate and offer a discount as well. It is a great thing to have on your insurance record because it distinguishes you as a reliable policyholder and a low-risk client.

Bulk Buying

Another great way to get cheap car insurance in Dubai is if you insure a few things together. One option could be insuring multiple cars. This option is best for those who own a fleet of cars they rent out regularly. When you insure so many cars the risk can be distributed along with many products and the premium is reduced considerably.

But of course, not everyone can afford more than one car. For households with more than three people, you can opt for health and medical insurance from the same company to get a discount on your car insurance. Add home insurance as well and you’re looking at a discounted and cheap insurance.

Stay On Top of Deals

Your relationship with the car insurance market shouldn’t be limited to buying car insurance and then forgetting about it. Keep up to date on whats going on in the market and of sales, if any, that are making the rounds. Your car insurance provider might not want you to find out about new deals in the market. This is why you should consult an online comparison firm like BuyAnyInsurance. Their team of experts keeps you informed of new deals, and better options that suit your profile so cheap car insurance isn’t a dream, but a reality for you.

Cheap car insurance in Dubai can be found. You just need to know where to look, and a few tricks of the trade. We hope this article was helpful and inspired some ideas.

    Originally published Oct 30, 2020 11:46:00 AM, updated May 05, 2021

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