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Which is the Best Automobile Service in Abu Dhabi?

Written by Wasim

Despite the availability of world-class public transportation, half the population of the UAE owns one vehicle at the least. Having a car of your own has become a necessity nowadays. As long as you keep maintaining and repairing your vehicle, owning a car is a convenient option.

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What is the difference between car maintenance and repair?

1. Routine maintenance is intended to keep your car in good condition and is a part of the model’s service schedule listed in the owner’s manual of your vehicle. You can go to any dealer in the town to perform the scheduled maintenance or take your car to an independent auto repair shop or franchise.2. Repairs are basic tasks that your car requires from time to time such as a brake job, overhauling a transmission, or auto-body repair. If you have the warranty documents of your car and want the manufacturer to bear the expense, go to a dealership for any such repairs. In the case of an extended warranty, check the terms to see what all is covered. Go to a reputable independent shop in Abu Dhabi if your vehicle is out of the warranty period.

What’s Covered Here?
  1. Decide Between the Dealership Service and the Independent Shop
  2. The Expertise of the Technicians Who’ll Work on Your Vehicle
  3. Check Reviews
  4. Get Original Equipment

How to Find Good Auto Service Center in Abu Dhabi

With a steep rise in the automobile service center in the Emirates, it takes a lot more than just letting your fingers do the talking to identify a shop you can trust. No single one-size-fits approach works, but here are a few things you should look for-

1) Decide Between the Dealership Service and the Independent Shop

Dealers are specialists; they undergo rigorous training to work on the manufacturer’s product exclusively. Chances are high that the technicians working at the dealer service department are well trained for your vehicle. But, it can’ be assured that the dealers will always have experts. Independent shops are also started by former employees of dealers. So, that’s another option that you can consider when thinking of repairing your car.

2) The Expertise of the Technicians Who’ll Work on Your Vehicle

Some cars have extremely unique characteristics and have complex machines. Ensure that the technician is well-equipped with the knowledge as well as tools to correctly service your car. Check the experience of the technician and see if they’re also certified in auto repair service.

3) Check Reviews

With the advent of review sites, it has become easier for users to post about their experience on auto insurance. You can check sites like Quora, Reddit, Yelp, etc., to analyze the services of different automobile service providers in Abu Dhabi. You can also filter out shops that must be avoided.

4) Get Original Equipment

Most people avoid getting original parts because of their costs. Avoid such practices because of the short-term benefits that come along with getting cheap parts. Maintain exact manufacturer specifications for your car for the optimum performance of your car. So, always request for genuine parts whenever a part
needs replacement.

Wrapping Up

Getting timely automobile services for your car is an ideal way to keep your vehicle in good condition. These few tips will definitely help during the hunt for a good automobile service provider in Abu Dhabi. If you have insured your car, the insurers will bear the cost of accidental repairs. So, keep yourself open to all options that might help you in cutting repair or maintenance costs.

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