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Why Buying Car Insurance Online is the Best Option in the UAE?

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Buying car insurance in Dubai is not only a wise investment it is mandatory by law. There are several companies that provide this service but it would take considerable time to peruse each individual website to get a better idea about rates, and claim ratio. Here is where the wonderful world of online car insurance comparison websites comes to the rescue.

Websites like Buy Any Insurance provide a secure platform where buyers can shop for policies. They also help buyers discover in-depth information about car insurance from experts. It is even possible to consult a team member regarding any queries you might have during the process. It’s a virtual shop where your needs are a top priority.

Why is buying online better than its real-life counterpart?

So why is buying online better than its real-life counterpart? Here are a few reasons why.

Compare Multiple Companies on One Platform

No more endless open tabs on your browser. No more flipping through one and then the other, comparing quotes, and squinting to find the small print. Online car insurance comparison websites collect all the data from all the primary sites and give you the information you need on one platform.

To compare rates, change your required features, and repeatedly refresh because websites will hardly ever get mad at you for typing in the same inquiry where a salesperson might snap.

It’s Fast

Going through multiple websites is a time-consuming activity. That time could be cut in half and spent doing something productive. Comparing one website takes a click of a button and your required information within seconds, saving you time and headache.

Choose Your Features

Two types of car insurance policies are Comprehensive Coverage and Third-Party Liability Coverage. Depending on which you choose, according to your financial portfolio, there are extra features that you need to consider other than basic coverage.

Online buying helps you calculate how much a feature is likely to cost and which you can do without, allowing you to tailor your car insurance to your budget. Not only does this help you zero in on which car insurance company works best for you but exactly what policy fits your needs.

You Get the Best Possible Price

One of the most important factors when considering an investment in car insurance is how much it will cost. We all want to get more bang for our buck; this is where car insurance comparison websites have the edge. Out of all available companies and policies, they offer the one with the best possible price, so the transaction is quick, provides proper coverage, and is cost-effective.

Websites like BuyAnyInsurance don’t charge fees, so you know you’re not being conned or taken for a ride.


Security is a major issue; we understand why you’d be nervous about sharing private information online. Therefore it is wise to check privacy policies before giving any sensitive information. But car insurance comparison websites have a strict privacy policy, especially in the UAE, and do not indulge client information with anyone.

Quick Turnaround

Shopping online is also ideal because you’re done with your purchase within minutes. The same is the case with buying car insurance online. Once you’ve selected the company and outlined the policy you want, it is just a matter of purchasing it, and it is yours in sixty minutes or less.

The normal route takes days of confirmation and double-checking for approvals; buying car insurance online takes hours. It’s as quick and easy as that.

Consumer patterns over the past decade have seen a decline in footfall in physical shops while online stores have seen a massive surge in popularity, websites crashing on launch days of popular products because of traffic.

Why should car insurance be any different? It’s fast, safe, and convenient and provides security when you’re on the road. That kind of peace of mind is priceless.


Are leased cars insured?

Yes, leased cars are insured. The process of insuring them is similar to insuring your purchased cars. 

Can car insurance be transferred to the new owner?

Yes! In fact this is a must to initiate a car insurance transfer process with a new owner. 

How do you transfer from one person to another?

Its easy! All you have to do is to contact your auto insurance provider and provide them information about your car’s manufacturer and model year so that the agent can ensure your policy actually reflects your new car and not the older one.

Can we purchase car insurance online?

Yes. Almost all the insurance companies provide to get online car insurance quotes.

Is it cheaper to buy car insurance online?

Yes! Generally, it is cheaper to buy car insurance online as you don’t have to pay any agent fee.

Is it safe to buy a car insurance policy online?

Yes. Online car insurance portals are as safe and secure as other online service providers.

What do I need for car insurance online?

You will need the following documents to get the car insurance online:

  • Your Emirates ID
  • Your driving license
  • Your vehicle registration number

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