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Navigating the Road to Oman: 8 Must-Know Tips

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f you are feeling tired and need a break from your daily routine, but you have used up the annual leave period. Here is the perfect solution, which is to go to Amman by car on the weekend. Whatever your choice of city – Musandam or Muscat – both of them are characterized by calmness and picturesque nature, which will help you to feel psychological comfort away from the noise of Dubai. In the Sultanate of Oman, you will find everything you need to enjoy the perfect relaxing holiday. There are pristine beaches, turquoise seas, and rugged mountains, all just a few hours away by car.

Documents needed to travel to Oman by road

  • Your original passport in order to cross the border.
  • If you have residency in the UAE and your job is in this list https://evisa.rop.gov.om/ar/types-of-visa , you can obtain a visa to enter Oman at the border, but it is better to obtain the visa online until You avoid waiting for a long time. The cost of the visa is 50 AED.
  • Don’t forget, if you go outside the borders of the UAE, you must have car insurance.
  • If you have rented the car in which you will travel, you should make sure that the rental company provides you with insurance on the road to Oman. Because some companies do not provide it in the absence of insurance, you have to look for another company.
  • Your visa must be valid for at least 6 months to guarantee entry to Oman.
  • Take with you a document containing all the details of your car ownership 

Which places should I visit if I am going to Amman by car?


 If you love the sea, rent a sailboat for the whole day with your friends. And enjoy watching the towering valleys and playful dolphins, as well as fishing and diving. Most sailboats carry between 4 to 30 people and provide all meals. The crew of the boat is usually from the people of Kumzar, Oman, and they tell entertaining stories about the tall mountains and about the Omani dress and culture. At sunset, the crew lights up the deck, and they also play music that makes you feel the festive spirit that you always wanted. It is recommended to book the boat through a travel agency to get the best prices.


The flight from Dubai to Muscat – the capital of Oman – takes approximately 5 hours. It is famous for the hospitality of its people, its wonderful tourists, its luxurious hotels, accessories and heritage sites. Visit one of the famous museums . And if you want to feel nostalgia – nostalgia for the past – you should visit the Royal Opera House Muscat , to hear some old music.

The Green Mountain

Green Mountain is one of the most attractive areas in the Sultanate of Oman. It is one of the most beautiful natural areas in the whole Arab world. As it is full of relaxing vegetables, you should visit it. And if you want to see the mountain from a distance, you can book a room in one of the hotels located on the Siq plateau. If you visit the Green Mountain in the winter, you must beware of the rains, as the Green Mountain region is known for heavy rains at this time of the year.

Buy car insurance before your trip

Have you thought about getting car insurance before going to Oman? Consult the BuyAny Insurance team, and inquire about everything related to the insurance coverage you need. Call the toll-free number 800-765429 now, to ensure a trip free of financial problems and unpleasant surprises.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to travel from Dubai to Sultanate of Oman by car?

It takes about 4 hours and 45 minutes to drive from Dubai to Muscat. You’ll have to cover a total distance of 452 km during the journey. The border crossing is quite hassle free, so you can have a smooth journey.

Can I travel to Oman from Dubai via road?

Yes, you can easily travel to Oman from Dubai on a road trip. The only condition is that you do not exceed the maximum stay period, which is 28 days.

What identification documents do I need when traveling to Oman from the UAE by car?

passport, if you are a resident, you need an entry visa, do not forget, if you leave the borders of the UAE, you must have insurance for your car, your visa must be valid for at least 6 months in order to guarantee entry to Oman, so you have a document containing all the details about ownership of your car.

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