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Important Tips for Car Rust Proofing to Combat and Prevent its Spread

Written by Ahmed Shabbir

What is Car Rust Proofing?

Car Rust Proofing is accomplished by spraying a protective wax all over the car’s parts where moisture can accumulate to avoid any rust on your vehicle and protect your vehicle from environmental damage.

Over time, and with our daily consumption of the car, in addition to weather factors and sometimes our wrong practices, the car’s lower quality outer, and perhaps the most prominent problems that irritate us and sometimes exasperate us are the appearance of bubbles that appear under the paint or reddish-brown spots. It is car rust, which you must treat as quickly and decisively as possible so that it does not spread to larger areas and destroy your dear car. The importance of rust proofing car also goes beyond other reasons that may fall under your desire to sell or buy a car, as car rust spots have a crucial and essential role in turning the scales of the buying or selling process. So, here is everything you want to know about car rust, its causes, types, treatment methods, and much other important information.

What is car rust?

Rust occurs when an iron-containing material is exposed to moisture. When the two substances come into contact with each other and react, oxidation is produced. The most common cause of rust in your car is rain.

How long does it take for Rust to form on a Car?

There is no set age for a car to rust. Over time, corrosion and wear damage the protective coating, exposing the metal to moisture.

Causes of car rust:

  • Climate: Regular exposure to rain, sleet, and snow increase your vehicle’s metal oxidation. The salts used to grind icy roads can also speed up erosion. Conversely, higher temperatures also contribute to higher corrosion rates.
  • Vehicle Life: Over time, protective vehicle coatings will wear out. If metal surfaces are exposed to moisture, they will eventually rust and corrode.
  • Manufactured materials: Old cars were made without protective coatings, making them more susceptible to rust wear. On the other hand, manufacturers are working today to develop materials and products for cars to prevent damage.
  • Driving style: If you are one of those who tend to drive off-road, know that your car will wear out more quickly.

Car rust flakes off when left on the surface for a long time untreated and enough to corrode the metal on the body panels.

Cause of car rust

Types of car rust

There are three types of rust:

  • Surface rust affects the upper layer of your car and results in bumps, scars, or bubbles on the car panels. Treating the damage at this point is very helpful to prevent rust from spreading to the rest of the vehicle.
  • Peeled Rust: This occurs when rust is left on the surface for a long time untreated, enough to corrode the metal on the body panels. Road salts speed up the corrosion process and can affect the integrity of the metal itself.
  • Deep Rust: It is the most advanced type of rust and the most harmful to the car. If peeling rust develops, you may need to replace the entire body panels.

Common Car Rust Locations

The most important thing to look for while rust proofing your car is the presence of bubbles in the car’s exterior paint. These bubbles are early tell-tale signs of rust.

Besides looking at the bodywork, there are a few other areas you should pay extra attention to while rust proofing your car. Check out these parts on the bottom of your car:

  • The chassis – otherwise known as the car’s chassis, look under the sides of the vehicle under the doors.
  • Wheel Compartment – The curves above your tires are prone to rust, especially on older cars that usually don’t have arch bushings.
  • Exhaust – Exhaust is exposed to moisture inside and out as it becomes covered in mud and dirt.
  • Suspension – tends to contact moisture due to its proximity to the tires and can get dirt under the car.

You should also make sure:

  • Car Floor – Lift the car floor mats and make sure there are no signs of rust.
  • Window surrounds – Make sure the areas around the windows or windshield are more exposed to moisture than others.
  • Doors – Check the doors from the inside and outside of the car.

The curves on your tires are prone to rust, especially on older cars.

Car Rusting

How do you detect car rust?

  • Bubbles – Bubbles under the paint indicate the pooling of water and air between the paint and the vehicle’s chassis. Rust will appear in a short time.
  • Puddles – Moisture is produced on damp carpets or shoes that have been contaminated with mud and water. So the places under it will rust.
  • Scratches – look for dents because they rust if not treated.
  • Harmful paint – caused by personal rust maintenance; if not suitable and effective, rust may reappear.  

Should I buy a car with a rust mark?

If you want to buy a used car and notice a sign of rust, you must ask yourself some critical questions before taking such a step.

How much damage? And can you bargain to lower the price?

Inspect the entire car, and if you notice a sign of rust on the car’s roof, can you treat it quickly? On the other hand, be aware that the issue of signs of rust in structural parts may lead to significant repairs that you do not need. Also, don’t forget to check for signs of rust masking.

After you have assessed and cost the damages, you can request a rebate from the seller based on the cost of the repairs for rust proofing your car.

Causes of Car Rust

How can I prevent rust from spreading and getting worse?

If you happen to discover severe rust spots on your car, it is best to leave it to a professional. But if the damage is not severe enough, you may be able to rust proof your car yourself and, limit its spread, and thus also protect your car and save money. Here are some products and methods needed:

Wash and wax the car every two weeks

Two words that are closely related to rust are wet weather. The problem of rust depends significantly on where you live.

If you live near the sea, it is best to wash your car every two weeks. People often wash their cars once a month. This allows rust to reach all corners and crevices. To rust proof your car, Purchase a car cleaning kit and use it only when washing your vehicle. Also, avoid the idea of ​​washing the car with household soap because it does not stop the creep of rust. It removes the wax coating and leaves your vehicle vulnerable to rust wear.

Once you’ve washed and waxed your car, open the car doors and let the water drain from the moldings and down the doors. Use a car cover to keep dust out.

If you live near the sea, it is better to wash your car every two weeks to prevent car rust.

car rust

Protect the car from scratches

Of course, no one scratches their car on purpose. What should you do to protect your vehicle from scratches and rust? You can do the following:

  • Park your car under a shaded or roofed area to protect it from bird feces, as it contains chemicals that destroy paint and leave scratches to settle in rust.
  • Whenever possible, avoid parking your car near other cars in the garage.
  • Do not place heavy items on the trunk or hood of the car.
  • Avoid driving over potholed roads that are still under construction; mud may stick in the wheel bay, under the car, on the suspension, and other corners and places where you will need to wash the car well.
  • Avoid standing in puddles or areas where water collects, as water often gets into the car and causes rust, which weakens the car’s underside.

Look for weak spots

To stop the creep of rust, you need to know all the small areas where it can appear. All you have to do is take a flashlight and check the following parts:

  • Under the molding parts and the front grille of the car
  • Side mirror connection points
  • antenna
  • Sunroof
  • Underneath the car
  • wheel compartment

Use rust remover

There are many rust remover products on the market that you can use to rust proofing your car in Dubai, which contain in their composition types of acids, and work to protect the car from rust and prevent its spread. Please read the instructions for use and then apply them. Using these types does not require much time or effort and is often very effective for rust proofing your car. It protects the car regardless of weather conditions and keeps the parts dry, preventing them from oxidizing.

Do it yourself (DIY)

If you don’t have any rust-fighting products at home, and you’re determined to get the rust out so it doesn’t spread, here’s a suitable method, but keep in mind that it will only be effective if the rusted area is small and not widespread in your car. Take sandpaper or sandpaper and press down on the rust, careful not to touch the metal underneath. Then wash off all broken particles and wipe the area with a damp cloth for rust proofing your car effectively.

Another way to use soft drinks is to wipe the rusted area with Pepsi or Coca-Cola, preferably sugar-free. After you wipe, leave it for 15 minutes to react, and then scrub it well with a sponge and cloth.

Then use a rust remover, and after it dries, paint the area a color that matches the color of your car.

Do it yourself car rusting

Follow up on car maintenance regularly.

It is instrumental in performing regular maintenance on your car to prevent the spread of rust rust proofing your car. Ensure to remove dirt and mud that sticks to the car after it rains or when you get into muddy puddles and wash the vehicle thoroughly until you’re sure the mud is removed. You should drain any water that collects in the drain holes at the bottom of doors, and door sill moldings, as these are key areas for collecting water.

Peeled rust removal

Rust begins to peel off after a stage called primary oxidation, which has become more advanced, and blisters result, which will peel off to reveal more metal surfaces. This newly exposed surface will also rust. And so, the process continues throughout your car if you leave it untreated. To combat car rust and stop it from creeping or developing, use a wire brush to remove rust from the car, then scrub the surface with a grinding wheel. Then use sandpaper until the surface is smooth. In the final stage of rust proofing your car, apply a primer and a coat of paint that matches the car’s color on the area until this area is completely treated.

7 Important Steps to Protect your Car from Rust:

7 Important Steps to Protect your Car from Rust:

How do you prevent rust from crawling under the car?

The best way to prevent rust from creeping in is to oil it with a rustproof spray. The best time to do this is before the car leaves the dealership, as the car’s undercarriage will never be cleaner than when you first bought it. The oily liquid will penetrate all cracks and protect them perfectly. If the spray is thicker, be sure to clean the undercarriage thoroughly before applying it, or you risk trapping stones or corrosive materials underneath. Lubricate the brake and fuel compartments as they are most susceptible to rust.

Factories go through a galvanizing process to coat the iron with a thin layer of zinc to prevent rusting. So paint the car’s underside with a thin layer of oil to repel water from it. In your spare time or on a day off, get under your vehicle and paint every piece of iron you see.

Does car insurance cover rust damage to your vehicle?

The most common answer is no for the following reasons:

  • Often, it cannot be proven that rust was caused by a car accident.
  • Car rust is caused by natural wear and is not covered by insurance.
  • The insurance does not cover the ordinary maintenance and traditional wear and tear of the vehicle.
  • Mechanical failures are not covered by insurance.

But what if a car accident spreads rust?

Rust takes a while to surface, so taking care of the damage early prevents rust from spreading. If you file a car accident claim and have already done the necessary repairs, the rust will not appear. If this happens, it means that the repair technician did an unprofessional job, which is not the insurance company’s responsibility.

Do you still have some doubts about your car insurance coverage for rust and wear and tear factors, you can consult Buy Any Insurance now.

Car Rust Proofing Frequently asked questions

Is rust on the undercarriage bad?

The undercarriage in your vehicle is a crucial component and is therefore required to maintain its strength in the event of an accident. Surface rust is not a concern, but rust that impairs the vehicle’s overall strength will be a concern.

How dangerous is rust on the car?

Tire rust is a significant concern as it affects the vehicle’s safety. Bad enough tire rust can cause parts to smash or crack, putting your safety and the safety of your passengers and other motorists at risk. It may also significantly reduce the vehicle’s ability to protect you in the event of an accident.

Is there any benefit in repairing car rust?

If your car has rust holes, it probably isn’t worth doing a lot of cosmetic repairs. A rust hole usually requires repairing an area the size of a basketball. For this reason, consider repair costs before embarking on a rust repair.

Does rust spread on the car?

How fast does rust spread in a car? Rust can spread quickly, provided exposure to water, salt, and oxygen. In general, rust can spread slowly if there is little or no exposure to water, moisture, and oxygen. Rust can start to develop on the surface of your car, provided the paint has been brushed off.

How to remove rust stains from white car paint?

To remove rust stains, keep the car indoor and do it on a sunny day. Apply aerosol, or liquid rust remover, then leave it for some time. Afterward, apply sandpaper to remove the rusted surface and apply grease or wax remover onto it. Leave it for air dry, then apply at least three coats of spray primer. However, in case of empty spaces, use fiberglass reinforced body filler. In the end, apply the clear spray to get a shiny finishing touch at the car’s surface.

How to fix rust spots on car roof?

Crack off any blistered pint with the help of a scraper and use sandpaper to clean the rusted surface while using aerosol. Then, apply primer spray coats at the roof surface and leave it for a couple of hours to let it dry. In the end, apply the clear spray to get the shiny touch on the car roof.

Is rustproofing for new cars necessary?

No, the new cars don’t need to get rustproofing. Some automobiles companies void the factory corrosion perforation if a third party undercoats it. So, it is recommended to get car insurance instead of rustproofing your new car by a third party.

What is Rust Proofing cost in UAE?

Rust Proofing cost in UAE starts from AED 850 and, it increases with the size of the vehicle.

Is rust proofing your car worth it?

Rust proofing your car is worth it if you live near the sea.

How much does it cost to rust proof a car?

The cost of rust proofing your car varies depending on your car type. On average, rust proofing a vehicle will cost AED 440, and rust proofing a truck/SUV will cost AED 550.

What is better, undercoating or rust proofing?

Rust proofing is better because it protects the visible parts of the car, giving it a pleasant look. 

How long does rust proofing last?

If done accurately, rust proofing will last for two years at least. 

When should I rust proof my car?

Spring or summer is the best time that offers the most suitable conditions for rust proofing your car

Wrapping Up!

Car rust is one of the significant problems car owners face with time. But, it can be prevented by understanding the process mentioned above to remove car rust, including awareness of its various types. This article has included answers to all relevant queries related to car rusting. Further, we recommend you to make your car rust proof and, buy comprehensive car insurance to protect your risk on the road along with third-party insurance. But, make sure to understand every aspect of a car insurance policy before deciding to buy one. Moreover, you can contact BuyAnyInsurance to consult any question related to your car insurance.

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