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Health Insurance In UAE for 2024. Complete Guide from A to Z

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Medical insurance in this year of 2024 is much bigger and profound for its users. Not only the medical providers have increased in the UAE but so does the new health care coverage packages that pledged to benefit the users in time of the unforeseen event

Like many other countries in the UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi have an extensive health system that is funded by the government.

It is regulated by the Dubai Health Authority and Health Authority Abu Dhabi in their respective countries. An advantage that these countries have is that there is a fast-expanding network of modern, state-of-the-art private healthcare facilities.

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Thus, the difference between the two countries is the ratio of government to private hospitals. This is 6 to 32 in Dubai, and 14 to 25 in Abu Dhabi.

Due to higher salaries and better employment conditions, public and private hospitals and medical centers tend to attract most (and presumably the best) of the medical workforce available in the Northern Emirates.

Together with advanced healthcare infrastructures and access to the latest health technology, this means that the quality of care and services delivered to ex-pats and Emiratis is generally higher in Abu Dhabi and Dubai compared with the rest of the UAE.

But so are medical costs! This is partly due to the fact that Dubai and Abu Dhabi, like all the UAE, are encouraging private healthcare providers to take on a wider role than in the past; it’s a similar strategy to that adopted by many Western countries and those with a fast-rising middle class, such as China.

For example, a short trip to a private doctor costs on average 208 AED ($56.63*) in Abu Dhabi, and 265 AED ($72.14*) in Dubai, according to the Expatiation Cost of Living Index.

In government hospitals, the treatment for medical emergency care is generally free. Any medical treatment done without health insurance can be very costly.

Hence, some government hospitals have started to accept insurance cards from the people and then bill insurance companies for treatment.

This system has been accepted by all government hospitals in UAE from 2017.

1.Mandatory health insurance

It is not news that it is mandatory for the residents and ex-pats in UAE to get more medical insurance.

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 There has been an introduction of a new law that states that all the employees must have medical insurance from their employers. This law has made it mandatory for the workers to get insurance as well.

  1. It has become mandatory for employers to provide the employees at least the minimum limit of coverage that has been defined by the government.
  2. Further coverage must be arranged with an individual insurance provider.
  3. There are some amendments that the Health Authority Abu Dhabi made in the law in June 2016. These amendments have resulted in differences between countries of Emirates.
  4. For instance, unlike ex-pat workers living in Dubai, those over 40 years old living in Abu Dhabi can have an optional co-payment of up to 50% of their insurance policy’s premium and are required to pay half of the insurance for their spouse and first three children. They are also required to pay all the policy’s premium for other dependents, such as their mother, father, and fourth child.
  5. The introduction of mandatory health insurance coverage in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are in line with other areas of the Middle East and many European countries, where working residents are obliged to have qualifying coverage.
  6. In the U.S., residents who can afford health insurance but don’t buy it must pay a penalty for any month they don’t have coverage when they file their annual federal tax return.

Therefore, the government looking after the welfare and health interest for all the citizen makes the medical insurance a mandatory requirement.

2. Improving Access to Healthcare

It is the idea of DHA that if it mandates medical insurance coverage then the ex-pats and residents will have complete access to high-quality medical care.

Due to this people will gain maximum medical services.

  1. When more and more people will get insurance, the expense of government on the medical services will be lowered. This will ultimately save the expenditure of the government.
  2. The current expenditure of the UAE government regarding medical spending is around $1,200 per person annually as recorded by the UAE-US Business Council study.
  3. Another good news is that making insurance mandatory will bring competition among the private companies that are providing medical insurance.
  4. This will help the community as a whole as increased competition will result in lowered prices of the policy.

Thus, this will also allow the ex-pats in UAE to gain access to the medical services by best clinics and hospitals at lower prices.

3. Convenience and Quality

It is usually noticed that the quality of Healthcare facilities in UAE including Abu Dhabi and Dubai are according to the standards of Western countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, etc.

Although an advantage in Emirates is that primary care services are provided in local hospitals along with the international private medical centers.

  1. These hospitals also offer emergency services and specialized outpatient and inpatient services.
  2. There are a number of facilities that are being built throughout the UAE for providing medical services to the people.
  3. There is a lot of effort that is being served in order to build hospitals that are a requirement of the community.

Thus, there has been the construction of state-of-the-art hospitals in recent years.

4. Value for money

An unexpected and additional advantage is that the cost of certain surgical operations is significantly less in UAE emirates such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai as compared to the Western countries.

There are various reasons for this.

  1. One of the main reasons is that labor is less expensive in the UAE than in the USA or England.
  2. There are different forms of medical insurance plans. There are local or international plans, basic or premium plans, plans with no deductibles or deductibles, etc.

Therefore, you must consider some factors while you are selecting a plan for yourself. Many companies provide different plans that may be suitable for your requirements.

5. Geographic coverage Provided by the plan

You have to decide what type of geographic coverage you need. This decision can be done on the frequency of visits that you make abroad.

  1. There are some plans that will only cover your city while some plans will provide you the coverage in the whole UAE.
  2.  The regional plans may provide you coverage in GCC countries or the Mena region. There are some providers who will give you international plans.

Thus, these plans are available outside the UAE and may cover Canada or the USA.

6. Maximum coverage available

The limit of your medical insurance plan is aggregated to determine the coverage.

This value is the maximum financial coverage that your plan offers annually.

Hence, it depends on how expensive your plan is. If you aim to get coverage of Dh400,000, the premium will be expensive as compared to a plan that offers the annual coverage of Dh 150,000.

7. Clinics and hospitals Pannel

It depends on your policy; if you get an expensive medical policy, you can have access to a wide range of facilities.

You have to check whether the policy offers coverage
for the facility that you regularly go to.

You have to thoroughly check which facilities will be covered by the policy.

Thus, these facilities must be enough to treat you for the ailments that you might have.

8. Co-insurance Clause

A medical insurance policy, in some cases, may require you to pay co-insurance.

Hence, it is due to the portion of expenses that you have to pay for yourself.

It is a percentage that your provider defines for you. If your co-insurance is higher, your insurance premium will be lower.

9. Maternity benefits

Maternity benefits must be a subject of interest to you if you are getting married or starting a family.

It is necessary that you check what maternity benefits will be provided to you by the policy.

  1. All the services, out-patient, and in-patient should include what is required by you.
  2. The services included in the out-patient service are lab tests, ultrasound scans, prenatal checkups, etc.
  3. In-patient services provide you coverage for the actual delivery of the baby as well as any emergency medical procedures.

Thus, you should also check the limit of maximum coverage if you have a C-section or a normal delivery.

10. Things Not included in your Medical Insurance plan

There are many things that are not included in your plan. It is your responsibility to search this list in order to check whether your requirements are included in your plan or not.

For example, if you want that your dental treatments are covered, then you should see if it is included in the plan.

It is necessary that you check the exclusions so that you choose the correct option.

Thus, in this way you can minimize the risk of getting your claims rejected.

11. Discount Availability

While searching for a medical insurance company, you should check whether you get a discount on your premium or not.

There are many insurance providers that will provide you a discount if you haven’t made any claim in the previous year.

Another way to get a discount is by buying medical insurance for the whole family.

Hence,  adding bundles to your insurance plan can also get you a discount.

12. Your Medical Insurance options

You can find many medical insurance companies and brokers in the UAE online through their websites.

You have an option to choose any company from a wide list of 62 insurance companies and 160 brokers. You can easily find an option that is suitable for your requirements according to the UAE Insurance Authority, 2017.

We have listed down some of the companies for your guidance. These companies are working in the UAE along with many others.

Following is the list for your guidance:

  1. AXA Gulf Insurance

You can get the medical insurance coverage instantly. You can claim your insurance at any time. There is extensive coverage that you can get with this insurance.

Hence, you can avail of medical services in the whole world. All types of medical facilities along with the dental services can be availed by this insurance.

2. Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC)

You can get coverage that will also provide facilities for your chronic and pre-existing diseases. This also provides coverage for work-related injuries.

You can also avail of direct billing services in 197 countries. Thus, you also get an option to get optical and dental coverage.

3. Emirates Insurance Company

There are different plans that you can avail from this company. The basic plan aims to provide facilities for blue-collar workers. A plan is also available for families known as the standard plans.

You can get an enhanced plan according to your requirements. Therefore, you can also get international coverage through a VIP plan.

4. Ras Al Khaimah National Insurance Company

This insurance is available to any individual who
earns up to AED 20000 monthly.

Hence, you can avail of an option of direct billing. The advantage of this in any emergency situation, you can pay your bills directly.

5. Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Co.

The coverage that you get from the insurance through this company is extensive. It covers modern and new elements of medical insurance.

You can get your treatments covered at the best medical clinics and centers. You can get admitted to hospitals easily. Thus, the settlements of your claims are quick.

6. Oman Insurance Company

The procedure to apply for insurance is very easy. The coverage of this insurance includes all the chronic diseases along with the diseases that are pre-existing.

You can avail of the coverage of this insurance in all states of UAE. Therefore, in Abu Dhabi, only emergency services can be availed.

7. Daman Health Insurance

It is one of the cheapest options available for you with a plan starting from AED 2108.

Thus, the services are available worldwide with many options for coverage.

8. MetLife Individual Medical Plan

You can get an affordable plan from this company as well. Your coverage will include medical treatments and visits from a number of medical facilities throughout the UAE.

Vaccination is also covered by the policy along with the pharmacy bills.

Thus, cheap premium and maximum coverage should not be ignored


Medical insurance need has been identified in the recent year due to a number of casualties occurred due to lack of maximum health coverage.

It is important that you complete your research regarding the health care coverage explain required for you and seek the public and private insurance providers that can facilitate you on a longer run.

There are a number of options in UAE, you have to check what suits you and fulfills your requirements.

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